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Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm a slacker... back posts and notes.

Okay, soooooooo I've been behind, but trying to keep up with Days and OLTL, but I hadn't posted them. So I've got things posted up to the first part of August and everything is now dated to correspond to it's airdate. The 'keywords' list is getting a little long so I'll copy some of the links here.

Days of Our Lives
Carly Manning
Bo and Carly
One Life to Live - Inez Salinger

You can also use the search box, for example I call Hope's med-induced alter ego "Avenger" but not all references to her are labeled. If you type 'Avenger' in the search box it will come up with all of the posts where she's mentioned.
You can look through the archives by month, or if you know the airdate you can type it into the search box in 'Month Day, Year' format. (June 18, 2010)

Oh! Also, special thanks to Donna and Tori who clip One Life to Live and Days of Our Lives. I try to watch them on the network's own websites ABC and NBC, but when I get behind I need help from those two to catch up.

Here is the link for Venice

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