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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Days: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hope is in the court room and her public defender is wanting to know why she picked him, a rookie. She says that she doesn't want to waste the court's time and money. That she plead guilty and she's going to prison. Bo comes up behind her and says no she isn't.

Nathan comes to Mel's rescue and gets his arm hurt in the meantime.

Ian (Stephanie's doppelganger) has pulled his hair back into a pony tail so they don't look quite so much alike. He agrees to see what he can do about getting the paternity test results for her.

When Daniel comes upon Chloe and Carly and asks what's up Carly starts to make an excuse, but Chloe says that it's time to tell him the truth. Um, yeah. I'm thinking that's NOT going to happen.

Replay of Nicole's whining and Rafe spotting her as an easy target.

Replay of Stefano seeing Sami in the living room doorway. This time he says "arranged Sydney's kidnapping" though instead of just "arranged the kidnapping" like he did on Monday. Sami says, 'What did you say?'

Nicole throws a drink in Rafe's face.

Sami says that it sounded like Stefano said that E.J. was planning on taking Sydney away. She says that she wants to be with her kids. E.J. says that he was thinking of stealing her away for a bit after the wedding. Sami says that maybe he regrets being involved with a woman with four children.

Nathan assesses Mel's neck where the guy grabbed her and says that she'll have bruises. She thanks him again for helping her.

Chloe tells Daniel that Carly is giving her a present for her birthday. Girl time with facials etc. Daniel is surprised. Carly says that it's really for him since he wants them to get along, they're going to spend time together. Seeee Chloe just keeps digging herself deeper. Carly's going to smack her one of these day.

Bo is trying to convince a very martyrdom intent Hope to not give in and to fight prison. Doug and Julie are watching and Doug takes Bo out of the room. They are meddlesome and it annoys me.

Rafe throws out a guy for being a jerk to Nicole about her being Misty Circle. She was very shaken up and thanks him. He says that he should apologize to her.

Lexi overhears E.J. and Sami's news and congratulates them.

Mel tells Nathan he should get his arm x-rayed. He offers to take her home.

Daniel is happy that Carly and Chloe are trying to get along. This is eating Carly up inside.

Ian has gotten to the file with the paternity tests on the St Mary's computer. But the tests results for Dana Scott aren't in.

Nicole is sulking in self pity. No, Rafe, she's right. No one needs to apologize to her. (Shallow side-note: The bartender is cuuuuute!) Ooooooo. Rafe was just trying to get Nicole to drop her defenses.

Chloe tells Daniel that she's learned a lot about Carly in the last few days and that she's come to see her in a new light. Daniel says that the new baby has made them a family.

Stefano tells Sami that he was wrong. Cut to E.J. telling Lexi that Rafe is out of the picture.

Rafe tells Nicole that Sami says that he's so jealous that he doesn't see that E.J. has changed. Nicole scoffs and buys the next round of drinks. Rafe is sooooo baiting her by telling her things that happened when Sydney was kidnapped and how sad E.J. was. Nicole doesn't believe it and Rafe in a fake slur asks Nicole to tell him that E.J. is a good guy. She says that she's not sure she can do that. I hope this works out for Rafe. :)

Daniel is on the phone with Mel she's going to meet them at the pier. He sends Chloe off so they can talk about her birthday surprise in private. Mel shows up and Carly and Daniel both immediately, notice her new bruises and ask about them simultaneously.
Carly: : Are those bruises on your throat?!?
Daniel: Wait, why aren't you... what happened to you?
Mel gulps and says, "That's a lot of parenting at one time." I have to add another Shallow Side-Note here. I absolutely LOVE when Crystal plays a character in 'mom mode' she always manages to convey layers of concern, love, protectiveness, and situationally appropriate anger in just the right amounts at the same time. Mel tells them that some guy got out of hand at the clinic but that Nathan took care of it.

Stephanie and Ian tell Nathan that he's helping her with computer programming stuff. He tells her that a guy freaked out at the clinic then goes to shower. Ian tells her that a girl as pretty as her shouldn't have to fight to keep a guy. I like Ian. I still don't like Stephanie. When Nathan comes back out he tells Stephanie that they freaked out guy at the clinic tried to strangle Mel. Stephanie says that he must know her well then. Nathan gives her a look.

Carly is asking Mel if she's sure she's okay and she's being all mommy to her. Soooo sweet! Mel asks Daniel to drive her home to change and they can talk about Chloe's present in the car. This of course makes Carly tense up and Mel notices and asks what's up. Daniel says that Carly managed to make friends with Chloe then they leave. Carly pulls out her phone and starts dialing or texting.

Stefano and Sami call a pseudo truce. Lexi is really trying to make sure E.J. isn't blind sided by the possibility of Rafe not having given up. Sami tells Lexi and E.J. that Stefano was nice to her.

Nicole is suspicious of Rafe now.

Doug tells Hope to trust Bo. Bo tells her that there's been a change of plans.

Carly calls to check on the test results to make sure they'll be available in the morning. She calls Chloe to confirm.

Nicole frisks Rafe for a wire and ends up losing her balance and falling on him. Cue sexual tension.

Sami and E.J. kiss. A few times.

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