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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Venice: Episode 212 - December 29, 2010 (Season Finale)

It's the season finale. This makes me sad

Sami is trying to call Owen but he's not picking up. He is however about to have sex with a girl he's got laying over a table. Unless he's filming something, but I doubt it. Sami leaves a message telling Owen that she diesn't know what is going on with him but that she wants to and to call her. I actually feel for and like Sami here. I don't trust her yet, but I do feel for her. She picks up the Hippo that Owen gave her as tears roll down her face. :(

The Colonel is working on his hand exercises. Gina tells The Colonel that he can have a cheeseburger as a treat after he finished his exercises. He pulls the letter she wrote to Ani out of her bag and takes it with him on his exercises. Seriously a huge step for him. You could see his internal struggle last season hurting over the fact that he couldn't accept Gina being gay. Now he's had so much time with her in a setting where she isn't his adversary on personal issues, but on health issues and with all of the pretense gone he can see her again like he used to before Katie died. He accepts now that Gina isn't some thing that he has to control or command, that she's her own person and a really great one at that. He is her dad and he doesn't like seeing her hurting so much. I've always loved Jordan, and he's amazing in this role.

Ani is sitting up in bed either reading or thinking, I can't actually see if she's got a book in her lap or not, when Lara wakes up. Probably thinking. If she does have a book she's not focused on it. Lara is facing away from her and starts talking, "Hey." Ah, Ani picked at invisible lint on her pajama pants. So, no book. I wonder how long she's been up because she's been doing some serious heavy thinking. Lara, "I don't know what to say...about last night. I know that I was out of control, and uh. I know that 'I'm sorry' is not enough." Ani is listening but doesn't say anything. Lara continues, "...and please know that I would never intentionally hurt you, okay. Please know..." Ani says, "I don't know anything anymore." and gets out of bed., This scene is brilliant because they never look at each other. Even though Lara turns her head in an attempt to pick up on some reaction from Ani, she doesn't turn enough to see her. Ani doesn't even glance her way. Lara is ashamed of her behavior, but I'm not sure that she fully understands the consequences of her actions or can truly be sorry for them and not just the situation in which she's found herself. She turns enough to see that Ani has gone then faces forward again and cries in self pity not because of the hurt she's caused Ani.

Van tells Sami that Owen got fired weeks ago from the film. Now see if he was working last night and not just engaging in some comfort sex from a random woman then Van has just made things soooo much worse. Yep, he's not a cool guy. :(

Gina has finished cooking the cheeseburger but can't find her dad. She can't even see him from the front door. Maybe he's behind one of the big trucks that the neighbors don't like. ;P

Michelle gets a call from Alan who has gotten the sketches. I don't know what he says, but Michelle says "Shit."

Sami catches up with Owen on the beach. She asks him where he's been and he says that he saw her kissing Van. She confronts him about the movie. She figures out that Van told her. Sami tells him that Van was kissing her and that she pulled away but that she doesn't know what she's feeling now. Owen apologizes, but Sami says, "Thank you for thinking the worst of me" and that they need a break and walks off.

Van is smuggly drinking on a patio somewhere. I think he's at Guya's.

Wow! Ani hit that wall a lot harder last night than it looks. She's looking at her bruised face in the bathroom mirror when Lara comes up behind her teary eyed and apologetic. She wraps her arms around Ani from behind and Ani doesn't resist, but she doesn't lean into her either. They have the conversation through the mirror. Ani says, "I know you didn't mean for this to happen, but it did." Lara says that she's sorry. Ani replies, "I love you. I do, but you need help." She's watching Lara in the mirror and when Lara's voice break on "I promise" you can see the struggle in Ani's eyes for a split second. She doesn't like seeing Lara hurt, but she can't let her off the hook and wrap her arms around her and tell that it's going to be okay. It still seems to me that Lara is more sorry and scared of Ani leaving than she is of what she did to Ani. Ani allows herself to lean into Lara and a single tear rolls down her cheek. Seriously Jessica!

The Colonel is walking to the neighborhood mailboxes. That's why Gina couldn't see him from the porch. He mails her letter to Ani, "Okay young girl. Okay." It's like he's saying, if this is what my baby wants then I'm okay with that. Aaawwwww!

Ooooo Amber is back at Guya's and she is not happy. She keeps screaming "You owe me!" Guya says that she's given her her money back and Amber says that Guya was supposed to be her best friend for life. Guya looks down and sees little flowers painted on Amber's finger nails and says, "Katie" Amber screams "Why did you do this to me?"

Yep. That's the end of the season folks. Sooooo is Guya seeing Katie in Amber or is Amber a manifestation of Guya's guilt? Hopefully we'll find out more in season three. No word on filming dates yet.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Venice: Episode 211 - December 22, 2010

Ani is waiting for Lara to get up. Lara says that it was a nice party. Ani says that it was until the end. She says that she's not a jealous girlfriend or anything but that it's not okay to see her all over Jess at the end of the night. Lara doesn't know what Ani's talking about. Ani asks her if she even remembers the end of the night because she was "a little drunk" Oh, Ani sweetie. She couldn't stand up on her own, that's more than "a little drunk". Lara says that she remembers everything. Ani calls her on it saying that she and Gina "had to haul your ass home because you were completely out of it." Ani brings up that she knows that Lara's under pressure. Lara slams her hands on the table and yells that she doesn't need more from Ani. Ani immediately goes into herself and gets this detached far-away look like she's watching what's going on between them but she's not a part of it. I am very familiar with that look. Ani has been in this situation before. She's got some back story I'd love to see explored! It's emotionally abusive even if indirectly. And then she says it. She's getting more and more freaked out and doesn't know if she can do it. Lara calls to Ani not to leave, but Ani keeps going out the door. She's right to do it. If she stays she'll get emotionally manipulated or she'll say something that she'll regret later. She needs to process away form the situation. Nadia and Jessica both do an excellent job here.

Owen is at Guya's and when she asks him about work he tells her that the director's nephew took his role. Yay to Owen for opening up to family. :) Owen tells Guya that he wants to have a future with Sami but that he can't let her be friends with Van. Guya tells Owen to not let Van get in his way. That is Sami loves Owen then she will forgive him for lying about work.

Gina covers a sleeping Colonel then reads a letter that she wrote to Ani telling her that she's ready now to love her but that she knows that she's happy with Lara. It's a long beautiful letter and Gina's crying by the end. She says in the letter that she'll probably never send it, but she puts it in an envelope and seals it with a kiss. Unbeknownst to her, The Colonel is awake and was listening to her read the letter. This stroke has allowed him to sit back and observe and forced him to not be in control. It's changed him for the better.

Van kisses Sami and she pushes him aware. Owen sees the kiss, but not the rebuff.

Lara is at High Bar drowning her publishing deal loss in bloody marys.

Ani and Gina are on the beach. Ani notices when Gina refers to The Colonel as her dad. It's sweet. :) Ani tells Gina that she and Lara fought. That maybe she's being gun shy after her relationship with.... Gina says, "With me." and assures her that it's okay. She asks Ani what she wants to to. Ani wants her to be okay and Gina tells her that it will be tough but that she'll need to stick by Lara if she wants to help her.

Jamie called a car for Lara and helps her to it to get her home.

Guya is upset and Brandon comes up to comfort her. She had a nightmare last night and started crying when he tried to wake her. I'm glad that he's there to be attentive and help her. He's just what she didn't realize that she needed.

Gina tells The Colonel that "his friend's death was an accident" that it was an aneurysm and she thought he'd like to know. He thanks her. Sweet!

Ani goes to Lara's and finds her lying on the couch drinking. Lara says that she's all talked out and Ani tells her that she knows about the missed deadlines. Lara is upset that Ani read her e-mails. Ani says that she understands the pressure that she was under now. Lara is melting down and Ani is right there for her. Lara says that she expects perfection. Ani says that she knows that but that she thought Lara wanted 'them' too. Ani hugs Lara then Lara freaks and pushes Ani who hits a wall head first. Ani slides tot he floor crying but not injured and Lara is in shock and starts apologizing and crying and leans into Ani. Ani seems to make a decision before putting her hand on Lara's head to calm her.
Ani is going to kill me having to watch her try and be there for Lara.

Another powerful episode with phenomenal performances!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Venice: Episode 210 - December 15, 2010

Owen tells Sami they should go to a movie. She says they should go to The Colonel's and give Gina a break. He says that they should take Gina with them to the movies. He talks about how The Colonel shut down after Katie died. Sami says that maybe it was his way of coping.

Michelle just totally put Gina's name on her own designs. Michelle isn't relaying Alan's messages either because she doesn't wants to bother Gina or she's trying to 'All About Eve' her.

At Ani's party Lara gives a toast and thanks Gina for hosting. Gina is a bit sad seeing Lara and Ani kiss.

Lara and Ani are talking to Michelle. Lara goes to get a refill and Ani and Michelle decline. When Gina comes to sit, Michelle excuses herself (to give Ani and GIna privacy I'm sure). Ani says, "Everyone always leaves." Seriously, Jessica plays Ani so completely adorably! Gina tells her how proud she is and how happy she is for her. Ani tells her that everything is perfect and thanks her. Lara is watching and doesn't look to happy.

Katherine is at the party and sees Guya, then sees a couple of younger women walk by.

Guya tells GIna that Brandon was late because he was working on a case. She says that he found a dead body recently and that she had a very unique ankle bracelet. He says that she probably died of an anuerysm and that she was found in a funeral home. Gina and Jamie are a bit nervous. They go off to the side to discuss it. Gina asks why he took her to a funeral home. He says that she was going to end up there anyway and that he's never doen this before. She asks him how he got her there and we see a flashback. Jamie has the body on her back, legs in the air on a two-wheeler dolly still covered in the red fabric. He's rolling her down the street whimpering, "Oh my god" then yelling, "Why!" so not the calm and collected man that cleaned the living room earlier that night. He tells Gina not to worry that he has her covered.

Gina goes up to Michelle and asks her how she is. Michelle says that she's fine and that she's not staying long. Gina says that she'll be back in the office soon. Michelle seems really upset and distracted. Gina meets Drew who is a fan of her designs. Jamie says that Drew is a rocket scientist.

Gina goes over to Guya who informs her that she's losing her touch and is upset. Gina says that she has a serious gift, Guya says that it doesn't always work. She thinks she see Amber and goes over to the side of the house but she's not there.

Gina asks Jess how Tracy is doing Jess says that she'll be fine.

Lara is drunk and falls into the pool. Ani is completely embarassed. Jess makes a comment about some people having too much fun and Gina looks at her defensive of the rude remark and it's implications for Ani. Gina tells Ani that she'll help her get Lara home. Ani says that Lara just doesn't handle stress well. Gina knows what's going on and says, "Something like that sweetheart." They get Lara out of the pool and home. Gina sees a picture of Ani and Lara at Lara's and teary-eyed acknowledges to herself that Ani is where she's supposed to be. She gets up and sees an old shirt of Ani's calling out, "Ani, you still have this old thing?" She's holding it to her face and taking in the smell when Ani comes back into the room and sees her. They share a look and sadly smile over the past and what could have been.
Such a beautiful scene again.
Crystal and Jessica

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Venice: Episode 209 - December 8, 2010

Ani comes into Lara's house the next morning finding the door open with the keys still inside and Lara passed out on the couch still in yesterday's clothes. Ani is not happy right off the bat. You can tell by her expression that she knows what she's going to find and why the door was open, but after she sees Lara a little fire flickers in her eyes. She's beyond miffed. She's angry. I do not envy Lara right about now. Ani just goes up to her, rubs her back and covers her up with a blanket. She then sits on the coffee table and thinks about what she's doing, her place in the relationship.

The Colonel is eating but is giving Gina a hard time. Owen calls and Gina asks him if he's between takes. Apparently he's on set.

Amber shows up at Guya's and Guya tells her that she doesn't have an appointment. Amber begs her to help and Guya agrees to try again.

Jamie runs into Owen and can tell that something is wrong. Owen tells him that he lost the movie weeks ago. I kind of figured he wasn't really on a set when he was talking to Gina. Harrison has pretty eyes. Jamie encourages him to tell his family. Owen says that he's been lying to Sami. Hmm. What about?

Gina tries to get The Colonel to go out for a walk. He asks her what she's doing there instead of living her own life. He asks her if she's between women. She asks if he really wants to have this conversation. He seems genuinely interested. She tells him that she's not between women. That she has recently realized that's she's in love with someone. Someone who is so special that she didn't feel worthy when they were together and that the other woman has moved on and is happy and that now they have a friendship that she cherishes and that she accepts that she'll just have to love her from a distance. Such a touching scene! Bravo to Jordan and Crystal!

Alan calls Michelle because he doesn't have Gina's designs yet. He says that either Michelle isn't relaying his messages or Gina is ignoring them. He give them 24 hours to get the designs to him. Michelle says that Gina will be there.

Sami is on the beach and Van walks up. He says that he's trying to decide whether to keep a secret from a friend. She tells him to take time and consider it, but that he should tell.

Guya and Owen and Gina are relaxing. Guya's cute guy is named Brandon. Gina tells Guya and Owen about running into Richard. Owen asks if she's going to tell him that she's gay. Guya didn't know that she hadn't told him. Guya asks about The Colonel, Gina decides to play a game 'If I were an asshole' in which they get to talk about people without fear of retribution or guilt. Guya says that she would take The Colonel to a strip club leaving him with only his military ID. That hits a little close to home for Gina since that's almost what happened with the hooker (that Owen and Guya don't know about).. Owen mentions the football and it brings Gina to his rehab. Gina tells Owen that he should show up to visit soon. She's really reforming that bond with The Colonel that she's tried to hold onto in spite of herself for all these years. Love it!

Guya is reading her diary. She's reading about the concert and the trip home and that she was busy focusing on Van when she accidentally hit Katie's hand and spilled hot coffee on her causing them to crash into a tree. She breaks down apologizing for killing Katie. No wonder this time of year is hard on her. Guya is carrying around so much guilt and I bet that she's never shared that with another person. That also explains why Van felt slighted (if indeed his story is true) when Guya became over attentive to Owen and Gina out of guilt.

Wow. I so did not see that one coming. Great job from everyone!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Venice: Episode 208 - December 1, 2010

Owen is calling Sami. He went by her place last night and she wasn't there. He's still not happy about Van or leaving voice mails for Sami. Van is secretly following Owen. Hmmm some thing's fishy.

Gina comes down stairs wearing a t-shirt that says "Own It". Awesome! She tries to get The Colonel to exercise by stealing his prized autographed football. He doesn't follow her out the door. :(

Amber comes to Guya again. She's been wandering Venice Beach for years and is lost. Guya has her touch the cards then tries to read her and sees a flowers and a long winding road. She tells Amber that she's in a bad place that she's trapped. Amber screams "Just tell me the truth!" Excellent scene from Liz and Hillary! I can't wait to find out what's up. Is Amber a ghost? She's so distraught. :(

Lara and Jamie and Drew are hanging out and drinking when Lara gets a phone call from Ani. She tells her that she's finished her pages for the morning and was just taking a break before starting back in again. She told Ani that she's not sure about dinner that she'll probably stay at the house and write. Why do I get the feeling that she's avoiding Ani? Jamie asks her about the book and she tells him that she's a little behind. He asks why she didn't tell that to Ani. Lara says that she wouldn't understand. Jamie says that she would. Lara changes the subject and they toast.

Van is at Sami's and they're discussing Owen. Van is telling Sami that he resented Owen because Jane spent so much time raising Owen and Gina after Katie died and he felt left out. She believes him and tells him to stay.

Gina has a football tee set up in the street and sets the ball into it as The Colonel comes out of the house. He walks to the middle of the street and bends down and grabs the ball. Gina is so excited that she does a rather involved happy dance in the middle of the street then shouts "Score!" as The Colonel walks back inside with his football. It's so cute and I'm excited for her because of the huge step and progression that single act signifies in The Colonel's recovery. Gina needs a hug for that clever little move! :) Loving this scene from Crystal so much.

Ani is a High Bar and Jamie comes up asking if she finished early. Ani says that she had a very early sunrise shoot and is done. Now she's waiting for Gina so they can go over some last minute plans for her party. Gina shows up and has a drink waiting for her. She shares her football taunting story with Ani and then they move on to party planning. Gina wants coconut shrimp on a stick and Ani wants pigs in a blanket. Gina tells her, "No." and Ani says, "But I love them." Sooooooooo cute! Gina tells her that pigs in blankets say 'tail-gate' and that Lara was thinking more along the lines of caviar. Ani says that she still want little hot dogs and isn't it her party? Right you are Ani! Gina says, "Apparently not. I'm sorry." So Lara is the one controlling this party that Gina is hosting for Ani? She seems to be awfully controlling for someone who isn't at the meeting because she's blowing off writing and lying to Ani about it. Ani says that she has no business eating any of that stuff anyway. :( Gina asks what she's talking about. Ani says, "You know me. I'm just feeling a little self conscious about my body." Gina tells her that she's got to stop that and Ani start telling her that Lara eats whatever she wants and doesn't work out and look at her body. She says that she and Lara were dancing the other night and all she could think was, "Please...don't touch my love handles." Gina looks heartbroken and catches Ani's eyes and with perfect honesty says, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. So stop it. Stop it." Ani says, "You're biased." Then she brushes it off saying that she's back to yoga and boot camp and that should help. Gina looks so sad. Ani says that she loves that song that's playing. Gina asks her to dance with her. The song is Kyler England's 'Clean Slate'. They are dancing and Ani has a look that says that she's feeling so many emotions is not anywhere near over Gina. Gina has a similar expression. She just wants to do anything she can to make sure Ani is happy. Such a beautiful and heart warming/breaking scene. Crystal and Jessica are perfect in this scene! So much emotion and trepidation. Just beautiful.

Owen and Sami discuss Van.

Ani is at Lara's and an e-mail pops up on the laptop on the counter. Ani opens the e-mail and read it. It's from Lara's publisher saying that she's missed another deadline, that she can't cover for her anymore and that they are thinking of pulling the book deal. Ani is worried and wonders what Lara's been doing and where she is now. Have I mentioned how much Jessica rocks?

Lara is apparently passed out in her car with a flask in the seat next to her.

I loved how much forward movement we got in this episode. Ani and Gina are killing me. Lara is annoying me. I can't say I'm surprised, but she's definitely emerging from her too-perfect new-relationship self. Nadia's doing a wonderful job making the transition natural and smooth.

And of course Kim and Crystal with the writing and storyline, are bringing about a slowly evolving set of characters and events. I love them soooo much for creating this show!