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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Venice: Episode 208 - December 1, 2010

Owen is calling Sami. He went by her place last night and she wasn't there. He's still not happy about Van or leaving voice mails for Sami. Van is secretly following Owen. Hmmm some thing's fishy.

Gina comes down stairs wearing a t-shirt that says "Own It". Awesome! She tries to get The Colonel to exercise by stealing his prized autographed football. He doesn't follow her out the door. :(

Amber comes to Guya again. She's been wandering Venice Beach for years and is lost. Guya has her touch the cards then tries to read her and sees a flowers and a long winding road. She tells Amber that she's in a bad place that she's trapped. Amber screams "Just tell me the truth!" Excellent scene from Liz and Hillary! I can't wait to find out what's up. Is Amber a ghost? She's so distraught. :(

Lara and Jamie and Drew are hanging out and drinking when Lara gets a phone call from Ani. She tells her that she's finished her pages for the morning and was just taking a break before starting back in again. She told Ani that she's not sure about dinner that she'll probably stay at the house and write. Why do I get the feeling that she's avoiding Ani? Jamie asks her about the book and she tells him that she's a little behind. He asks why she didn't tell that to Ani. Lara says that she wouldn't understand. Jamie says that she would. Lara changes the subject and they toast.

Van is at Sami's and they're discussing Owen. Van is telling Sami that he resented Owen because Jane spent so much time raising Owen and Gina after Katie died and he felt left out. She believes him and tells him to stay.

Gina has a football tee set up in the street and sets the ball into it as The Colonel comes out of the house. He walks to the middle of the street and bends down and grabs the ball. Gina is so excited that she does a rather involved happy dance in the middle of the street then shouts "Score!" as The Colonel walks back inside with his football. It's so cute and I'm excited for her because of the huge step and progression that single act signifies in The Colonel's recovery. Gina needs a hug for that clever little move! :) Loving this scene from Crystal so much.

Ani is a High Bar and Jamie comes up asking if she finished early. Ani says that she had a very early sunrise shoot and is done. Now she's waiting for Gina so they can go over some last minute plans for her party. Gina shows up and has a drink waiting for her. She shares her football taunting story with Ani and then they move on to party planning. Gina wants coconut shrimp on a stick and Ani wants pigs in a blanket. Gina tells her, "No." and Ani says, "But I love them." Sooooooooo cute! Gina tells her that pigs in blankets say 'tail-gate' and that Lara was thinking more along the lines of caviar. Ani says that she still want little hot dogs and isn't it her party? Right you are Ani! Gina says, "Apparently not. I'm sorry." So Lara is the one controlling this party that Gina is hosting for Ani? She seems to be awfully controlling for someone who isn't at the meeting because she's blowing off writing and lying to Ani about it. Ani says that she has no business eating any of that stuff anyway. :( Gina asks what she's talking about. Ani says, "You know me. I'm just feeling a little self conscious about my body." Gina tells her that she's got to stop that and Ani start telling her that Lara eats whatever she wants and doesn't work out and look at her body. She says that she and Lara were dancing the other night and all she could think was, "Please...don't touch my love handles." Gina looks heartbroken and catches Ani's eyes and with perfect honesty says, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. So stop it. Stop it." Ani says, "You're biased." Then she brushes it off saying that she's back to yoga and boot camp and that should help. Gina looks so sad. Ani says that she loves that song that's playing. Gina asks her to dance with her. The song is Kyler England's 'Clean Slate'. They are dancing and Ani has a look that says that she's feeling so many emotions is not anywhere near over Gina. Gina has a similar expression. She just wants to do anything she can to make sure Ani is happy. Such a beautiful and heart warming/breaking scene. Crystal and Jessica are perfect in this scene! So much emotion and trepidation. Just beautiful.

Owen and Sami discuss Van.

Ani is at Lara's and an e-mail pops up on the laptop on the counter. Ani opens the e-mail and read it. It's from Lara's publisher saying that she's missed another deadline, that she can't cover for her anymore and that they are thinking of pulling the book deal. Ani is worried and wonders what Lara's been doing and where she is now. Have I mentioned how much Jessica rocks?

Lara is apparently passed out in her car with a flask in the seat next to her.

I loved how much forward movement we got in this episode. Ani and Gina are killing me. Lara is annoying me. I can't say I'm surprised, but she's definitely emerging from her too-perfect new-relationship self. Nadia's doing a wonderful job making the transition natural and smooth.

And of course Kim and Crystal with the writing and storyline, are bringing about a slowly evolving set of characters and events. I love them soooo much for creating this show!

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