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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Venice: Episode 207 - November 24, 2010

Gina brings out a box of photos to go through with her father. She pulls pictures out and asks questions about them but he doesn't respond. She has to leave to go to a party but will be back and make him exercise. After she leaves he looks at a photo and says, "That was our fifth anniversary."

Lara and Ani are on the beach. Ani's got a bottle of Shiner and she's laying across Lara's lap. They are completely cute and when they get up Michelle and Jamie make the same assessment.

Gina runs into an old environmentally conscious friend.

Gina walks up to the group who all manage to leave her alone with Ani. They talk for a moment. Apparently Gina is throwing the party for Ani's gallery showing.
Sami asks Gina how it's going with her father. Gina says that it's an exercise in futility. Van walks up to the and Sami is surprised that he is Owen and Gina's cousin.
Gina goes over to Guya and her cute guy. Cute guy leaves them alone and Guya mentions that she loves "a man in a suit" because he's wearing a bathing suit.

Michelle, Jess and Jamie are talking about Jess loving working outside of London and Jamie's Internet date. Everyone is just relaxing.

Owen and Van chat for a minute then decide to start a game of volleyball. During the game Owen hits Van in the shoulder with the ball. Sami goes to his side and tells Owen that he did it on purpose. Van says that he's alright then walks off.

Gina offers Lara some water. Subtle Gina :) Lara declines and Gina says, "You know if you hurt her, you'll have to answer to me."

Van shows up at Guya's to appologize.

Gina walks up to her old friend. His name is Richard. He and Gina used to date. He and The Colonel seemed to get along, but Richard doesn't know that Gina dates women and asks her about the guy in her life. She side steps the question saying that she's not seeing anybody and heads back to her father's house. Richard looks after he all adoringly.

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