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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Venice: Episode 206 - November 17, 2010

Gina is trying to get The Colonel to exercise. He tells her not to be condescending. He says that he's sick of feeling helpless. She tells him that he has control of his recovery. She is so desperate that she says, "If I go out with a man, will you get on the bicycle?" Wow! As much as he's put her through emotionally and as much as she's probably been told by Ani to just walk away from him, Gina loves her dad so very very much to even make an offer like that. It's tough to see her grasping at anything to help a man that has hurt her so much. A part of her really is just a hurt little girl inside that wants her daddy back. The man that she probably looked up to and followed around when she was a child.

Lara is working when Ani comes in with flowers. Ani was gone when Lara woke up, she said Lara looked so peaceful and fulfilled that she didn't want to wake her. Ani went to a yoga class. Lara says that would stress her out "to try to bend my body in all those unnatural poses." She pulls Ani down into her lap and they kiss while Lara says, "Last night was amazing." Ani replies, "I know because I was there." They are being all cute and I still am envious of Jessica's hair. Ani puts the brakes on to make sure Lara continues working. Lara asks what's for dinner, Ani doesn't have anything planned. Hmmm. Perhaps Lara is falling into a habit that Ani isn't too keen to follow her into. Right now she's being good with the subtle swaying and directing of their interactions but she can't last like that too long without it turning to resentment from one of them.

The mystery woman shows up at Guya's again. She is a very lost woman named Amber and she's a little sceptical about what Guya does. Guya starts a session with Amber but loses her focus int he middle. She promises to reschedule and turns around only to find Amber gone again when she turns back and the cute foot massage guy there in her place.

Michele and Jamie are talking about his dating and he brings up this guy he's been talking to online named Drew.

Ani is taking pictures of Lara on the beach. At one point she tells her to take her top off then laughing says, "Just kidding" and walks up to and kisses Lara. She kisses her after each of the next few shots causing Lara to say that she likes getting rewarded for posing.

Guya is talking to Katie about her new guy.

Lara and Ani are having a picnic and when Ani pulls out baby carrots Lara takes notice. Being very attentive at the moment Lara manages to pull a story out of Ani about her Aunt Carmella's 80th birthday party and being mortified by becoming the subject of Carmella's vocal comments about no longer being pretty. Lara does a great job here of reassuring Ani. Ani says, "I really like you!" I'm glad that Lara was able to be a positive force for Ani's self image. (Still makes me uncomfortable when it's brought up though. Just sayin'. (: )

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