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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Venice: Episode 205 - November 10, 2010

Guya and Gina are at High Bar talking about missing each other, needing a sleepover with Owen and that Guya has been thinking about Katie a lot lately. Gina wonders how things would be different if her mother were still alive. Guya talks about how different he was when she was alive. Gina can't grasp her mind around him being so much different than he is with her. Guya tells GIna that maybe she can use this opportunity to move forward with The Colonel.

Ani is preparing to make dinner at Lara's. She opens the trash to trow away a paper towel and sees 2 beer bottles (Bridgeport Breweries: India Pale Ale?), a wine bottle and a liquor bottle (looks like E&J brand Brandy) Ani kind of frowns and contemplates then looks like she makes a decision. She's noticed Lara's drinking and seeing the bottle in the trash just made it that much more urgent.

Sami thanks Owen for helping before he leaves. She again reminds him that she's unavailable by telling him that she's got a date.

Gina gives herself a pep talk before going into the house to deal with her father.

Owen is frustrated because Sami is late and he's left her voice mail messages already.

Gina brings soup but The Colonel wants a burger. She's frustrated and he's frustrated. She tells him that if he works hard he'll be able to flip her off. When he final starts eating she watches him and a small smile creeps in. She can't help but be happy that he's making some progress.

Ani is feeding Lara empanadas and cleans up crumbs on Lara's mouth by kissing them away. Lara suggests wine and Ani distracts her with kisses.

Guya is upset that she's lost her aura. The last time that happened was when her ex ran off with "that dirty skank ho bitch". She grabs her journal and starts reading an entry from Katie's 30th birthday. She talks about John having planned a surprise party and the kids having planned a skit. She's gotten them tickets to The Greatful Dead.

Ani and Lara are taking a shower together. I can't help but think that Ani has decided to offer herself as a disctraction to Lara's drinking.
I also can't help but think that this scene is the sole reason that so many who have slighted the series from the beginning have praised this episode as the best yet. The writing hasn't changed, the scene structure hasn't changed. They are both as wonderfully layered and real as they've always been. The only thing that is different in this episode that I can see is the naked women in the shower. If I'm missing some other brilliant piece of writing that has just now come to the surface in episode 205 then please point it out to me. I'm not saying that the shower scene is a bad thing, just that it's the only difference I can find from previous episodes that might garner the praise that it recieved from otherwise historically dissappointed vocal viewers. Not that there is anything wrong with that either.

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