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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Venice: Episode 204 - November 3, 2010

Guya is getting a foot massage from a cute guy (Shawn Christian) who she apparently met while 'riding a bull' presumably in a bar. She leans in to smooch the cute guy and the framed photo of her and her sister falls over. Hm? What does that mean?

Sami and Owen are making dinner and she's trying to give him advice on interacting with his father. He doesn't take to her advice to swiftly. He tells her about how the rift formed between he and his father. She suggests that it's time to bridge that gap. They move on to another subject and she brings up having met a guy that talked with her about Africa. Owen gives her a little hippo figurine. Gina calls him to say that The Colonel has run off all of his nurses.

Ani calls Gina to check on her and Gina tells her about having to step in to nurse her father back to health. Ani says that it would make a good reality show and they brainstorm possible titles. Gina asks what Ani is up to tonight and finds out that Ani is cooking for Lara. Ani offers to bring Gina some chicken picata. Mmmmm. :)

Guya has a very distracted and unproductive session with Katherine. She gets a phone call on her private cell from some one leaving her shaken. She tells Katherine that she won't charge her for the session.

Gina tells The Colonel that she's his nurse now and tries to get him to do some hand exercises. He stares her down and drops the ball from his hand.

Lara is on the beach working and gets a phone call from Christa her editor. She is frustrated and annoyed as she always is when she ends a phone call with her editor. She takes a couple of drinks from her flask.

Van shows up at the soup kitchen and helps Sami clean up.

Gina is jogging on the beach and comes across a sleeping Lara. Gina spies her flask and Lara notices then hides it and excuses herself telling Gina that Ani's making dinner so she has to get home. Sooooo Gina is cluing in to Lara having a drinking problem but I seriously doubt that she'll say anything right away. She's trying very hard to not interfere with Ani's life and new relationship.

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