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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Venice: Episode 203 - October 27, 2010

We open with the last scene from the previous episode. Ani walking up to Gina on the beach. This time after Ani says, "Of course I am." there is only a small pause with meaningful looks before Gina asks Ani how she found out. When Ani says, "Jamie." Gina says, "Of course he... he told you. He's a good man." Ani prods Gina to talk about how she's doing and what she's feeling. Ani says that she won't let anyone know that tough Gina has a mushy center. The line is delivered with expert cuteness of course, but there's a moment right after Gina's reply when Ani looks like she desperately wants to fall back into her old habits of being there for Gina in all of the unhealthy, all consuming, self-depriving ways that she used to, but to her credit she looks down, away from Gina and breaks away from the mental ledge. Gina using her newly established awareness of Ani's needs asks about Ani, and Lara. It's a huge step in a seemingly tiny un-noticable act for Gina to conciously ease the tension and ask about Ani's current girlfriend. It shows that Gina has leanred from what Ani has been telling her and that Gina isn't going to take advantage of Ani's concern for her in this situation. Ani says that it's easy and they're getting to know each other. When Gina asks if she's happy, Ani replies that she is. Then Ani asks Gina about Tracy and Gina tells her that Tracy went back to London, that it was bad timing. Ani takes a moment to let that sit. Flashlight by Adrienne is playing under the scene. It's beautiful for two reasons, it fits the new friend status that Gina and Ani are trying so very hard to maintain and it's the song that was playing on Guiding Light when Natalia grabbed Olivia's hand to lead her out of Gus's house. (Nov. 10, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBRXUv7aSsY ) They both miss talking to each other like they used to. Such a sweet sweet scene! ::sniff::

Guya is trying to get The Colonel to allow people to help him heal. She's the only one who calls him John. Also a nice scene.

Gina has a flashback of her and Ani. She's taken Ani to the beach to tell her that she wants to take her away on a vacation. Ani is excited and they kiss. Gina comes out of the flashback and is on the beach alone. :(

Michelle is talking to Alan on the phone and is frustrated. Jamie shows up and tells Michelle that he needs to find a man. Michelle tells him he needs to try the internet. He says no. They are cute together.

Gina comes up to The Colonel's house in time to see his latest nurse leaving. She tries to bribe the nurse to stay by offereing to design a house for her. Apparently that was the last nurse as Gina tells her father that they've gone through 3 nursing companies and numerous nurses. He doesn't say anything as he watches her clean up the living room.

Guya is meditating when Van comes up and spooks her. Wes Ramsey is sooooo cute! Guya is sad that Van isn't staying with her, he's staying with a friend. She tells him about The Colonel's stroke. Van mentions again that he wants to bridge the gap with Owen while he's here.

Ani and Lara are having a picnic on the beach. Lara starts to go off about her editor and then decides that she's done talking about it. Ani says, "Yay!" She talks about being stressed about having to be around "wiaf thin models" who "need a fucking cheeseburger" she says that she coudl stand to lose a few punds and Lara jumps right in to tell her that she's perfect and that she doesn't want her to lose any of it and tells her to eat more. This is a profound scene in many ways. It feels like Lara is the more controlling of the two with her seemingly ignoring Ani's weight concerns and blowing them off by telling her that she thinks that she should eat more. It makes a comment on the world of modeling which has and I'm sure will alway be scrutinized for it's affinity towards dangerously thin models. It's also something that makes me uncomfortable and/or sad personally because I've read comments and seen video where Jessica has mentioned that she's not comfortable with her own weight since her pregnancy. I don't know if she was ever as self conscious about it as Ani, but it still makes me a little sad to be reminded of it. I say that, keeping in mind that I am fully and personally aware of image and weight expectations placed on actresses. It is a plot device that is difficult for me to watch mostly because it's Jessica playing the part. She is adorable and funny and sweet and I don't like to be reminded that she's not happy with her body even if it is completely understandable. The way she's playing it with Ani is absolutely perfect!

Gina is walking around The Colonel's house contemplating while he sleeps.

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