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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Venice: Episode 202 - October 20, 2010

Owen and Sami wake up in their South African Village. I have Owen's sleeping bag!!! :) They are cute. Owen tells Sami that they built a cell tower last night in the village. So he now gets all of the messages that Gina left for him telling him about The Colonel's stroke.

Ani shows up at Lara's with soy latte and tells her that she has to go meet Gina because of The Colonel's stroke. Jamie called her to let her know, she hasn't talked to Gina yet. Ani is looking beautiful. Okay, Jessica looks beautiful always and by default Ani is also breathtaking. Ani asks Lara if she's okay with Ani visiting Gina. Lara says that Gina is Ani's past, and that she herself is Ani's "here and now".

Owen and Sami and Gina are talking about The Colonel's stroke. Owen tries to figure out why Gina was there when it happened. She's evasive for obvious reasons and Owen finally backs off when Sami steps in. Sami suggests a round-the-clock nurse so that neither Gina nor Owen has to stay with him and he doesn't have to go to a rehab facility. Sami leaves and is being watched/followed by someone in grey shorts.

Guya tells Gina that Van is coming home and looking to work things out with Owen. When she hangs up with Gina she turns around and sees the mystery woman from the previous night. She asks if she's there for an appointment and turns around to check her schedule. When she turns back around the mystery woman has disappeared without ever having said a word.

Katherine is at High Bar and sees a young woman there. She starts talking to herself and practicing many different pick-up scenarios. She's not doing well working up to asking the woman out, but Alan walks up to her and distracts her. Apparently Alan calls her Elizabeth and is the only one to do so.

Gina and Jamie are walking on the beach debriefing each other about the event of the last night. Jamie tells Gina that the dead hooker wasn't from a service but someone that The Colonel was seeing exclusively (although the same wasn't true for her). Jamie also tells Gina that the woman's alias was Candy Cane. They share a laugh before Gina takes comfort in a hug from Jamie. It's been a long few hours. .

Sami is approached my Van on the beach and they share stories of world travel she tells him that she volunteers at a soup kitchen and suggests that he try it too. She makes sure to let him know that she has a boyfriend.

Gina is sitting on the beach and Ani walks up and sits next to her. Gina is surprised and comforted and grateful that Ani is there. Ani says that "Of course I am (here)." and takes Gina's hand in both of hers. They are both killing this little scene without doing much of anything because Jessica and Crystal can rock the unspoken conveyances.

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