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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Venice: Episode 201 - September 29, 2010

I could have sworn that I had already written a review of the first episode of the season, but if I did I have no idea where it went so......

The episode opens with a recap "Previously on Venice" for which I am grateful. Not that I haven't watched the season one episodes recently, but it's a great way to introduce new viewers to the second season.

Gina and The Colonel are arguing over the dead body that he's just shown her. He's telling her that she's going to help him and she says that she's not. That he's only thinking of himself and not about her career or life. Personally I was surprised that she even showed up when he called at the end of last season, but I know that I would do the same thing in her situation. Just as GIna is going to open the door and leave, The Colonel collspes and GIna calls 911. She then calls someone to help her. Her voice is calm and measured so you know she's calling for help with the dead body.

Lara is annoyed with her editor and is not in a good mood then turns around to find Ani making her a nice snack . Lara has given her a key to use anytime she wants. Lara is ranting about her editor and gets up to take a shot of something harder than wine, then comes back to pick up her glass. Ani is watching with concern and a bit of shock. When Lara sits back down Ani moves in behind her to massages her shoulders and relax her. Lara asks about Ani's work and while Ani is having problems with jobs being postponed and rescheduled she's not nearly as angry about them as Lara and kind of brushes them off. She tells Lara that she Googles the New York TImes bestseller list every morning and sees the picture of Lara and says, "That's my girlfriend!" Lara says that Ani is adorable and who can argue with that, because in fact Jessica is playing her so very very well. They get up to dance and kiss. The look in Ani's eyes seems to say that she's trying to distract Lara from her bad mood. She seems to get the drinking issue and is instead offering herself as a substitute. While sweet, that tactic doesn't work well in the long run and can end up being just as detrimental to Ani, causing her to lose herself.

Guya sees a woman outside and is stunned but turns away for a moment and when she looks back the woman (Liz Keifer) is gone. Guya gets a phone call presumabley to tell her about The Colonel collapsing.

Owen has created a little African Village for Sami where there is no cell service, but there is a picnic. They make love on the sleeping bag he's set out in the living room.

Jess (Venice fan "bidforvenice" on Twiter, Anita) is filling in for Tracy and meeting with Michelle. We learn from this conversation that Gina and Tracy are over and that Tracy has thrown herself into her work.

Jamie is 'The Cleaner' and is taking care of things at The Colonel's house. He wonders what he's gotten himself into, and we wonder the same thing. Poor Jamie.

Gina is looking through a box of photos and comes across one that has to have been her mother and father and herself when she was an infant. Then she comes across one of her and Ani (one of the photos of Crystal and Jessica at Crystal's CCnFriends fan luncheon in October of 2009) and breaks down into sobs. Poor Gina.

Hugs to Jamie and Gina!
Crystal, Jessica, Jordan, Harrison and Nadia really turned in great performances for this opening episode. That's not to says that anyone else sucked mind you, just that those five characters had much more layered scenes emotionally in this episode.

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