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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Venice: Episode 209 - December 8, 2010

Ani comes into Lara's house the next morning finding the door open with the keys still inside and Lara passed out on the couch still in yesterday's clothes. Ani is not happy right off the bat. You can tell by her expression that she knows what she's going to find and why the door was open, but after she sees Lara a little fire flickers in her eyes. She's beyond miffed. She's angry. I do not envy Lara right about now. Ani just goes up to her, rubs her back and covers her up with a blanket. She then sits on the coffee table and thinks about what she's doing, her place in the relationship.

The Colonel is eating but is giving Gina a hard time. Owen calls and Gina asks him if he's between takes. Apparently he's on set.

Amber shows up at Guya's and Guya tells her that she doesn't have an appointment. Amber begs her to help and Guya agrees to try again.

Jamie runs into Owen and can tell that something is wrong. Owen tells him that he lost the movie weeks ago. I kind of figured he wasn't really on a set when he was talking to Gina. Harrison has pretty eyes. Jamie encourages him to tell his family. Owen says that he's been lying to Sami. Hmm. What about?

Gina tries to get The Colonel to go out for a walk. He asks her what she's doing there instead of living her own life. He asks her if she's between women. She asks if he really wants to have this conversation. He seems genuinely interested. She tells him that she's not between women. That she has recently realized that's she's in love with someone. Someone who is so special that she didn't feel worthy when they were together and that the other woman has moved on and is happy and that now they have a friendship that she cherishes and that she accepts that she'll just have to love her from a distance. Such a touching scene! Bravo to Jordan and Crystal!

Alan calls Michelle because he doesn't have Gina's designs yet. He says that either Michelle isn't relaying his messages or Gina is ignoring them. He give them 24 hours to get the designs to him. Michelle says that Gina will be there.

Sami is on the beach and Van walks up. He says that he's trying to decide whether to keep a secret from a friend. She tells him to take time and consider it, but that he should tell.

Guya and Owen and Gina are relaxing. Guya's cute guy is named Brandon. Gina tells Guya and Owen about running into Richard. Owen asks if she's going to tell him that she's gay. Guya didn't know that she hadn't told him. Guya asks about The Colonel, Gina decides to play a game 'If I were an asshole' in which they get to talk about people without fear of retribution or guilt. Guya says that she would take The Colonel to a strip club leaving him with only his military ID. That hits a little close to home for Gina since that's almost what happened with the hooker (that Owen and Guya don't know about).. Owen mentions the football and it brings Gina to his rehab. Gina tells Owen that he should show up to visit soon. She's really reforming that bond with The Colonel that she's tried to hold onto in spite of herself for all these years. Love it!

Guya is reading her diary. She's reading about the concert and the trip home and that she was busy focusing on Van when she accidentally hit Katie's hand and spilled hot coffee on her causing them to crash into a tree. She breaks down apologizing for killing Katie. No wonder this time of year is hard on her. Guya is carrying around so much guilt and I bet that she's never shared that with another person. That also explains why Van felt slighted (if indeed his story is true) when Guya became over attentive to Owen and Gina out of guilt.

Wow. I so did not see that one coming. Great job from everyone!

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