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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Venice: Episode 210 - December 15, 2010

Owen tells Sami they should go to a movie. She says they should go to The Colonel's and give Gina a break. He says that they should take Gina with them to the movies. He talks about how The Colonel shut down after Katie died. Sami says that maybe it was his way of coping.

Michelle just totally put Gina's name on her own designs. Michelle isn't relaying Alan's messages either because she doesn't wants to bother Gina or she's trying to 'All About Eve' her.

At Ani's party Lara gives a toast and thanks Gina for hosting. Gina is a bit sad seeing Lara and Ani kiss.

Lara and Ani are talking to Michelle. Lara goes to get a refill and Ani and Michelle decline. When Gina comes to sit, Michelle excuses herself (to give Ani and GIna privacy I'm sure). Ani says, "Everyone always leaves." Seriously, Jessica plays Ani so completely adorably! Gina tells her how proud she is and how happy she is for her. Ani tells her that everything is perfect and thanks her. Lara is watching and doesn't look to happy.

Katherine is at the party and sees Guya, then sees a couple of younger women walk by.

Guya tells GIna that Brandon was late because he was working on a case. She says that he found a dead body recently and that she had a very unique ankle bracelet. He says that she probably died of an anuerysm and that she was found in a funeral home. Gina and Jamie are a bit nervous. They go off to the side to discuss it. Gina asks why he took her to a funeral home. He says that she was going to end up there anyway and that he's never doen this before. She asks him how he got her there and we see a flashback. Jamie has the body on her back, legs in the air on a two-wheeler dolly still covered in the red fabric. He's rolling her down the street whimpering, "Oh my god" then yelling, "Why!" so not the calm and collected man that cleaned the living room earlier that night. He tells Gina not to worry that he has her covered.

Gina goes up to Michelle and asks her how she is. Michelle says that she's fine and that she's not staying long. Gina says that she'll be back in the office soon. Michelle seems really upset and distracted. Gina meets Drew who is a fan of her designs. Jamie says that Drew is a rocket scientist.

Gina goes over to Guya who informs her that she's losing her touch and is upset. Gina says that she has a serious gift, Guya says that it doesn't always work. She thinks she see Amber and goes over to the side of the house but she's not there.

Gina asks Jess how Tracy is doing Jess says that she'll be fine.

Lara is drunk and falls into the pool. Ani is completely embarassed. Jess makes a comment about some people having too much fun and Gina looks at her defensive of the rude remark and it's implications for Ani. Gina tells Ani that she'll help her get Lara home. Ani says that Lara just doesn't handle stress well. Gina knows what's going on and says, "Something like that sweetheart." They get Lara out of the pool and home. Gina sees a picture of Ani and Lara at Lara's and teary-eyed acknowledges to herself that Ani is where she's supposed to be. She gets up and sees an old shirt of Ani's calling out, "Ani, you still have this old thing?" She's holding it to her face and taking in the smell when Ani comes back into the room and sees her. They share a look and sadly smile over the past and what could have been.
Such a beautiful scene again.
Crystal and Jessica

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