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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Venice: Episode 211 - December 22, 2010

Ani is waiting for Lara to get up. Lara says that it was a nice party. Ani says that it was until the end. She says that she's not a jealous girlfriend or anything but that it's not okay to see her all over Jess at the end of the night. Lara doesn't know what Ani's talking about. Ani asks her if she even remembers the end of the night because she was "a little drunk" Oh, Ani sweetie. She couldn't stand up on her own, that's more than "a little drunk". Lara says that she remembers everything. Ani calls her on it saying that she and Gina "had to haul your ass home because you were completely out of it." Ani brings up that she knows that Lara's under pressure. Lara slams her hands on the table and yells that she doesn't need more from Ani. Ani immediately goes into herself and gets this detached far-away look like she's watching what's going on between them but she's not a part of it. I am very familiar with that look. Ani has been in this situation before. She's got some back story I'd love to see explored! It's emotionally abusive even if indirectly. And then she says it. She's getting more and more freaked out and doesn't know if she can do it. Lara calls to Ani not to leave, but Ani keeps going out the door. She's right to do it. If she stays she'll get emotionally manipulated or she'll say something that she'll regret later. She needs to process away form the situation. Nadia and Jessica both do an excellent job here.

Owen is at Guya's and when she asks him about work he tells her that the director's nephew took his role. Yay to Owen for opening up to family. :) Owen tells Guya that he wants to have a future with Sami but that he can't let her be friends with Van. Guya tells Owen to not let Van get in his way. That is Sami loves Owen then she will forgive him for lying about work.

Gina covers a sleeping Colonel then reads a letter that she wrote to Ani telling her that she's ready now to love her but that she knows that she's happy with Lara. It's a long beautiful letter and Gina's crying by the end. She says in the letter that she'll probably never send it, but she puts it in an envelope and seals it with a kiss. Unbeknownst to her, The Colonel is awake and was listening to her read the letter. This stroke has allowed him to sit back and observe and forced him to not be in control. It's changed him for the better.

Van kisses Sami and she pushes him aware. Owen sees the kiss, but not the rebuff.

Lara is at High Bar drowning her publishing deal loss in bloody marys.

Ani and Gina are on the beach. Ani notices when Gina refers to The Colonel as her dad. It's sweet. :) Ani tells Gina that she and Lara fought. That maybe she's being gun shy after her relationship with.... Gina says, "With me." and assures her that it's okay. She asks Ani what she wants to to. Ani wants her to be okay and Gina tells her that it will be tough but that she'll need to stick by Lara if she wants to help her.

Jamie called a car for Lara and helps her to it to get her home.

Guya is upset and Brandon comes up to comfort her. She had a nightmare last night and started crying when he tried to wake her. I'm glad that he's there to be attentive and help her. He's just what she didn't realize that she needed.

Gina tells The Colonel that "his friend's death was an accident" that it was an aneurysm and she thought he'd like to know. He thanks her. Sweet!

Ani goes to Lara's and finds her lying on the couch drinking. Lara says that she's all talked out and Ani tells her that she knows about the missed deadlines. Lara is upset that Ani read her e-mails. Ani says that she understands the pressure that she was under now. Lara is melting down and Ani is right there for her. Lara says that she expects perfection. Ani says that she knows that but that she thought Lara wanted 'them' too. Ani hugs Lara then Lara freaks and pushes Ani who hits a wall head first. Ani slides tot he floor crying but not injured and Lara is in shock and starts apologizing and crying and leans into Ani. Ani seems to make a decision before putting her hand on Lara's head to calm her.
Ani is going to kill me having to watch her try and be there for Lara.

Another powerful episode with phenomenal performances!

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