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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Venice: Episode 212 - December 29, 2010 (Season Finale)

It's the season finale. This makes me sad

Sami is trying to call Owen but he's not picking up. He is however about to have sex with a girl he's got laying over a table. Unless he's filming something, but I doubt it. Sami leaves a message telling Owen that she diesn't know what is going on with him but that she wants to and to call her. I actually feel for and like Sami here. I don't trust her yet, but I do feel for her. She picks up the Hippo that Owen gave her as tears roll down her face. :(

The Colonel is working on his hand exercises. Gina tells The Colonel that he can have a cheeseburger as a treat after he finished his exercises. He pulls the letter she wrote to Ani out of her bag and takes it with him on his exercises. Seriously a huge step for him. You could see his internal struggle last season hurting over the fact that he couldn't accept Gina being gay. Now he's had so much time with her in a setting where she isn't his adversary on personal issues, but on health issues and with all of the pretense gone he can see her again like he used to before Katie died. He accepts now that Gina isn't some thing that he has to control or command, that she's her own person and a really great one at that. He is her dad and he doesn't like seeing her hurting so much. I've always loved Jordan, and he's amazing in this role.

Ani is sitting up in bed either reading or thinking, I can't actually see if she's got a book in her lap or not, when Lara wakes up. Probably thinking. If she does have a book she's not focused on it. Lara is facing away from her and starts talking, "Hey." Ah, Ani picked at invisible lint on her pajama pants. So, no book. I wonder how long she's been up because she's been doing some serious heavy thinking. Lara, "I don't know what to say...about last night. I know that I was out of control, and uh. I know that 'I'm sorry' is not enough." Ani is listening but doesn't say anything. Lara continues, "...and please know that I would never intentionally hurt you, okay. Please know..." Ani says, "I don't know anything anymore." and gets out of bed., This scene is brilliant because they never look at each other. Even though Lara turns her head in an attempt to pick up on some reaction from Ani, she doesn't turn enough to see her. Ani doesn't even glance her way. Lara is ashamed of her behavior, but I'm not sure that she fully understands the consequences of her actions or can truly be sorry for them and not just the situation in which she's found herself. She turns enough to see that Ani has gone then faces forward again and cries in self pity not because of the hurt she's caused Ani.

Van tells Sami that Owen got fired weeks ago from the film. Now see if he was working last night and not just engaging in some comfort sex from a random woman then Van has just made things soooo much worse. Yep, he's not a cool guy. :(

Gina has finished cooking the cheeseburger but can't find her dad. She can't even see him from the front door. Maybe he's behind one of the big trucks that the neighbors don't like. ;P

Michelle gets a call from Alan who has gotten the sketches. I don't know what he says, but Michelle says "Shit."

Sami catches up with Owen on the beach. She asks him where he's been and he says that he saw her kissing Van. She confronts him about the movie. She figures out that Van told her. Sami tells him that Van was kissing her and that she pulled away but that she doesn't know what she's feeling now. Owen apologizes, but Sami says, "Thank you for thinking the worst of me" and that they need a break and walks off.

Van is smuggly drinking on a patio somewhere. I think he's at Guya's.

Wow! Ani hit that wall a lot harder last night than it looks. She's looking at her bruised face in the bathroom mirror when Lara comes up behind her teary eyed and apologetic. She wraps her arms around Ani from behind and Ani doesn't resist, but she doesn't lean into her either. They have the conversation through the mirror. Ani says, "I know you didn't mean for this to happen, but it did." Lara says that she's sorry. Ani replies, "I love you. I do, but you need help." She's watching Lara in the mirror and when Lara's voice break on "I promise" you can see the struggle in Ani's eyes for a split second. She doesn't like seeing Lara hurt, but she can't let her off the hook and wrap her arms around her and tell that it's going to be okay. It still seems to me that Lara is more sorry and scared of Ani leaving than she is of what she did to Ani. Ani allows herself to lean into Lara and a single tear rolls down her cheek. Seriously Jessica!

The Colonel is walking to the neighborhood mailboxes. That's why Gina couldn't see him from the porch. He mails her letter to Ani, "Okay young girl. Okay." It's like he's saying, if this is what my baby wants then I'm okay with that. Aaawwwww!

Ooooo Amber is back at Guya's and she is not happy. She keeps screaming "You owe me!" Guya says that she's given her her money back and Amber says that Guya was supposed to be her best friend for life. Guya looks down and sees little flowers painted on Amber's finger nails and says, "Katie" Amber screams "Why did you do this to me?"

Yep. That's the end of the season folks. Sooooo is Guya seeing Katie in Amber or is Amber a manifestation of Guya's guilt? Hopefully we'll find out more in season three. No word on filming dates yet.

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