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Monday, August 16, 2010

Days: Monday, August 16, 2010

Daniel asks Carly opinion about a bracelet that he's giving Chloe. Aaawwww. He's excited that he'll get to tell everyone that he's going to be a father. Of course Carly is a little concerned since she knows he might not be.

Sami is caught off guard when Stefano and Will walk in on her kissing E.J.

Rafe is still on Nicole's trail.

Will is upset and Sami chases after him to try and get him to understand. Yeah, not gonna happen Sami.

Rafe has a mystery person in his pocket who he thinks is going to help him with Nicole.

Chloe and Philip fret about Nathan finding out about 'the sex on the couch'.
Daniel is trying to get Carly to open about about why she's so guarded and emotionally exhausted right now. She escapes by leaving him alone at the table at Cheatin' Heart.

Stephanie is annoying and tells Melanie that she probably doesn't want to work where her parents do. Mel says that she likes working with her parents. Aawwww. :) Oh! I guess Stephanie was at St Mary's hospital and Mel is there for her interview.

Rafe has called on .... dun dun dun.... Victor to help him with Nicole. Ha!

Will tells Sami that Rafe was different because he might have worked out and been a real part of the family unlike E.J.

Rafe might not have Victor in his corner. Victor needs more information that Rafe's not willing to give.

Stephanie is being annoying.

Philip doesn't want to leave Mel alone in the neighborhood where the clinic is. Mel says, "You're right. They should put free clinic's in safer areas." Hahaha. :) Oh, Mel is not alone, Nathan is working there too.

Daniel gives Chloe a silver spoon, fork and cup set for the baby. Chloe's feeling guilty and leaves Daniel alone for a minute. Sister Ann (from St Mary's) shows up and Daniel invites her to sit and meet Chloe.

Rafe tells Victor of his suspicions involving E.J. hiring Anna to kidnap Sydney and Nicole knowing about it.

Okay, Stephanie has called in a guy that looks an awful lot like her to help get the password for the St Mary's records system.

Carly walks back into Cheatin' Heart and lock eyes with Chloe who stopped dead while coming out of the bathroom when she spotted Sister Ann. Carly follows Chloe's terrified gaze and sees Sister Ann sitting with Daniel.

Sami and E.J. tell Roman and Caroline that they are engaged.

Rafe tells Victor that if Nicole is put away then she can't get her hooks into Brady. Hhmmm. This might be an offer that Victor can't refuse. :P

Stefano coaches Will into accepting E.J. and Sami's engagement. Um, ew.

E.J. gives Roman an impassioned speech on fatherhood and love and setting an example for Sydney. Um, okay. Uh. No.

Carly shoos Chloe back into the bathroom hallway then she goes to Daniel's table. Aaawwww! Carly said that she ran out because she has to take Ciara to a Brownie meeting. Even if it's not true, I love love love that it's something that Carly might be doing. Ciara needs Carly to be a parent to her. Carly is an awesome mom.
Sister Ann has to leave. Carly says, "So what's a nun doing in a bar?" Heeheee. :)
Daniel gets a call and has to leave. He asks Carly to go check on Chloe since she's been in the bathroom so long. Carly calls Chloe and says that they have to talk.

Okay, Ian (the Stephanie look-alike)has figured out that she wants something and agrees to it. He can read her very well. Smart guy.

Victor asks Rafe if he knows about Nicole's having been a porn star. Victor tells him that her dad was the one who got her started and that inside she's a broken little girl. Victor tells Rafe to convince Nicole that he's her white knight and she'll owe him. He says to do it before Brady falls again. Ooops. Too late!
Brady is drinking and tells Nicole that he's done listening to her.

Mel gets very hesitantly attacked by someone at the clinic.

Chloe and Carly meet on the pier (for yet another very public private conversation) and Carly says that she'll pick up Chloe first thing in the morning. Daniel walks up and has overheard that last line. He wonders what's up.

E.J. and Stefano are in the living room at the mansion. Stefano asks what would happen if Sami found out that E.J. had arranged the kidnapping. E.J. shushes Stefano and camera cuts to Sami in the doorway looking not happy.

Nicole is all frustrated in a very stilted soliloquy that she doesn't have the control over E.J. and Brady that she'd thought she'd have.

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