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Friday, August 13, 2010

Days: Friday, August 13, 2010

Mel tells Philip that she's concerned about Brady, that he's been drinking and she thinks he and Arianna broke up and he's got something going with Nicole. She's feeling very grateful to have Philip right now.

Victor sees Brady drinking and makes a comment. Brady says that at least it's not coke.

Sami's being stupid and since she told Rafe "If you love me you'll stop me from marrying E.J." and he told her he wouldn't ('cause he's not going to play childish games) she tells E.J. that she wants to set a date.

Stephanie is hiding out in Chloe and Daniel's closet. She overhears Daniel saying that Chloe is pregnant with his baby. Have I mentioned that Stephanie annoys the snot out of me?

E.J. tells Sami that he wants to get married tonight. Um, eeeeeeewwwwwww! Doe eyed E.J. makes me squeamish.

Chloe and Daniel talk about baby stuff. He makes a comment about naming it after one of the Jonas Brothers since his last name is Jonas. He gets called to do an appendectomy and has them call Mel to observe.

Victor thinks that Brady is drinking because of Arianna. When he figures out that it's Nicole he's not amused.

Ha! Sorry, this is funny. Nicole tells Rafe that Brady broke it off with Arianna because he didn't love her and realized that he was in love with Nicole. Um, delusional much?

Victor is so much comic relief right now. Brady turns to leave the living room saying that he needs to change. Victor says, "Yeah, you're right. Oh, your clothes." (because Brady's wearing a swimsuit and towel) The thing is that John pulls it off really well, not corny or vaudevillian. You actually almost miss that he made a joke. Props to Mr. Aniston! Victor then goes on to call Nicole a 'Chimera' he says that she's a chameleon a shapeshifter (which isn't an accurate analogy) then says that she's still a fire breather. (In Greek mythology the Chimera is composed of several distinct animals it doesn't stop being a lion for example to become a snake. Here are references at Dictionary.com, Merriam-Webster and Britannica.com) Brady doesn't like is when Victor calls her a 'Gold digging slut.' Victor figures out that Brady still has feelings for Nicole. It's about time! Why does he sound so shocked? What did he think we were talking about?

Sami wants to get married at St Lukes by Father Matt. She wants a big wedding, but E.J. is a little apprehensive about having it at St Lukes where they had Grace's funeral. Kate has a coughing fit when she and Stefano find out that E.J. and Sami are engaged.

Creepy whiney Stephanie is hiding in the closet when she hears Chloe tells Philip that she's worried about Daniel telling everyone that the baby is his when it might be Philips. You knew that was coming. They just have to keep talking about the secret thing they did.

Daniel's appendectomy turned out to be a soccer injury. Mel says that maybe Stephanie had them call him. Daniel says that he's going to go 'dad' on her and asks if she and Stephanie aren't friends because of something Stephanie did or because Stephanie is with Nathan.

Rafe heads to the station to listen to the CD they recovered from Nicole's mom's locker.

Nicole thinks it will be a good idea to turn the CD over on her own and get into Brady's good graces.

Mel asks Daniel when he started defending Stephanie. He says, never. Then she says that she is over Nathan and wants the family and white picket fence but that one ting might stand in the way of her happiness. I'm guessing she's referring to Chloe maybe hurting Daniel.

Chloe is going stir crazy and she and Philip leave the apartment. Stephanie can now escape from the closet and set to work trying to find out everything that she can. I'm wondering if they're going to have her change the results of the paternity test to show that Daniel's the father even if he isn't so that she can keep Philip with Mel and therefore keep Mel away from Nathan.

Oh, I was wrong. Mel is considering working at St. Marys so that people don't think that the only reason she got the job at University Hospital because of who her parents are. Aawwww. That's kind of sweet.

Nicole tells Brady that the money is from a payoff for a story. Yup. This is boring and irritating. I'm only watching Nicole and Brady because Rafe and Arianna are involved.

Stefano offers Kate's experience in 'event planning' to help Sami with the wedding. Oh the looks those two give each other. Awesome! You can no only see the hate beaming across the room on their glares, but you could drives vehicles across it. Like a Golden Gate Bridge of animosity which is kind of ironic considering. :)

Rafe hears E.J.'s voice on the C but doesn't find out what he did yet.

Daniel tells Mel that she's just defining her individuality and that the new baby won't mean that he loves her any less. She gets teary eyed and he gets choked up and they hug. Aaawwwww, sweet.

Rafe figures it all out. He knows that E.J. paid Anna to kidnap Sydney and that Nicole has more copies of the CD and that he needs to find another one.

Ooo! Mel comes up to Stephanie at the hospital while Stephanie is searching for the test results on the computer trying to find out Chloe's results. Mel asks her what she's doing there before she can find the results.

Rafe tries to call Nicole but she doesn't answer. Rafe is looking intently at his laptop screen, I'm guessing there is info there that he's trying to decipher. The thing is that the editors have decided to do a multi-split screen so Rafe's scene pulls back and shrinks into the upper left corner, Nicole and Brady mauling each other is in the lower left and a vertical shot of E.J. and Sami kissing is the entire right side. Sooooo the end result makes it look like Rafe is watching video of the two couples smooching. I get where the editor was trying to take it, but the execution was not so smooth.

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