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Thursday, August 12, 2010

OLTL: Thursday, August 12, 2010 (Inez)

Nate shows up at Dani's and starts ranting about Inez and how he never wants to see her face again. Um, Dude? A little sensitivity here. You're talking to your girlfriend who is slowly losing her mother to a terminal illness. I hope Dani smacks some sense into him.

Inez stops back by Bo's office to tell him that she's found temporary housing and that she'll see him in the morning to start work. He tells her that things at work are going to be chaotic. She says that's nothing compared to what she's just been through.

Bobby and James are at home and James is upset that Bobby is just going on like nothing happened. Bobby tells James that he'll never see Inez or Nate again. James says that he'll see whoever he wants to see.

James doesn't like being controlled or 'protected' as Bobby calls it. He brings up Nate and the money and says that Nate was only concerned with giving it to his mother. James says, 'She's our mother.' Aaaawwwwwwww!

Bo figures out that Inez is talking about the boys. She says that she's just made things worse.

Dani is crying and interrupts Nate's rant. Her mom has moved out of the house to stay at a hospice. She's managed to make Nate forget about his own worries for a bit.

Inez says, "I took Nate to his brothers' apartment and dropped my bombshell." She's not happy that Bobby hates Nate now by association, and that Nate's furious with her. She's hopeful that they will start to wonder about each other and form their own relationship. Bo tells her that she doesn't have to sacrifice her relationship with them in order for that to happen. She says that she's afraid she already has. Aww, Inez really needs hugs but she's being all strong and matter-of-fact.

Bobby and James are discussing what kind of person Inez must be to have not contacted them. James says that she's trying to reach out to them now. Bobby isn't giving in. No slack will be cut for Inez if he has anything to say about it. He's so hurt. He needs a really good let it all out breakdown with his mommy. Bobby needs Inez hugs.

Nate uber angry again. Dude! 0 to 60! He's telling Dani that he has brothers he didn't know about. He really should be careful. All that anger can not be good for his blood pressure I don't care if he IS a healthy teen. Plus one of these days his head may literally explode.

James calls Bobby on his insecurities. 'You don't trust chicks because Dad didn't trust our mom.' He says that Bobby's afraid to get close to girls because she's afraid the girls will leave. James then tells him that he doesn't remind him of Inez, that Bobby reminds him of their dad. See, Bobby really does need mommy hugs.

Dani is shocked to learn that Nate's brothers are the Ford boys. Dani tells him not to hate Inez.

Inez wonders if Nate will ever let her back into his life. She's convinced she's lost Bobby for good. She says that maybe James is the lucky one since she was never a part of his life. Bo points out that she is now. She says that she'll just need to see how it plays out. Then she tells him that it's the last he'll hear about her personal life. Bo tells her that she doesn't have to stop talking to him. She says that she's working for him now and that she's supposed to make his work life easier, not complicate it. Bo looks like he's kind of taken with her. Not in a creepy way, but like he admires her courage and conviction and wants good things for her. Jessica is playing this with just the right amount of sadness. A lot of the shots in this scene are close-ups too. Wow! She is really stunning, and I'm so very very jealous. My skin is rebelling and has decided that if it can't be that beautifully flawless then it's going to give up and go all crazy on me. :D Note to self: Drink more water. Oh, and don't even get me started on the hair. I love my hair, we have been together long enough to have formed an understanding, but I would like for it to at least have the option of growing as long and full as Jessica's. Just once. Then I'm sure I'd feel the need to cut it just barely shoulder length again.

Ooooookkkkkkayyyyyy. Sorry, for that little side trip. :) Back to the show....
James tells Bobby, "I'm sorry that you bought Dad's bull about how all girls are 'evil bitches,' but Mom's side of the story? About how she was run off by our violent abusive dad? That makes so much more sense to me." I'm really liking that James is so open and receptive to Inez that he's actually calling her 'Mom' around Ford. Aawwwww. James wants mommy hugs too. :)

Dani tells Nate that she didn't know about Todd being her father until last year and that she was angry with her mom about it too. She says that she understands it now. Nate's actually listening to her, so that's a good thing. She tells him to go find Inez and talk to her.

Inez tells Bo she'll be there promptly at 9am. He's going to have dinner with the family. Inez stays to set stuff up at her desk. She pulls out a framed picture portrait of Nate, then she pulls out a framed snapshot of Bobby as a little boy holding a tiny baby James and sets them on her desk. Aaawwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sweeeeet! You just know she's had to keep that photo hidden in case Nate found it and asked questions. Putting that on her desk had to have felt very freeing and bittersweet too.

James is really getting Bobby to look at himself and why he does the things he does concerning relationships.

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