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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Days: Thursday, August 12, 2010

Philip shows up at the hospital and runs into Justin and Daniel. Chloe calls him and says that she has news about the baby.

Okay, Sami and Rafe have passed merely kissing and have moved on to mauling up against the lockers.

Philip tells Chloe that it's not a good time and that Daniel is there. She asks him to meet her at the pier. Dude, Philip is a jerk. Nicole shows up at Chloe's and asks her to wait and not leave yet because she needs a friend and Chloe's the only one she's got. Nicole is a jerk too.

Rafe stops the mauling and Sami asks why he did that. Um, duh! Rafe says that is was a mistake. Sami starts to go and she can't walk past him without the two of them heating up again. She doesn't make it out the door.

Chloe tells Nicole that she has to go and Nicole asks where she's got to go. Chloe says the hairdresser and Nicole gets all pouty. Woe is her, she's lost Brady again. Aawwwww boo hoo. Chloe needs to just leave and stop letting Nicole manipulate her. Nicole finally sulks off and leaves Chloe to go about her own business.

More Rafe and Sami making out while talking about how they shouldn't be. They stop again. She tells Rafe that if he loves her he should stop her from marrying E.J. She wants to know how Rafe found out about the proposal. She asks if it was E.J. Rafe tells her to ask him.

Mel is comforting Nathan over Hope's situation, but of course Stephanie sees the hug. She's annoying too. Maggie walks into the kitchen when Mel and Nathan are hugging. They pull away from each other. Mel leaves to go to her room. Maggie turns to Nathan to ask him what's going on with him and Melanie.

Chloe meets Philip on the pier. She's just telling him that she's taken the test. She still doesn't have the results yet.

Nathan tells Maggie that nothing is going on. She accepts his statement.

Sami tells E.J. that they need to talk.

Rafe is sulking at the Cheatin' Heart and runs into Nicole. Good times.

Chloe and Philip...... Nothing new, just a recap of the paternity test hijinks. Philip tells Chloe that he'll make sure Daniel doesn't find out and they hug. Stephanie sees them. She's annoying.

Caroline is short and a little rude with Maggie. Nothing new here. She annoys me too.

Daniel shows up at Maggie's to see Melanie and he tells her that he and she need to look after her mom. Aawwww. Mel tells him that she's blaming herself for what Hope did. Daniel tells her that guilt is second nature to Carly. Mel says that they all have each other's back which is kind of a miracle. He says that she wanted something from Lawrence that she was never going to get. Mel says that you can't change the past. Daniel says that you can't, but that you can learn from it. Daniel says that two people can't stay together after one has been unfaithful.

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