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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Days: Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Henderson is tired of press calling the house to get a comment. Vivian doesn't like the "vile headlines about Hope." The headline reads 'Hope Brady Confesses to Serial Muggings' Yup. That's pretty vile and predatory Vivian. Ha! :)

Recap of Rafe overhearing news of the E.J. Sami engagement. Then shot of Sami and Will. He says that what he wants doesn't matter to her. Rafe is going to town on a punching bag. He's not happy either.

Victor is upset that Bo didn't tell him about Hope. Bo tells Victor that he can't take his anger right now and Victor apologizes. Bo's is feeling all guilty and responsible for what happened. Stop it now Bo! You are not at fault for this. Seriously.

Hope tells Abe that he's not her lawyer, he's her victim. He's telling her that she still needs a fair trial. Okay, I'm tired of this now. I want fun Avenger back, not whiny Hope.

Victor tells Bo that it's not his fault, that it's Carly's fault. Dude, Victor.... Maggie shows up. She better not make me smack her too.

Maggie's there to check on Ciara. Bo tell's her that Ciara is with Doug and Julie.

E.J. wants a word with Hope.

Sami says that she and Rafe are over. Will tells her that she still loves him.

Rafe is still beating up the poor defenseless bag.

Victor comforts an upset Maggie and Vivian sees them.

Bo steps in to tell E.J. not to threaten 'my wife'. Ggrrrrrr. >:(

Abe and Lexi have Ciara at the beach. They are contemplating Ciara needing their love. What's killing me here, is that they're talking about her like she's an orphan who has lost both of her parents. She hasn't. She has Bo, and Carly is an excellent mother. Another, 'Ggrrrrr.' >:(

Hope tells Bo that he shouldn't be handling any of the paperwork on her case. True, very true. Brady wants to talk to Hope, she says that it's okay, and Bo leaves.

Rafe runs into Sami on the pier and tells her that he hears congratulations are in order then continues to jog by and leaves.

Brady tells Hope that he understands. She says that they all blame the pills and he says that they gloss over why she needed the pills in the first place. He tells her to not listen to that voice that tells her she can't come back.

Sami follows Rafe into the PD lockeroom. She asks what he meant by congratulations. He tells her that he heard she's getting married and that if it's true then she's out of her mind and she's not the girl he fell in love with.

Maggie tells Victor to respect that Vivian is his wife. That he shouldn't set out to hurt her. He asks Maggie if he can respect Vivian just when he's around Maggie, can they be friends then? She says that she realized that they didn't stop being friends, they just didn't see each other. Aawww. They're confidantes again.

Vivian has called Gus. He's kind of cute. Too bad he's a minion.

Sami tells Rafe that she didn't want him to know yet. That she wanted to figure out a nice way to tell him herself. Rafe is trying to not pay too much attention to her. Sami wants him to acknowledge that he drove her to this. She says that E.J. accepts her and loves her and that she loves him. Rafe asks her if she really loves E.J. they go back and forth, 'yes' 'I don't think so' until he kisses her and she kisses him back. Not just simple sweet pecks either. We're talking big time almost making out kinds of smooches.

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