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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Days: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Julie comes to visit Hope at the station.

Arianna is in Rafe's office playing with pencils. Gaby is standing behind her. Rafe asks her if she's sad that she's no longer under suspicion.

Kate and will talk about Stefano. Will says that his mom wouldn't like to hear it, but that he kind of likes Stefano.

Chad walks up to Stefano in the Pub. He has questions about his mother. Stefano isn't going to tell him anything.

E.J. has Sami and the kids out at the beach for family day, but Sami can't stop thinking about Rafe.

Arianna is pissed because she thinks that Hope is faking not knowing and that she deliberately pinned the muggings on her.

Julie still blames Bo for what Hope went through. >:(

Sami agrees to marry E.J. Far away at the station, Rafe feels the shift and Gaby asks him if something is wrong. He says that it's nothing.

Will shows up at the Pub to find Chad, but no Stefano.

Arianna sees Hope at the station and tells her that she owes her big time. Hope agrees.

Rafe runs into Sami on the beach. Rafe apologizes for acting like a jerk at the pub. Sami apologizing for making a big deal about it. He asks her if anything is knew and she gets nervous.

Chad tells Will that he needs business experience to take an advanced business class and prove to his dad that he's serious. Will says that because the DiMeras are sucking up to his mom that he has what Chad needs. Will offers to have Chad work with him on the project. D.A. Woods tells Chad he isn't going anywhere.

Arianna and Hope are now back in the office. Arianna goes over everything that happened and points out that it was Hope asking her what she did to make Hope set her up.

D.A. Woods tells Chad that he's going to Chicago to work on a task force and may not be back before he goes to North Carolina. Chad is upset because his dad had promised to drive down with him and stop and visit relatives along the way. Kate is watching from a distance.

Will tells Stefano that he wants to work together with Chad. Stefano does not approve. D.A. Woods, doesn't care if Chad goes to college or stays in Salem. He's an ass. Sorry for the language, but it had to be said. Will figures out that Stefano's aversion to Chad working with Will is about Maddie.

Arianna is really not being easy on Hope. She's wrong, but not having all the information, she's justified.

Sami gets defensive when Rafe brings up E.J. She says that she doesn't even know Rafe anymore.

Stefano tells Will that he's got concerns about bringing the D.A.'s son into the inner workings of his business. Will asks if that's true then why did Stefano leave when Chad asked about Maddie.

Arianna tells Hope that there isn't a pill that will make you evil unless you're already harboring those tendencies. She tells Hope that it will be hard for her on the inside because everyone will see right through her.

Doug is trying to convince Hope to get a lawyer. She tells him that she won't use the pills as her defense.

Kate walks up to Chad and asks how he feels about unsolicited advice. She tells him that his dad is grieving. Chad says that he'd consider that if it was anything new. He tells her about growing up, and says that it's time to 'face facts' that his dad just doesn't want him around.

Kate asks if she can help. Chad says that it's best to just let it go. That it's not like they're family. He walks away. Kate says, very quietly, "You're wrong about that." Ooooooooo. New mystery. :D

Gaby tells Ari to move on. Arianna asks what the point would be. She says that Hope destroyed everything and Ari doesn't know how to get it back.

Hope tells Doug not to be nice to her, that she doesn't deserve it. He tells her that the last 2 months don't wipe out everything that she was before that and that he and Julie and etc. still love her.

Sami tells Will that she and E.J. are engaged. - E.J. is at the pier and tells Stefano over the phone and Rafe overhears.

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