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Monday, August 9, 2010

Days: Monday, August 9, 2010

Roman tells Sami that they've made an arrest in connection with the muggings. He tells her about Dr Baker first.

Carly comes home to find Julie at the house. Carly is surprised and Julie is rude. Carly asks her what's going on and Julie says that all she knows is that something is wrong.

Hope tells Bo that she doesn't want defended. That she needs help and needs to go away for a long time. She tells him that if he wants to do what's right for Ciara then he'll let her go away.

Sami is more surprised that Dr Baker is alive than she is that Hope was involved. Roman tells her about the sleeping pills.

Bo tells Hope that it wasn't her, that it was the pills. She corrects him and says that somewhere deep inside there is a lot of anger. He tells her not to give up on herself. That he's always believed in her and he always will. Carly is outside the door and hears that.

Bo asks Carly to give them a minute and Hope says that it's okay, that they're done. Then Justin shows up and Hope tells him that he deserves to hear what she's done.

Hope has told Justin everything and he starts to reassure her, but she tells him not to coddle her.

Bo and Carly are on the docks and he's just explained everything to her. She says, "Now I understand why you called me last night to ask about the drug. Why didn't you just tell me what was going on. I would have come straight home? Stupid question. I'm the last person Hope needed to see." I hate it when Carly is sad. :( Bo says that he's sorry. Carly says, "Don't be. You know I understand." Crystal is doing her amazing thing here. First of all you can tell that she really does understand, but that she's incredibly hurt too. She's had to compete with the ghost of Hope before, but never the living woman. Now that Hope is in a place where she needs help, Carly knows that Bo, being who he is, can't not help her. Carly has got to be feeling extremely vulnerable and insecure about their relationship right now. She knows that Bo loves her, that's not a question, but she knows that he has to help when he sees a need, and that Hope is someone Bo loves and wants to protect. When Carly sits down on the bench and she's talking to Bo about whether the medication Hope was taking will have lasting side effects now that she's stopped, she's clasping and unclasping her hands. Seriously! Crystal is really good at what she does. Carly tells Bo that stopping the pills will stop the behavior, but that the emotions behind it, the anger and the pain aren't dealt with as easily. She doesn't know what Hope's going to do with all of that.

Bo gets up and takes a couple of steps away. Carly says, "This must be hard on you too." and gets up to go to him. She's still playing with her hands. Aawwww Carly!!!! I wish I could tell you it will all be okay! He tells her not to worry about him, that Hope and Ciara are the ones suffering. She tells him that it will take time, but that he and Hope and Ciara will all get through it because they're family. Carly, don't give up! She says that he and Hope and Ciara are all strong because they have each other and there is so much love there. She sounds so much like she's stepping back and basically handing him over to Hope. Caaaarrrlllyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bo's eyes flash a little, and I think that he thinks Carly's walking away too.

Justin tells Hope that she needs a lawyer. She says no, that she's pleading guilty and it will be easier on Ciara. She doesn't want her to have to testify.

Arianna and Mel are trying to get Brady to stop drinking. Arianna figures out that it was something that Nicole did that has driven Brady to drink again.

Bo tells Carly that he's glad she's here and she says, "Are you sure about that?" she feels in some part responsible for what's happened. She tells him that she's not going to feel guilty about her part in this because she's not going to force him to take care of her right now. That he needs to be there for Ciara and Hope. She tells him that she loves him and he hugs her and tells her that he loves her too.

Hope is all teary and Justin is there for her. Let's not forget that Hope is still the one to leave Bo long before she started taking the loopy pills.

Brady tells Arianna that her name is cleared. That they've caught the mugger.

Mel is excited that Arianna is free. Brady says that he feels bad for Hope and Bo, but that he's happy for her. Arianna leaves to go to the station. Mel stays to talk to Brady. Mel gets a text message from her mom to meet her at home. Brady tells her to go, that he'll be okay. Mel reluctantly goes telling Brady that she'll always be there for him.

Carly gets to Maggie's and Mel tells her that she heard about Hope and asks Carly how she's feeling. Carly says that she's fine, that it's a tragedy for Hope that Bo is in shock and that Ciara is having a hard time and she wishes that she could reach out to her, but that it would be in appropriate for obvious reasons. Her voice is shaky and she's barely holding on. She turns and sees Mel looking at her and asks what she's looking at. Mel says, "You are so kind. Always thinking about everybody else's problems."
Carly: "Melanie, I just said that that family's gone through a tragedy, and for me to be thinking about my reaction and focusing on myself in any way...it's just..."
Mel: "Okay, then I will."
Carly: "You will what?"
Mel: "I'll focus on you." Carly is speechless. Aawwwww! Yay Melanie!!!!!! "Look, I know you said that this is a tragedy for Bo and Hope and their daughter and it is. This is, but this is a really sad and, and confusing time for you too, ya know. I think I getta worry about my mom, as your daughter." She's got tears in her eyes. Carly looks up at her and has tears running down her face. Carly looks away and moves toward Mel but doesn't look at her. They hug and Molly and Crystal are both just killing this scene. I'm so glad that Melanie is there for her mom. I love that Carly has someone to count on right now. :)

Bo is back at the station and asks Hope if he can get her anything. She says, no and reminds him that it's time for her to be booked.

Mel brings tea over to Carly.
Mel: "So is that okay? If I worry about my mom?"
Carly: "Of course it is. 'S sweet. But I will be fine."
Mel: "It's not your fault you know. You just fell in love with somebody who was single. Bo and Hope were separated when, when you guys got together."
Carly: "Married. They're married, and they had...they have children together, and maybe they could have worked things out if I had...."
Mel: "Except...I...ahem." She takes a breathe to compose her thoughts.. "Look at me." Carly looks up at her. "I know I've given you a pretty hard time the last couple of months, but um. You never gave up on me and you never stopped caring and you're an amazing person with a very big heart. I see that, now..." Carly dips her head and more tears come. "...so will you do me a favor?" Her hands are open in the middle of the table and Carly puts her hand into Mel's palms. Mel holds her hand in both of hers. "Will you see yourself the way I see you? Will you give yourself a break?" A very teary, and smiling Carly nods tiny almost imperceptible nods in agreement.

Bo begins the booking process for Hope.

Arianna walks into the station just as Roman was about to call her. He apologizes for her being arrested etc. She says thank you, but that he's not the one who owes her an apology.

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