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Monday, August 9, 2010

OLTL: Monday, August 9, 2010 (Inez)

Ford asks what she's doing there. She says that she needs to talk to him and his brother. Nate thinks that Ford is upset about the money and she tells him that it's not about the money. Ford lets her and Nate in and she tells Bobby that it's time and that James and Nate deserve to know and that he can't stop her.

Ford asks to talk to Inez for a second and they go into another room. He asks her why she wants to do this now. She tells him that she got a new job and that her new boss and she were talking and he told her to just tell the boys the truth. (Side note: The lighting and coloring of Jessica's close-ups in this scene are very similar to an early 1080's movie or prime time show. Like it's almost a 'Dynasty' shot except not as grainy. :D They've got her wearing beige with a wheat/ivory crocheted or macramé belt and the walls are brown with cream accents then they've got Jessica's make-up darker and more earth toned than usual. Could it be that the 70s are back again again, again? She tells him that they need to be a family and heal. Bobby says that you can't heal scars and start to walk away. She says, "Not until all three of you know who you are." He says that who they are has nothing to do with her. She looks over at James and Nate standing in the living room. 12 feet from the alcove (with no door) where she and Ford are and whispers to Bobby's now turned back. She says that it does because they're her sons and she prays for them everyday. He is playing it cold, but barely chokes out, "That's touching." She was hoping that he'd give his blessing and be able to help his brothers through it. He tells her to leave and leads her away by the arm. When he steps out of the magic sound proof alcove Nate grabs him by his shirt and leans him backwards over the kitchen counter. James is on Nate trying to hold his arms back and Inez is trying to get herself between Nate and Bobby and stop Nate from swinging. It the bustle and panic Inez gets out that he's his brother. And when Nate clams a little she says it again. Then as she's still laying across/guarding Ford she says, "He's my son. Bobby's my son." Then later that he and James are Nate's brothers. Ford is not really happy, James is stunned, Nate is in shock. James asks Bobby for validation. Ford says that it's true. James is upset that Ford threw their mother out of his hospital room. Nate says that it can't be true, but Inez explains that their father was a charming man when they first met, but he became possessive and jealous and abusive and that he doubted that Nate was his and then threw her out. Nate is upset that Inez lied to him and never told him about his brother of the father she 'stole him from'. Bobby tries to says that James had a worse time of it but James interrupts and tells Bobby to give Inez a break. Nate asks if he's defending her. James recounts that their dad said she left with a man who didn't want Bobby and himself (those poor boys). Ford points out that she left James. James points out that Bobby did too. Ford says that maybe if she hadn't left then their dad wouldn't have beat them too. James says that he was told to hate her. Inez steps toward him and says that their dad has a serious problem. Bobby is angry and yells at her for leaving her two kids with him. She's between James and Bobby and yells that she didn't have a choice, but that she loves them. She tells them that she used to hide and watch them play at school. That she had to move to keep them safe and that when she found out that they were in Llanview she brought Nate to meet his brothers. Nate screams at her and storms out. Inez asks Bobby to not be hard on his brothers and says that Nate won't talk to her, but that maybe Bobby can get through to him. James and Inez are opening crying when Inez tells them that their father would have killed her if she'd stayed. Ford says that Nate needs time to think, but that he won't hold anything against him. Inez leaves. Ford starts to talk to James and James tells him to stop. That Nate isn't the only one who needs time and then walks away.

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