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Friday, August 6, 2010

Days: Friday, August 6, 2010

Recap of Daniel walking into Dana Scott's room. There is a long shot of Mel and Carly and they are 'mom and daughter' twins. Their shirts are different colors, but the same styles and they are both wearing the same kind of necklace.

Dr Baker recognizes and calls Hope's name. Bo asks her if he knows him.

Seriously Daniel, STOP! I'm not kidding with as adamant as he's being and as resistant to Carly's requests about the person who is NOT his patient as he is I would not want him for my doctor. I don't care how much of a crush I had on Shawn Christian when I was younger, I would not want this version of Dr Jonas near me. Carly tells him to stop again and then he turns on her and wants to know why she's so opposed to him seeing the woman. The better question Daniel is Why are you so determined to see this woman that you have no reason to talk to let alone the fact that you keep trying to make her let you see her. Obviously she isn't comfortable with that and it isn't your place to try and force yourself on her in what ever capacity. >:(

Dr Baker says that Detective Brady doesn't know him, but that he knows her because he saw her picture. Hope says that she does know him, but Avenger didn't mention him on the tape so I'm guessing that not what she's going to say. Roman says that Dr baker is the one who bought the materials and is an accomplice in trying to kill Bo.

Carly explains to Daniel that Ms Scott is from the Middle East and has to abide by strict rules including not showing her face in public or to a strange man. Oh, now he understands, but questions the need for an amnio. Carly says, "Because at one point she had serious doubts about her husband and she turned to someone else. And now she and her husband are getting back together and she needs to know who the father of the baby is, understandably." Thankfully Daniel finally gives up and leaves. He is sooooooooo frustrating. He needs to listen to Carly!

Daniel says, "Now I feel like an ass." Good! Maybe next time you'll listen to her! >:( Mel says that she doesn't believe it.

Aawwww Dr Baker really cares about her. He's trying to let her off the hook, but she's determined to tell the truth. She tells Roman that she was behind the muggings and that she tried to kill Bo.

Daniel asks Mel if she thinks that Carly is lying and Mel says, no that she can't believe that Carly can find the time to do everything she does.

Dr baker tries to stop hope from confessing but she goes on and says that she was the one. She apologizes to Bo again and to Roman. Roman asks Bo if they made it up to get Baker to confess. Bo assures him that it isn't, but that it makes sense that he's her accomplice.

Sister Anne is trying to steal Mel after she graduates. She invites her to work at St Mary's.

Bo and Hope are acting like she's in danger of getting sentenced to the electric chair. they just need to explain that it was the medication and that when she's not taking it there isn't any danger. Brady is after Dr Baker and the cop is holding him back.

Carolyn and Doug and Julie are all ragging on Carly. Apparently Julie didn't let Doug know that Hope had been taking sleeping pills.

Hope is doing a very inaccurate job of trying to convince Roman that Hope was the mugger. She finally yells at Bo enough to convince him to give Roman the video recording from last night.

Carly leaves Chloe to get dressed and tells her that Mel and Daniel are probably gone so she should be okay.

Ha! Sister Anne says that St Mary's hiring standards are very high. Um? Is Sister Anne an escapee from the mental ward? If they have high standards and she's been complaining about the ineptitude all day, then I would really hate to see 'poor' standards.

Roman and Bo and Hope are watching the video of Avenger. Bo explains that Hope was taking sleeping pills and what the side affects were. Hope apologizes to Roman again and he goes over and hugs her. Bo says that he's the one who needs to apologize because his actions started all of this.

Carly sees Mel still in the lobby of St Mary's. She takes her for coffee so that Chloe doesn't run into her. Chloe is leaving and runs into Daniel who apparently hasn't left yet.

Hope tells Bo that it isn't his fault. He says that it is his fault that he hurt her so much that she had to take the pills. I have to agree with Hope here. It's not Bo's fault that Hope need help to deal. He's not the one who left first anyway.

Mel and Carly are talking and Mel says that she's really proud of her. Carly says that she hopes she'll always feel that way.

Chloe tells Daniel that she got the opera tickets early and came to find him.

A very emotional Bo arrests Hope and reads her the charges.

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