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Friday, August 6, 2010

OLTL: Friday, August 6, 2010 (Inez)

Nate shows up with a delivery for Bo and asks Inez what secret it is that she's keeping from him.

Inez says that she had a meeting with the commissioner (that's her way of alluding to that being the secret she was keeping from him) Nate thinks that the meeting is because something is wrong. He tells Bo that whatever it is then he did it. It's his fault. Then he says that his mom's never done anything wrong in her life and as he's continuing to talk Inez kind of mumbles in the background, "That's not true. So just...Shh...be quiet..." Jessica does the cutest little expressions here. Nate continues with, 'So whatever she said, it was probably me. Is she under arrest?" Bo says, "No." Nate asks what the problem is and asks Inez why she looks like she's in trouble. Her eyes get really big, and she shakes her head like, 'What do you mean?' Sooooo cute!

Inez tells Nate that she's not under arrest which he has to confirm with Bo who says that it may start to look like it since she's working for him. Nate's very excited and he and Inez hug. Bo tells Nate to see if he still wants to thank him when his mom starts putting in all the overtime. Nate and Inez look at each other and mouth "overtime" and share a little moment of celebration. It's sooooooooo cute. Inez tells Bo that she's going to be the best assistant he's ever had. Bo asks if she can start tomorrow. Nate wants to know why it was a big secret that Inez got the job.

Bo sends Nate out of the office for salt. Inez tells him that he's good and Bo tells her that it looked like she needed a minute. She says that he's not going to let it go, but that she needs to figure out something that isn't a lie. Bo wants to know why she doesn't just tell him. Inez is contemplative again. I like happy Inez. Worried Inez needs a hug!

Inez asks if Bo thinks she should just drop it on him. "By the way you have two brothers I never told you about." Bo points out that Nate was willing to confess to any crime to protect her. They discuss it and Bo says that she needs to decide if telling Nate will hurt him, hurt both of them, or make them both stronger.

Bo walks Inez out of the office and tells her to come in a little early in the morning and they'll get paper works and benefits forms squared away. She's surprised and grateful that she gets benefits right away. Nate finally returns with a handful of little salt packets. Inez tells Nate that she has to show him something and leads him out of the station.

Inez has taken Nate to Ford's apartment. When Ford opens the door Inez looks like she's ready for battle and Ford looks like a giant blob of alien slime has just handed him a pot of gold.

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