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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Days: Thursday, August 5, 2010

Carly wants to know what Mel is doing there and Mel asks her the same thing. She asks Carly if she has a patient here too and when Carly says that she's there with a friend Mel asks if it's someone she knows. Carly is going to HATE having to lie to her if she can't wordsmith her way around it.

Daniel is trying to get Donna Scott to talk to him and open the curtain. Chloe is terrified (rightly so) and doesn't speak and holds the curtain closed.

Roman has Dr Baker in the station and he knows that he purchased the materials that were used to try to set fire to Bo. Roman is quizzing him.

Recap of Ciara coming home. Bo and Hope tell her that it might be awhile before Hope comes back. She and Bo are getting ready to head to the station.

Ooooooo Roman got Dr Baker's real name, and realizes that he's the one who delivered Sydney and switched her with Grace. Dr Baker says that he didn't plan any of it. Dude is going to roll on the girls isn't he?

Bo has Julie coming over to look after Ciara.

Carly hedges about her friend and changes the subject back to why Mel is there. Sister Anne (still not the uber cool blonde one from Guiding Light) comes up and sees Mel and Carly together and is surprised that they already met. Carly says that they know each other from more than work. Mel says that Carly is her mom. Sister Anne says that's a coincidence since she just met Mel's dad. Mel tells Carly that Daniel is there on a consult and she's observing.

Roman asks Dr Baker who did plan everything since he didn't. Dr Baker clams up and requests an attorney. Hope is snuggling with Ciara before she has to leave. Hope apologizes for not believing Ciara about the wallets and the lipstick and Uncle Justin. She says, "You were right. Mommy was wrong." Ciara begs Bo to make Hope stay.

Carly is panicked about Daniel being there on a consult. When she finds out that he's there for a burn victim then she relaxes. Mel says that that's why she's there to learn how to talk to and interact with burn patients. Carly turns to her an says that there is a lot of psychology involved noting that the patient has to give consent first before allowing Mel to shadow. The Sister tells Mel that she's lucky to have two parents who are doctors and that she'll no doubt be a very gifted nurse. Mel gets a little shy and says, "I do alright." Carly says, "Don't listen to her, she's at the top of her class." They go back and forth with the love and appreciation. It's so great to see Mel responding to Carly this way and Carly is eating it up and loving that Mel isn't rejecting her affection anymore either. When the Sister asks the girl at the desk if she showed Daniel to the patient's room, she replies, "He's in with Ms Scott right now." Carly is shocked and doesn't edit her tone when she automatically reacts and blurts out, Ms Scott!?!" Heeheehee. Seriously that was so totally an awesome delivery of that line.

Daniel keeps talking to Ms Scott and she won't open the curtain. Daniel says that he has an idea and since she won't talk to him then maybe she'll talk to someone who has been through a lot and is an Angel in his life. He says, "Her name is Chloe..." and 'Dana' tiptoes over to her purse to grab her phone and silence it.

The Sister calms Carly down and explains that they have two patients with the same last name and similar first names. The Sister has to leave to make a call and Carly sends Mel to get sodas from the machine. Carly goes over to Josie (the nurse at the desk) and asks her if she sent Dr Jonas to Dana Scott in room six. Josie starts out that no, she sent him to Donna Scott in room..... but cant' remember and get frustrated saying that she's so bad with these charts. Um.... wow... they really shouldn't let you back in class after the first day if you can't keep patient's charts straight. Especially when these files are like file folders and have the names on labels on the clearly visible tabs. Now back to Carly and her awesomeness. "Josie. I need you to focus. Focus okay? Where did you send Dr Jonas?" Josie has to think and all she can come up with so far is, "Uuuh?"

Chloe gets to her phone and Daniel is leaving her a voice mail. Woohoo, the phone didn't ring. Well 'Woohoo' for Chloe. I'm ready for this to be over with Carly needs her own life back. Chloe goes back to hold the curtain closed. Daniel is talking about family and love and Chloe gasps/sobs Daniel thinks that he recognizes her voice and asks if he knows her.

Bo is hugging Ciara now and tells Hope that they can't do this. That they can't do it to Ciara or to Hope or to the family. Hope is just crying. Dude, do NOT back down. Hope needs to go to the padded condos for a little bit. She really, really needs non-medicinal therapy to help her get over everything, including what happened BECAUSE of the meds prescribed by her doctor.

The Sister is a little creepy now. Doesn't she have other things to do rather than stalk Mel, Carly and Daniel? I mean the nurses are running amuck and can't even take an extra second to actually read a patient's name, yet she's stopping and talking to Mel every 5 minutes. She tells Mel that both of her parents are generous to volunteer their time like this. Mel goes on to gush about them being generous and mentions that she was adopted and just found out that they were her biological parents recently. This makes her contemplate why Carly is jumpy running into Daniel when she'd normally be fine with it.

Daniel is still talking to 'Donna Scott' and starts to open the curtain. Chloe has stepped back and resigned herself, but Carly gets there and stops him before he can to it.

Julie is there and she tells them to stay there and 'work things out' and she'll take Ciara to the park. Bo tries to give Hope and out and asks her if she's sure. Hope says that yes they have to do this.

Bo has to pull Ciara away from a crying Hope. Julie demands to know what's going on, but Hope can't talk and Bo won't tell her yet. Julie says, that he won't tell her later he'll tell her now and that whatever it is she knows that it's his fault. Julie needs a

The Sister tells Mel that she thinks Carly is just concerned for her patient. Mel asks if the Sister knows why Carly's patient is here but the Sister gets a phone call she has to take. Mel asks Josie if she knows where Dr Manning went. Josie has no idea who she's talking to and says, "Yeah, and I hope she stays there." Mel asks is Carly did something to upset her and Josie says, "Hey, I just made one teeny tiny mistake okay." Mel asks, "What was the mistake?"

Daniel asks Carly what she's doing there. She explains that there are two patients, Dana and Donna Scott. Carly still avoids outright lying to Daniel by saying that Dana Scott speaks very little English, that she married an American and that that's why she didn't respond to Daniel when he called her by the wrong name. He asks Carly how she knows and she says, "Because I brought her in." She tells him that his patient is in room eleven and for him to check at the desk. After he leaves Carly goes and opens the curtain. Chloe is freaked out and Carly tries to reassure her. Chloe says that it's not okay then starts talking about how carrying and warm Daniel was being. Chloe is worried about Daniel seeing her and Carly promises that he won't. Then she leaves the room. At the desk Daniel confirms to Carly that she was right and his patient was in room eleven. He then tells Carly that her patient (even being from the center where Carly works with immigrants ) seems to understand English since she reacted and started crying when he was talking about family. He tells Carly that he even recognized her voice.

Julie is over the top. She needs to stop yelling and stop laying into Bo. She's completely ignoring the crying and distraught Hope in the corner. The one she's claiming to protect. Hope jumps in to defend Bo and Julie starts laying into her about always protecting him. Question Julie........ If you think that Bo is that bad for Hope (it sounds like she sees Hope as being in an abusive relationship with Bo) then why in the 'H' 'E' double hockey sticks would you want them to stay together?!?! Whether it's true or not, if you believe he's that bad for her then how can you justify wanting her to be with him? Once more for good measure. Hope tells Julie that it's entirely her fault and that she doesn't know if she can forgive herself for what she did to him. She tells Julie she'll explain later and asks Bo to leave with her.

Carly asks Daniel why she would have cried at anything he said. He agrees. He asks her why her patient is there and she says that she doesn't want her discussing it with anyone. Mel says that she knows because Josie blabbed the whole thing and that she's there for an amniocentesis. Daniel is embarrassed to have been talking about facial reconstruction to a person who's there for an amnio. Carly tells him that he really shouldn't be late for his consult and sends him off again toward room eleven (which he still hasn't managed to go to) but he says he'll go in a few minutes but first he wants to talk to her patient again. Um, dude, her patient didn't want to talk to you to begin with. Stay the frell away!

Brady brings Nicole to the station to confess, and she runs into Dr Baker. Roman asks her if she'll testify against him. Nicole gets quiet, Brady says that whenever Nicole says that something is true it's usually not, and vice versa. Roman think that's a pretty good assessment.

Carly tells Daniel that he can't just walk in and talk to her patient and get her upset again. He says, "It will just be for a few minutes, excuse me." Seriously, Daniel. You are quickly sliding down my likeability meter here.
Rule number 1: Listen to Carly.
Rule number 2: Don't think that you know better than Carly.
Rule number 3: Carly is smarter than you and has been around more criminals than you. She knows the game, she knows how to survive and there isn't anything that you can teach her that she doesn't already know. Which brings me to....
Rule number 4: Listen to Carly.
Carly chases off to stop Daniel. Luckily he knock on the door giving Chloe time to pull the curtain closed before he gets in there. Carly and Mel follow but Daniel says that he has to see her to know that she understands his apology. Really Daniel? She could be afraid of men, she could have had very very traumatic things happen surrounding her pregnancy. You do NOT push yourself on a patient. Especially someone else's at the expense of your own. How long has Donna Scott been waiting? Mel, sweetie I beg of you, please please do not look to your Dad for an example of how to interact with patients.

Bo and Hope walk into the station where Brady and Nicole and Roman and Dr Baker and a couple of random officers are in the lobby. Good times are coming! :)

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