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Thursday, August 5, 2010

OLTL: Thursday, August 5, 2010 (Inez)

Inez shows up at the station. Bo thinks that she's there to take him up on his offer to help her. She says that she's there to see his boss.

Inez is applying for a job that she read in the paper. "Assistant to the Police Commissioner." Awww, she so cute she doesn't know that it's Bo. She thought he was a regular cop, not the person in charge of the police. Bo starts to tell her that when they met he forgot to introduce himself, but she starts talking about having fallen apart and spilling all of her personal life to him. She doesn't stop though, she keeps on talking about Nate having stayed in a 4 star hotel with his girlfriend's family and that last night he slept in a shelter. Oh, no. :( They didn't even get an apartment? But I have to say that Inez's hair looks AMAZING!!! Inez says that Nate never complains and Bo says that he's a good kid. Inez says that he shouldn't have to protect her, that she should change their fortune. She says that she hopes it will start to change by her getting the job with the commissioner. Funny point/director's choice: Over her left shoulder you can see Bo's name on his office door with the title of 'commissioner' right under it. Inez says that she wants to make a good impression so if Bo really wants to help her then he'll tell her what kind of man the commissioner is. He looks like he's thinking about it.

Bo says that the commissioner is tough, but fair. She asks Bo if she's being naive to think that she can work with the police department after all of the trouble her son's been through. Bo assures her that it will be fine. He tells her to wait for the commissioner in his office. Then holds his arms over his name as he holds the door open for her. He follows her in and shuts the door. Then he takes her application and sits at the desk. Inez looks at him then looks back worried that Bo will be caught at the commissioner's desk. Then she asks him what he's doing and he tells her he's looking at the application. She asks if he'll get in trouble if the commissioner sees him. He says, "I doubt it. You see..." he points to title plaque on his desk "I am the commissioner."

Inez stands up surprised and embarrassed that she's asked Bo questions about the commissioner. He goes over her resume and asks if she's ever worked with circus animals. When she says, "Excuse me?" He lets her know that he was referring to the squad room being organized chaos.

Nate is delivering food to James and when James casually calls him "bro" as Ford is walking in. Ford thinks that Inez told Nate about them all being brothers.

Bo is more than impressed with Inez's resume and skills and hires her. She is a little uncertain and asks him if it's charity. She says that she can start right away and he tells her to call him Bo. She says that she feels like her luck is changing.

Crisis averted. Ford doesn't spill anything and Nate leaves after having a few words about Ford saying things about his mother. The secret is still intact.

Inez asks Bo if they can forget that they met before she walked in today. She lets him know that she doesn't want Nate to know that he has two brothers that don't want anything to do with him. He tells her about his son Drew and that he regrets missing all of the childhood things that she mentioned before. He lets her now that they became father and son to each other again before he died. He says that maybe she'll get another chance with her son too.

Bo is getting ready to show Inez around the station. She thanks him for the opportunity and for keeping the secret for her. Nate walks in and wants to know what secret she's keeping from him.

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