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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Days: Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hope is sleeping while Bo is looking online doing research on the drug that she was taking.

Ah, Carly is calling Chloe to let her know she's on her way to St Mary's. Chloe wants to back out, but Carly tells her that she needs to find out. Daniel tells her that his consult got re-scheduled and that he wants her to spend the day with him. He says that he won't take 'No' for an answer.

Mel calls Brady, but he says it's not a good time. He's learning some things about Nicole since he found her bank her account.

Aaaannnnd Hope is awake. So long Avenger. :)

Chloe tells Daniel that she's going to Chicago to buy tickets for Faust. He tells her that he'll go with her then. She's not too good at this. :)

Hope doesn't remember what happened last night. Bo doesn't say anything and Hope gets frightened that there is something wrong with Ciara.

Ooops. Daniel's consult is back on. Chloe's off the hook. Or so she thinks.

Bo is trying to calm Hope and offers her coffee. He asks her what happened before she went to bed early last night. She tells him about Carly being there and Vivian arguing with her. Hope says that it was very unsettling. She said the details struck a chord with her and made her feel anxious inside. He asks if she had trouble falling asleep. She says that she thought she would so she took a sleeping pill. He holds up a prescription bottle and tells her that it's the answer to all of her questions.

Hope sees Bo's bandaged hand and asks him what happened. He plays it off as a kitchen accident. He tells her that they found the mugger and then plays her the video that he made. Hope is appalled and starts crying.

Daniel shows up at Mels to take her to his consult. He says that Chloe wasn't as upset as Mel thought she'd be that the cancellation of the consult got 'un' cancelled. Mel says that it means that Chloe is keeping something from him.

Carly thanks Sister Anne (not the really cool Otalia friendly Sister Anne from Guiding Light though) for squeezing them into the schedule. The Sister is most happy to oblige and be able to repay Carly for all of the help she's given the hospital in the past. She sends Dana Scott (Chloe) to change into her gown and wait for the OBGYN. The sister says that they have had many scheduling conflicts today and that the new nurses have not learned that God is in the details. She says that He is really testing her today with some of these girls. I smell a set up for a faulty paternity test. Hhhmmmm? Wow! Carly got the opera tickets to validate Chloe's cover story to Daniel. She just pulled a few strings. I think it says a lot for someone who has so many strings ripe for pulling, that she's not playing puppet master. I repeat what I've said before. Carly is a good person! Chloe is moved (for a second at least) by Carly's thoughtfulness and says, "I can't thank you enough." Carly is surprised, "Thank me?" Chloe says that she was reluctant, but now she knows that she wants to know who the father is.

Hope is freaked out over the video. Something clicks in her brain and she stops crying. She felt a connection at the beginning of the case. Bo tells her that they'll figure it out. That there is a lot that she doesn't remember.

Mel thinks that Chloe maybe keeping a surprise for the baby since it's her first child. And his first child, that he was there to raise. He regrets having missed her 'first' and she that the important thing is that he's here now and that she hopes he knows that she loves him. They hug. Aaawwwww!!!!!

Carly giggles and asks Chloe what she's smiling at. Chloe was thinking that they were getting along really well know and that it's a miracle in itself, but that wouldn't it be funny if she asked Carly to be the baby's Godmother. Chloe, that's only a good idea if the baby is Daniel's. Carly says, "Why would that be....?" Then she kind of gasps and whispers. "Victor! Oh he would love that wouldn't he?" Chloe has a huge smile on her face. She's giddy about the idea. Carly stops laughing and says that there a probably plenty of other people that Chloe would rather have. Chloe says that she loves Nicole, but that she's not going to trust her with the guardianship of her child. She says that thinking about it, Carly would make a great Godmother. That she's patient and strong and a good role model and Daniel would certainly approve. Chloe says that she's really starting to see Carly the way Daniel does. Carly says, "Chloe, thank you, and for the record, if you were to ask me to be the baby's Godmother, I would be honored."

Bo has just shown Hope the entire tape he made of his conversation with Avenger. Then he asks her if she's okay. Um, no Bo, she's not okay. Would you be after seeing yourself on tape saying those things and not remember having said them. He tells her that it's the pills, it wasn't her. But she says that there is no fixing this and that she has to put an end to it.

Carly leaves Chloe in the exam room while she goes to find the doctor to run the paternity test.

Sister Anne tells Daniel his patient is Donna Scott a burn victim. She asks the nurse for the file and of course the pre-established non-detail oriented nurse hands her the files for Dana Scott (Chloe's alias).

Hope thanks Bo for being so patient and not judging. She tells him that he has to arrest her.

The nurse goes to show Daniel to the patient's room. No one has looked at the file yet. Also, I have a question. The nurse handed the Dana Scott file to him, but said that the file was for Donna Scott. Wouldn't she end up taking him to Donna Scott's room anyway. Unless of course she looked at the file that he's holding to get the room number (which she hasn't yet) in which case she'd see that the name was not Donna, but Dana?

Bo doesn't want Hope to turn herself in. Roman calls Bo on his cell phone. Roman says that he's got a break in Bo's attempted murder case. Roman asks where Hope is, and Bo says that she's with him.

Carly runs into Mel at the desk at St Mary's which is now empty. Daniel is in Chloe's rooms and she's behind the curtain when he asks 'Ms Scott' if she's there and if he can pull the curtain back.

Hope says that they need to take the camera with them to show Roman. Bo says it can wait, but Hope says taht they need to do it for her victims, and for Arianna. Ciara comes home and is very happy to see her mommy. Big hugs and Hope is teary. Awww.

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