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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Days: Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brady and Nicole in bed. Arianna is one smart cookie for ditching him.

Chloe is wearing a 60's style soft blue wrap dress. Very pretty. :)

Carly is doing a 'gene mapping' study to get DNA info from Daniel. He sees that she's worried and she says that she will be until she's sure that Bo isn't in danger anymore.

Recap of Avenger/Bo scene and her coming at him with a knife.

Mel tells Chloe that she wants to have Philips baby.

Daniel says they got all of the drugs out of Bo's system quickly. Carly says that she's still worried for him.

Bo has blocked Avenger's swing, but he's struggling with her to keep the knife away from his throat. He says, "What are you doing?" Avenger says, "Trying to kill you." well, okay, then. Now that we've stated the obvious.....

Faye tells Rafe that Niki is mixed up in some very bad things, but that she's not going to turn her over to him. He tells her that he's not going after Niki.

Dr Baker is about to leave Salem when a cop comes up and arrests him. Ha! :)

Bo and Avenger are struggling with the knife and 'discussing' what's going on. She says that he can't just leave a damsel in distress, first it was Billy and now it's Carly. Uummm? Avenger, Ma'am? Carly was there before Billy ever was and when you were dead, so, um, yeah....She says that he won't ruin their daughter's life like he did hers, "I may have failed last night, but this time, I'm gonna rip your heart out." Uh, Bo. Now is not the time to 'get the situation under control' now is the time to RUN! Go get back, preferably in the form of all female officers who are in no danger from Avenger, then hide out at the hospital with Carly. Yep. This is what you should do. She has stepped back from him, but is wielding the knife quite gleefully. I think Kristian really likes playing Avenger. :)

Mel tells Chloe that she hopes the baby is a little girl. She wants a little sister. Aaawwww! Chloe and Mel are having a very nice stepmom/stepdaughter conversation.

Daniel tells Carly that he's glad she told him to work things out with Chloe. She says that the second trimester is so much better than the first, that you get you appetite back etc. He says that he wished he had been there. She gets a little sad and says that she hopes he knows that she wishes that too. He says that he's here now.

Bo is having trouble coming to terms with it being "Hope" who drugged him. He reminds her that he begged her not to leave. She says that she told him she wanted to come home one day and he told her it wasn't a good time. Bo says, "You don't want me dead." Avenger says, "She doesn't!" She makes another swing and he knocks that knife away from her. They struggle and Bo subdues her by wrapping his arms around her from behind. He says, "I don't want to hurt you Hope." She says, as she's losing energy, "Hurt me? You killed me. You killed me."

Mel is at the hospital with Carly and says that she's ready for her swab for the 'gene study'. Daniel seeing them and thanks Mel for taking baby books to Chloe. He's just gotten off the phone with her and she mentioned it to him. Mel gets all cute talking about it not being a big deal, but she's all gushing over the cute baby things she found. Carly is enjoying seeing Mel so happy. Once Daniel walks away Mel gets a little contemplative look. Carly asks her what's wrong. Mel is like, "What makes you think something's wrong?" Carly says, "A mother knows these things." Aawawwww! So cute! Mel says that she doesn't think Chloe likes her because when she was talking about helping out with the baby after it was born that Chloe got this look that was like, "When Daniel and I were hooking up you weren't part of the equation so don't think that you are now." Carly stops her before she can continue and reassures her that whatever it was had nothing to do with Mel. Mel says that she's trying really hard to be nice to Chloe, but that one time she "told her that if she ever hurt Daniel I would make her pay. And now I think that no matter what I do that's always in the back of her mind." Carly kind of shrugs and quirks her eyebrow like she's thinking, "maybe. could be."

Avenger says, "You're enjoying this aren't you?" Ha! Bo has her handcuffed to a chair in the living room. He says he's not. He was setting up a video camera while he was bandaging his hand. He wants Avenger to talk to him and explain herself. Bo is all planning things out, but he still should have called or texted someone to let them know what was up.

Mel is talking to another nursing student when she sees Carly behind the desk. She asks the other girl if she's met Dr Manning. Then when Carly comes up to them she introduces them, "Dr Manning this is Kathleen Bushman. She's a first year." Carly says, "Nice to meet you Kathleen." Mel says, "Dr Manning is an amazing surgeon, and I'm not just saying that 'cause she's my mom." Mel is all smiley and proud. Carly is all touched and happy and even blushes a little. Aawwwwww!!!!!!!

Rafe isn't really getting anywhere with Faye. She's telling him that Nicole sent her something, but won't show him what it is.

Avenger says that when she says Bo kissing Carly and he admitted that they were sleeping together that she knew that they were together and it wasn't going to change. She says that she went to the doctor to help her sleep and he told her that she needed to find a way to deal with her anger. He asks if that's when she started mugging men and taking their wallets. She asks how he knew about the wallets and he says that Ciara told him. Avenger says, "She's been a problem this whole time." Bo is a little shocked which is kind of hard to do given the current situation of finding out that 'Hope' was the mugger and the one who tried to kill him very gruesomely last night. "She's been a problem? You're the one mugging people." Avenger says, "I only went after the ones who had done something I hated." Oh, well. That's okay then I'm sure. Please continue Miss Avenger Ma'am. Bo wants to know what Brady did. He was loyal to Nicole after she kidnapped Sydney. Abe? Wasn't doing anything to get rid of the crooked D.A. She says that she would come home afterwards and sleep like a baby, but then that stopped working and she realized that the only man she wanted power over was Bo. That the only way to have peace was to see him dead. Now do you get it Bo? You need other people there because YOU. ARE. IN. DANGER. Do not trust the handcuffs. Call for assistance now! But no, he just looks all sad and sorry for 'Hope'

Mel is still walking around with Kathleen and see Daniel, "Oh, have I introduced you to Dr Jonas, my dad?" Kathleen says, "Wow, you are connected." :) Mel, "Daniel! Hey. This is Kathleen. She's new so don't be mean." Daniel, "I can't be mean? What fun is that?" Then he smiles, shakes her hand and welcomes Kathleen. Kathleen has to go on shift and leaves. Daniel wonders that Mel is still there. She says that after she got her cheek swabbed that one of the nurses asked her to show Kathleen around the floor. Then she looks down and admits that she volunteered, because she loves introducing people to him and to Carly and saying that they're her Dad and Mom, acknowledging that that's a change. He says that he's glad that she's getting along with Carly now. She says that she was thinking and realized that someone could tell all those lies and still genuinely mean well and that if she could get past that then she would have a Mom and a family even. Daniel and Mel hug. Aaaww.

Carly stops by to see Chloe. But it has to be quick because she's on a break. Chloe realizes that this must be hard on her because she heard about what happened to Bo. Carly says, "It hasn't been my favorite 24 hours." Carly is also worried about losing both Daniel and Melanie if they find out about the secret that she's keeping for Chloe.

Faye burned the things that Nicole sent to her. She's sorry now that it's Rafe who came searching and not some bad person like she thought might.

Avenger wants Bo to kill her since she's already dead. She talks about wanting him to hurt as much as she did and yells that she hates him and breaks down crying. He tells her that he gets that, but that there is something he wants her to know. That he still loves her.

Daniel confirms with Mel the consult at St Mary's across town.

Carly is confirming the testing at St Mary's with Chloe.

Rafe is taking the broken CD and the burned letter remnants to the lab to see if they can figure something out.

Avenger tells Bo not to tell her that he loves her. He says it's true that he'll always love her. She says, "You're the love of my life, but I'm not your anymore." He doesn't deny that and just says, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Avenger is getting tired. She falls asleep. Bo turns the camera off then uncuffs her and lays her on the couch and covers her up. Um, dude! She's asleep, that doesn't mean that the second she wakes up she won't try to kill you again. I mean 'we' know she won't because the Avenger pills will have worn off by then, but you don't know that.

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