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Monday, August 2, 2010

Days: Monday, August 2, 2010

E.J. asks Sami to marry him. They both have tears in their eyes. She says that she can't.

Faye is at work just finishing her break when Rafe comes in to "ask a few questions".

Nicole hires someone to follow and detain Dr Baker. Looks like pretty boy lackey is just out college.

Recap of Ciara telling Bo to whom the wallets belonged.

Avenger is talking to herself in a pocket mirror. She's determined to kill Bo this time.

Okay, the person who looks like 'Emma's Camp Counselor Shayna' is Detective Jocelyn McCarthy. She's going to play with Ciara and keep her occupied. So she's actually Detective Babysitter Jocelyn McCarthy. :D

Vivian walks into the living room and sees Avenger. She apologizes and turns to leave since Hope threw her out earlier. But Avenger says that she's not mad at her that she just wanted to talk to Carly alone. Wow, this is a whole lot of crazy in one room!

Sami explains to E.J. that she can't say yes when a part of her is still in love with Rafe.

Bo meets Justin at the pub. Justin says the it's like Hope is two different people. Ding, ding, ding, ding. At least he gave Adrienne credit.

Avenger and Vivian are talking about Carly and Lawrence. Avenger just told Vivian that if she doesn't want to end up like her then she will stop obsessing over her dead nephew and start paying attention to her alive husband. Dude, Avenger just threw Maggie under the bus!

Vivian shows up at Maggie's door. Surprised? You shouldn't be. :P

Brady and Nicole are kissing. Yawn. I'm tired of this little 'romance'.

Avenger is in Bo and Carly's house. Grrrrr. >:( She calls Bo to come and talk to her at the house about Ciara. Bo tells her that he's on his way. Please, please, please let one of them think to have Justin go along too.

Nooooope. Bo leaves Justin at the pub and heads home. Avenger calls Dr Baker and gets her snark in over him calling 911 before telling him that she's outta there soon. She tells him goodbye and hangs up.

Vivian wants Maggie to let her in and Maggie is all like, "Why would I do that?" Heehee.

Avenger is planning a hands-on approach this time as she hides a knife in the chair cushions right before Bo walks in.

Dr Baker has paid off his poker debt and plans to leave Salem. Aawwww, he's planning on following Avenger isn't he? :)

Bo wants to talk about Hope before they talk about Ciara. Avenger tells Bo that he caused everything that's wrong. M'kay...this is going to be interesting.

Maggie and Vivian. Heehee. Poor Maggie, it's like she's talking in English to deaf puppy dog that only understands semaphore.

Avenger is confusing Bo so very badly. Eventually she says, "It's time for us to say 'goodbye'."

Brady and Nicole slept together. Ewww. I don't want Ari to have him now. Good riddance.

Dr Baker's tail lost him before he ever found him. Ha! Dr Baker isn't planning on following Avenger, he's just leaving town also. He's writing her a letter.

Avenger pulls the knife out of the cushions and charges Bo like she's in a slasher movie and says, "Goodbye Bo Brady."

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