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Friday, July 30, 2010

Days: Friday, July 30, 2010

Recap of Bo and Theo scene.
Recap of Hope and Carly scene.
Vivian: "Look no further. She's standing right in front of you. Didn't you know that Carly is an iconic black widow spider?"
Carly: "Vivian, grown-ups are talking here." Ha! Love it! It's about time Carly didn't cower around Vivian.
Vivian: "What did Bo do to incur your wrath? Squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube?"
Carly: "Hope knows I had nothing to do with what happened to Bo."
Vivian: "Then I guess you started to realize you can't replace Hope. Their love is too strong." And there goes a little more of Carly's confidence in this discussion. :( "You see Hope there are women in the world who, rather than see their man love another woman, simply kill them." Funny you should say that to Hope, Vivian. :D

Bo tells Abe that Theo told him that Ciara's treasure is wallets that she got from Hope. Abe says that he's already heard. Then they send Theo away do they can talk. They are sure there is a logical explanation.

Vivian: "I don't think you can comprehend her."
Carly: "Stay out of this Vivian." Carly is eying Hope like she sees something turning in Hope's eyes or maybe she's afraid that Vivian's words will make Hope snap since she's so unpredictable these days. Vivian pays her no mind and continues...
Vivian: "You see a woman like this doesn't stop. Now Bo is still alive which means he's still a risk, and the anger that made her drug Bo and pour gasoline all over him won't stop. It'll grow and fester." Carly is looking from Hope to Vivian waiting for something to explode, and at the same time filling with fear for Bo and remembering the scare of almost losing him. Hope is looking from Carly to Vivian trying to figure out why everything Vivian is saying feels so personal and familiar.
Carly: //angry// "Damnit, that's enough! Stop it! Stop it!" Of course Hope quirks her eyebrow at Carly's outburst and Carly (never sure about Hope these days) looks to gauge Hope's reacion.

Caroline is tired of hearing Sami waffle back and forth between E.J. and Rafe. It would be funny if she weren't being such an annoying pain around Maggie.

Carly: //sotto whisper// "Why don't you get the hell out of here."
Vivian: ::offended gasp:: "Uh, this is my house."
Carly: "Out of Salem. Out of the United States. Out of my life."
Hope: "You know, mine too!"
Vivian: "Wha...what!?!"
Hope: "Jus... Oh ... huh ...what, what? Just... The, the father of my child almost died and what, to you all it is is just another excuse to spread your lies about Carly." Carly still faces Vivian, but cuts her eyes over to Hope. "Just get away from me." Vivian doesn't move. Hope does her eyebrow thing. "Get away before I do something I shouldn't."
Vivian: //looks from Hope to Carly and takes a breath// "Yeah." She walks to the door, "You're gonna be sorry, because if you trust that woman you could end up with a knife in your belly just like my poor Lawrence." and she leaves. Carly is smirking.
Hope: "I know you didn't try to hurt Bo. I know that."
Carly: "Can I ask you something?"
Hope: "Sure, yeah."
Carly: "Before when Vivian was spewing all those lies as you called it, you um... You seemed quiet and intent like it really really got to you."
Hope: "Well it did. I mean she says all this stuff about you and I know it's completely irrelevant. You have an alibi. But what she said. The way she described that person, the one who actually did try to kill Bo. That felt right."
Seeeeeeee Carly was paying attention to Hope's reactions. I sooooooo love Crystal for the way she makes Carly such a real character in a very unreal world. Kristian is knocking these scenes home too. I like Hope all cerebral like this and less emotional.

They're in the living room now. Carly is sitting and Hope brings her some water and sits too.
Carly: "You okay?"
Hope: "I could ask you the same thing."
Carly: //rueful laugh// "Huh, that woman."
Hope: "Yeah. I don't know how Victor puts up with her."
Carly: "I hate thinking about that last night with Lawrence and every time I see her she flings that in my face."
Hope: "It was self defense. You were trying to protect your daughter. But it's nothing like what happened to Bo."
Carly: "But I think the reason she gets to me...is because there's always a shred of truth in what she says." She's eying Hope for a reaction again. I'm thinking that Carly is only saying that to bait her. I think Carly suspects that an already unstable Hope is very capable of having attacked Bo. Let's watch.... :) "And yeah, I was defending my daughter. I was trying to protect her, but there was hatred his cruelty. His enjoyment of his cruelty it just twisted me up inside."
Hope: "That's what she said about who went after Bo." Yup. Ding, ding, ding! Hope, go look in the mirror over the fireplace. :D
Carly: "B...se...thss... doesn't make any sense because Bo isn't cruel. He doesn't set out to hurt anyone." Hope is lost in thought for a second. Carly is watching her. //pause// "Or maybe you have a different view of that." And, there you go. She had me for a minute there, but now I'm back to the idea that that she's opening herself up to Hope in order to get Hope to open up too and at least admit that something's wrong with her.
Hope: //visibly coming back from her thoughts// "Uh...no. No. He didn't deliberately set out to hurt me."
Carly: //teary eyed and sympathetic// "But he did." Holy cow, Crystal!!!! Hope looks a little stunned and thoughtful. Carly is watching for a reaction. Seriously Crystal!!!

Bo is talking to someone from the station (I think he calls her Justine, but it sounds more like Justin) who is watching Ciara for him. They're outside near the lake maybe? Anyway, the girl reminds me A LOT of Emma's camp counselor Shayna (except with lighter hair) on Guiding Light.
Bo tells Ciara that he needs to talk to her about Mommy and her treasures. Ciara says, no and that he can't make her.

Ciara says that everyone thinks she's lying. Bo apologizes and tells her that he believes her now. He says that he found out the treasures are wallets. Ciara turns away and he apologizes again. He says that he thinks Mommy needs his help. She says, "If I help you will you promise you and Mommy won't get divorced?"

Carly is getting ready to leave when Hope asks, "Did you know you were going to do it?"
Carly: "Excuse me?"
Hope: "Before you did it. Did you know that you were going to kill Lawrence?"
Carly: "Are you asking me if it was premeditated?"
Hope: "I'm just trying to understand what happened to Bo."
Carly: "I don't understand what that has to do with Lawrence and me."
Hope: "Whoever went after Bo disarmed the fire alarm, and /?not sure what she says here?/ went shopping for gasoline. They knew they were going to do it. They had a plan and they executed it. Is that what you did?"
Carly: //all shaky voiced and teary eyed// "I...I didn't know I was going to kill him. Grabbing that knife was um....m'yeah... yeah I was angry and I... I hated him, but it was m-m-mm-more... desperation. You know, I just felt like there was nothing else that I could do."
Hope: "And now? Do you, do you have regrets? That you did it?"

Okay, Carly is going to go through all of this.
Carly: "Of course I regret what I did. I took a man's life. But like I said, I was desperate...and...I had to protect my daughter. Lawrence was ruthless. He was, he was cruel beyond words. He, he was obsessed with what he perceived to be the ultimate betrayal and then, and he would have stopped at nothing to punish me."
Hope: "Then there, there was no other way?"
Carly: "I felt there was no other way at the time. 'Cause I believed, and I still do, that he was deranged enough to murder an innocent child and how am I going to live with a belief like that and not do anything about it? So when I plunged that knife into him..." ::shaky breaths:: "as horrifying as it was, I kept telling myself, you know, I still tell myself, 'You saved your daughter's life, and your own.' Two lives saved. I did what had to be done." Hope is thinking again.

Carly: //turning away// "I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm telling you all of this."
Hope: "I asked."
Carly: "I supposed sometimes I still feel the need to justify it to myself. How I could kill a man. I'll be haunted for the rest of my life. Even if I do believe that it was the only way. I'll never truly recover from the trauma of taking a life."
Hope: "I think you were brave in what you did."
Carly: "You've said that to me before, but I've had a really hard time believing that you meant it."
Hope: "I don't say things if I don't mean them. It's not who I am. Not at all." //she hardens a little// "Actually I resent you thinking otherwise."
Carly: //tired and not being able to keep up with the shift// "What?"
Hope: //almost a whisper// "Not who I am at all.."
Carly: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I've obviously upset you. I..." she's turning to leave.
Hope: "No. It's okay. I just. I need to lie down. It's been a very long and trying day."
Carly: "Right. I'll go."
Hope: "Carly? You don't need to worry about me. I just need to get some sleep."

Hope goes to take a sleeping pills but finds them empty. She doesn't remember Avenger dumping them all into Bo's coffee. She finds one in the bottom of her purse and takes it. Aaahhh. Avenger didn't count on there being one left. This could be the slip up that reveals or opens the door to reveal what happened.

Ciara explains that the wallet treasures disappeared but that she doesn't know how. He asks her if she knows who they belonged to.

Carly finds Vivian at the pub and lays into her about pulling Hope "into our crap" and tells her to never do it again. Vivian is aghast that she's defending Hope and Carly says, "She's been through enough!" Seeeee people. Carly is the good guy! Carly tells her that if she doesn't leave Hope alone then she and Bo will make it their life's work to get Victor to throw her out. Vivian smirks. Yeah, um, Carly? Small thing here.... The only reason Victor married Vivian was to keep her from messing with you and Bo having to kill her. Soooooo if Victor kicks her out, then she's coming after you again. :(

Ciara says that she's a good reader and lists off the names of the owners of the wallets. "Uncle Roman, Uncle Justin, Uncle Abe." She asks why Mommy had them. Bo doesn't know, but he's going to find out.

Hope is sleeping.... aaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddddd Avenger wakes up. "That was refreshing." Uh, oh. This does not look good.

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