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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Days: Thursday, July 29, 2010

E.J. slips while talking to Sami and says, "When we're married..." Yeah. She catches that and calls him on it.

Nicole has tons of money now thanks to E.J.'s many accounts and is very happy.

Brady recognizes Dr Baker on the pier. Baker runs and Brady follows.

Carly is walking Bo through his memories and asks him if he remembers what happened. He says, "yes."

Sami tells E.J. that the two of them married is a bad idea. He's wounded by how adamant she is that it is a bad idea.

Brady meets Nicole for lunch and tells her that he just saw Dr Baker.

Carly asks Bo to tell them what he remembers from last night. He opens his eyes and turns to Hope with a look of surprise.

Nicole tries to convince Brady that Dr Baker is dead and that he didn't really see him. Heehee. She's clinging to hope there. He tells her that he called the cops to let them know the Dr Baker was in town. Heehee.

E.J. drops the married train of thought and says that what matters is that the children are happy. He tells her that if he asks her to marry him then she will know that he asking.

Bo hasn't said anaything. Hope asks if there is something wrong. Carly says that maybe he's losing focus. She begins asking him questiosn again. He smells gasoline. She asks if it was before he entered the house or after. He can't remember. She asks if he remembers seeing anyone else. He says that he does. When Carly asks who it was he looks toward Hope again but doens't say anything.

E.J. tells Sami how it would happen if he was proposing. He's very eloquent and romantic and Sami is moved. E.J. is also feeling it as a real proposal and his voice cracks as he speaks of Sami being his past and wanting to create a future.

Vivian is still sniping at Victor about Maggie.

Carly gets Bo to name who he saw. He says that he saw Ciara at Victor's but can't remember what they talked about. She gently urges him on. He remembers that they were talking about Hope.

Sami stops E.J. when she realizes that he's feeling the moment. She tells him that they aren't ready for that so she's glad he's not proposing. He steps back and agrees and sits in the other chair across the room and you can tell that he's upset that Sami keeps stopping him from actually proposing.

Brady questions Nicole about why she wouldn't want him to call the cops on Dr Baker. Hehehe. So close to busted Nicole! :D Dr Baker calls Nicole to say that they've got a problem. Dude, she knows.

Bo gets out that he was there to see Hope but that she was gone. Only Ciara was there. Carly asks him if he remembers anything else about being home besides the Gasoline. He's getting frustrated and she asks him if he had anything to eat or drink. He's struggling to find the words to the faint images in him brain and gets out, "Yes...I think...." before Hope shouts, "Stop!"

Carly asks what's going on and Hope says that she thinks it's too much stress for Bo. Caroline shows up and Bo is still in his relaxation trance. Caroline asks what's going on.

Nicole covers her conversation by referring to Dr Baker as 'Jane' on the phone. After she hangs up Brady doesn't take what she says at face value. He's questioning her and she says that she has to leave. He's still suspicious.

Bo is now out of his trance. Yep Caroline screeching like that would wake anyone from a coma. She starts laying into Carly about not letting Bo rest and working him. He jumps to her defense and says that it was his idea and that Carly is helping him. She gets upset and leaves. Hope explains that it's because she's upset that she wasn't called right when Bo was admitted last night. Carly says taht Roman wanted to wait. Bo says that he was right. Hope is leaving and tells Carly to wait and include her in any more of the sessions so that she can take notes. Bo wants to go to the station to look through his files. Carly is scared that the person is still out there and tells him that he's not leaving the house. She's so protective and loves him so much.

E.J. lets Stefano know that he intends on marrying Sami.

Carly and Bo are arguing about him going to the station. He kisses her and tells her he loves her and leaves. She says, "Fine! If you won't listen to me maybe you'll listen to someone else." Then grabs her purse and leaves also.

Hope walks into the Kirakis Mansion and gets a call from Dr Baker who really has to talk to her. Hehe. Um. I'm bettign she doens't have any idea who he if.

Brady is being stupid and instead of investigating on his own he asks Nicole what's up.

Dr Baker starts to apologize and Hope asks who he is. He thinks she's covering because she can't talk and tells her that he'll explain later. There is a knock on the door and it's Carly. She's come to ask a favor of Hope. She needs help for Bo and knows that Hope still cares.

Carly tells Hope that Bo needs to rest and wants Hope to speak to him. Carly explains, "He thinks he's indestructible. That rest is for sissies and I can't get through to him." Hope agrees to give it a shot even though she doens't think he gives a damn about what she has to say these days.

At the station Abe asks Bo why he's there when he shouldn't even be out of the hospital.

Bo pulls out his wallet to show Theo a ticket stub, but it's not in there. Theo say, "Wallet. Treasures. Ciara." Bo, unlike Theo's parents, gets it and asks, "Ciara's treasures are wallets?" Ding ding ding ding. We have a winner!

Hope says, "SO now you're telling me what I feel?"
Carly: "It's not a surprise that you would care about him..."
Hope: ::interupting her:: "Can we just get to the point please?"
Carly: "Excu... Wait, wha... I don't understand why you're annoyed."
Hope: "Excuse me? Honestly?"
Carly: "Honestly. I'm confused. I mean one minute you're trashing me and my relationship with Bo ..."
Hope: "My husband."
Carly: "...and the next you're acting like we're okay. Like you care how I am."
Hope: "Carly. I don't know what you're talking about."
Carly: "You honestly don't remember how you acted at the pub the last time we met?"
Hope: "Like I said, I really don't know what you're talking about. The only thing I care about right now is finding the person who tried to murder Bo."
Vivian pops in and says, "Well, look no further. She's standing right in front of you." and indicates Carly of course. Hope looks annoyed but not like she actually thinks that Carly did it.

Bo tells Theo that he didn't know that Ciara's treasures were wallets. Theo says, "Treasures from Mommy." Bo clarifies, "Ciara's Mommy?" and Theo says, "Yeah." Hmmm. Now we're moving. :)

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