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Thursday, July 29, 2010

OLTL: Thursday, July 29, 2010 (Inez)

Aawww Jessica is starting out great today. Inez is giving a look to Bo that's slightly contrite and flirty and sad and a little confused all at the same time. It's like 'I'm-cute-and-upset-please-don't-give-me-a-ticket-if-I-act-like-I-don't-know-why-I-got-pulled-over-he'll-have-sympathy-on-me' which has never worked for me by the way. :) He tells her that he break light is out. She's crying again and says, "You stopped me for that?" Aawww Inez needs a hug! He says that he's been following her for quite a while and she was all over the road and that if the road had been any busier... Inez is scared and doesn't want to deal with this she says, "Look, I'm sorry. I was distracted. it will not happen again. I'm sorry. Me too. Thank you though, for letting me know about the brake light." and she starts to turn the key to start the car and he stops her. He asks her to step out of the car. She looks terrified and I think she's about to break down.

Bo asks her to walk a straight line. Inez is a little taken aback. "You think I've been drinking?" He repeats that she was driving erratically and she says that she distracted and she's been having a really bad day. She had to take a huge breath to finish that sentence too. She's trying to keep from completely breaking down in front of Bo. I think she should just do it. He asks her if she's refusing to comply and she just stops. Stunned for a second and turns and walks along the line. He's not even watching her. She asks if she should close her eyes and touch her nose which she does as she says it. Then she starts the alphabet backwards in that frustrated on the brink of tears 'please leave me alone/what do you want from me?' kind of way. "Just give me a breathalizer. I can jump through a hoop too." Bo tells her that he wants her to calm down before she starts driving again. Inez is just saying anything that pops into her head. She scoffs, "Calm down?... I should have a drink though. Calm my nerves. Take the edge off. Maybe then I could handle the fact that my son hates me. Maybe then I could deal with the fact that I abandoned him and his brother."

Inez is leaning up against her car and looks back at Bo's car, "You're a cop. You're a decent man. Probably a family man. Wife and kids. You, you don't even have to say anything I can see it's written all over your face. How much you love them. How much you've always been there. The last thing you ever would do would be to abandon a child of yours, and make him feel like he wasn't worth anything. Make him feel like he wasn't good enough. Or worse that you never gave a damn." Bo tries to stop her, "Uh, Ma'am..." but she's on a roll. "I left my sons when they were small, and now my oldest son won't let me anywhere near his little brother, and he won't listen to my excuses and why should he, because I am guilty. Guilty as charged." Bo tries again, "Ma'am please." but no. She keeps going, "You pulled me over. I want you to just close the deal. Arrest me, because I am guilty of the most indefensible crime on earth. I abandoned my sons."

Inez starts walking toward Bo's car. "I destroyed their lives. They deserve a little payback. Maybe then they could understand how sorry I am, and maybe they can finally be happy."

Bo: "I don't think it works that way."
Inez: "What doesn't?"
Bo: "Love. Loss. When someone hurts you, you think that you want payback, but it doesn't make the pain go away."
Inez: "Well my son thinks it will. He wants me to suffer the way that he and his brother did."
Bo: "He doesn't mean that."
Inez: ::voice breaking again:: "Yes he does. And if that's what it takes, if locking me and making me pay is what will finally make them happy, then just do it. Just arrest me." She turns toward him and raises her arms with her wrists together.
Bo: "No, no no. I'm not gonna to do that."
Inez: ::looking helplessly at her wrists and imaginary handcuffs:: "Oh my God." she breaks down now. Everything that was on the verge that she was keeping at bay with rationalizations and explanations and recounting comes out now. "What have I done?" She turns to walk away and go back to her car, but Bo stops her and pulls her to him and lets her cry on his shoulder. He looks very affected by her and her story. Inez needed that hug, and Jessica needs tremendous kudos! Very very well done scenes from her. Not unexpected mind you, it's just nice to see her again.

Inez and Bo are sitting on the curb now. She's much calmer and has dry (non-teary) eyes now. :)

Inez: "I can't believe I just unloaded all of that on you. I'm so sorry."
Bo: "Eh, don't worry about it."
Inez: "No, I had a fight with my son and I overreacted."
Bo: "I've had a little experience with sons...and fights."
Inez: "Probably not like this."
Bo: "Last year my son sued his mother and me. But after a while, you know. Everything is okay now."
Inez: "You're fortunate."
Bo: "Well I know that your sons beef is uh, is more complicated, but maybe one day he's gonna be able to forgive you."
Inez: "First I have to take care of the one son that doesn't hate me. If I don't find us a place to live I could lose him too."
Bo: "Uh, are you Nate's mother?"

Inez: "You know about Nate from the papers, right? The boy who took that money and got in all that trouble."
Bo: "I know all about that, but I met Nate earlier today and he told me you lost your house."
Inez: "Oh my God. We both dumped on you today?"
Bo: "I don't know about your other sons, but Nate seemed like a good kid.:"
Inez: "Thanks." ::small smile!:: "Please don't tell Nate about his brothers. He would be heartbroken if her knew that they didn't want him in their lives. "
Bo: "Your secret's safe with me."
Inez: ::smiles appreciatively and then does a little double take to Bo:: "Wow. It's amazing how a complete stranger can turn your day from a total disaster to something almost okay."
Bo: "Well, that's a start, okay, but I told Nate this earlier. I'm gonna tell you right now. I can help. You call me." He offers her his business card.
Inez: "Thank you, but I am gonna be fine. I know I came off like a basket case before, but I'm usually much more together. Really. And this is a situation that I can fix. As for what's going on with my other sons. There's nothing you can do about that."

Inez is getting ready to leave. Bo is holding her leaning on her open car door.
Bo: "Are you sure you're okay to drive?"
Inez: "After inappropriately unloading on you? Yes, I think I'm a hundred percent.
Bo: "It happens all the time. but usually it's someone trying to talk their way out of a ticket. "
Inez: "I really am sorry."
Bo: "There's nothing to be sorry about. Look I know that you don't want help, but if you change your mind you can find me at the LPD."
Inez: "Thank you. For everything."
Bo: "Drive carefully. Get that brake light fixed."

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