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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OLTL: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 (Inez)

The spoiler/episode description for today's episode is "Inez gets pulled over for driving erratically." Keep that in mind. :D

Inez is at the safe looking at/contemplating a letter when Nate walks in. She gets a HUGE smile on her face and shoves the letter in her purse. He brought her a Statue of Liberty crown headband and she asks him if he had fun in the Big Apple. I love that Inez lets Jessica play some humor. Natalia was funny, but it was always deadpan and you didn't get to see her enjoy her own humor. With Inez you do, even though it seems that her humor is more of a deflection while Natalia's was more of a right-back-at-ya kind of thing. Nate asks what Inez put in her purse and she says that it's junk mail. "I don't want you to get your hopes up, but we may have already won ten million dollars!" dimples everywhere. :) He asks her to please show it to him and she hands him an eviction notice.

The notice says they have to be out today. Inez says that they already gave her an extension. Nate asks what they're going to do about it. Inez says, "WE aren't going to do anything." Nate doesn't want her to handle it alone, but Inez says that she'll figure it out. Inez gets a phone call from Ford. He's asking her to meet him at the hospital. She calls him Bobby I wonder if Nate will ask questions about that? :) Nate asks who was on the phone and Inez says that it's a job she applied for. Nate's excited for her. Oh, Nate, she's so lying to you.

Inez walks into James's hospital room, but he's not there. Ford is waiting for her. James is having more tests done. Inez asks to make sure that he's okay and Ford dismisses her concerns. She tells him that she does care (sounds very much like, "Wha...? How can you ask me that? I would die for that kid.") Ford reminds her that James doesn't know who she is and never will. She asks the question we all want to know, "Why did you call me here?" He wants to 'talk' to her about Nate. Ford is being intimidating, but Inez is very confident and looks him straight in the eye when she confirms that Nate is his brother.

Wow! Okay, this scene just gets right to it.
Ford: "All these years, Dad told us what kind of a slut you were, now I finally have proof."
Inez: ::angry face:: "Bobby, listen to me..."
Ford: "So wait. What happened? Did you leave your protection inside somebody else's hotel room?"
Inez: "What?"
Ford: "Or wait, maybe you wanted to get knocked up? I don't, I don't know. Maybe you wanted to go off and start a life with the kid's real father."
Inez: "Eddie IS Nate's real father. Nate is your full brother. Yours and James's."
Ford: "Huh? If you say so." He's turned away from her now so she's trying to convince him of what really happened.
Inez: "I didn't want to leave you. Eddie threw me out. He called me ... that. What you just said, and worse things. But I was never unfaithful to him."
Ford: "Because the old man was such a lovable guy."
Inez: (She's got teary eyes through this whole next part by the way. :( ::sniffle:: )"Even if I wanted to cheat, the thought of what he'd do to me....? Once the thought of something got in his head there was nothing I could do to convince him that the child I was carrying was his. And then before I even knew it I was being dragged across the room by my hair, kicked out the door, and when that door closed I could never see you and James again."
Ford: "So you didn't call the cops, the courts, anybody?"
Inez: "I had a friend who knew a lawyer. We had just filed the custody papers when I got a knock on the door in the middle of the night, and there was a picture of Nate with a 6 inch butcher knife through it." Ford rolls his eyes.
Ford: "So you dropped the suit."
Inez: "I was worried for my son!"
Ford: "I was your son! Okay? And my father didn't have to put knife through pictures of me to get to me!"
Inez: All upset and teary. Jessica and Inez have run the emotional roller coasters today. "Don't you think I know that? I thought about you everyday. I went to your school everyday just so I could see you getting off the bus. James and his little red jacket that was a size too big, and you and your yellow windbreaker, and... I was there everyday no matter how cold it was, and I wanted to grab you and I wanted to take you and keep you warm and..." She's fully crying now and her words are in between soft gasping breaths. Jessica is doing a wonderful job here!
Ford: "No. You wanted proof."
Inez: "Of what?"
Ford: "We were our father's sons."
Inez: "I never thought that you..."
Ford: "No. Why didn't...why didn't you come back for us? You didn't even give us a second thought. No until James shows up with our father's money and then all you can think about is revenge."
Inez: "Revenge?!?"
Ford: "So you had YOUR kid steal OUR cash..."
Inez: "No. Bobby!"
Ford: "...and you don't even care about James. Just as long as you get even with Dad. You wanted payback!"
Inez: "I want a family! You and James are my sons and I love you just as much as I love Nate!"

Inez: "Nate finding that money had nothing to do with me."
Ford: "So you're telling me it was just a coincidence?"
Inez: "Yes! he doesn't know about you and James. he doesn't know he has two brothers.
Ford: "Because he doesn't!"
Inez: "Don't say that."
Ford: "I was your decision, not mine. You wanted Nate away from us so bad. Lucky you, you got your wish."
Inez: "No, I never wanted that."
Ford: "As far as James knows you don't exist, and if he ever finds out anything about either one of you, I'll know who to blame."
Inez: "Bobby please, we're family!"
Ford: "No. We're done here."
Inez: "You can push me away all you want, but I'm not going anywhere this time. I gave up on you and James once. I won't ever do that again." Aw, now Ford is crying. Way to go Inez, you're breaking him down! :) Seriously there was several times in that scene where Ford looks older than Inez.

Inez gets pulled over and is still wiping tears from her eyes when she rolls down the window for Bo.

A very informative spoiler/episode description that was, don't you think?

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