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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Days: Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bo is in his hospital room packing a bag when Carly walks in.
Carly: Where do you think you're going?
Bo: Home.
Carly: No you're not.
Bo: Not up for discussion.
Carly: You were seriously injured ...you are in no shape to walk out of here.
Bo: ::Talking over Carly:: "Uh...I am fine. I'm not gonna waste any more time lying around in this bed. I'm gonna get out of here and find out who did this to me."
Carly: No you're not. What if they find you again? What is it with you? Do you have a death wish?

Hope is on the phone at the station trying to get info on Bo's case. Justin walks up to her and rubs her back she starts worrying about Ciara and Justin comforts her.

Dr Baker reads the headline about Bo's attack and has a flash back of Avenger yelling at him for calling 911. He is still smitten. :)

Sami brings Giovanni to visit Rafe at his office.

Carly is blocking the door and won't let Bo leave. The dialogue at the door is cute, at one point Bo mentions that he has his own personal physician at home, but it's the way Carly really makes Bo fall in line with just a few unwavering and concerned looks and a well placed/timed hand on Bo's chest that sell that part of the scene. Bo gives in and steps back into the room and tells her that he's going nuts sitting there in that room. She says that she thinks that the hospital is the safest place for him. Victor walks in and says that Hell must have frozen over because he and Carly actually agree on something.

Hope is upset contemplating who would want to do something so evil as to burn her husband alive.

Giovanni wants to take a picture of the fingerprint machine to show and tell. Rafe is sooooo good with him. That little actor just shines with Galen in this scene. So cute!

Victor asks to talk to Bo alone and Carly leaves the room.

Justin is smothering Hope with caring and support and she tells him that he's sweet but that she needs space. He says that he's confused because he thought she wanted them to spend more time together. She has no idea where he got that idea. He explains about the kiss and she doesn't know what he's talking about. Maybe now he'll get what Adrienne and Bo and Carly were trying to say.

Rafe tells Sami that he's not going to stand in the way of her building a life with E.J. if that's what she wants. Rafe says that he loves Sami's kids but doesn't think that E.J. would like him hanging around them. He tells her that she has to make a choice because she can't have it both ways. She gets mad and leaves.

Hope thinks Justin is talking about the kiss in Vivian's room. She tells him that she may never be ready to move on.

Carly and Bo are home. She's not happy that he was released. He says that he can't wait on someone else to figure out what happened to him. He turns around and faces the fireplace when he suddenly gets a look. Carly asks him if he just remembered something.

As soon as they walk in the door Giovanni starts acting up again. He's acting out about not being with Rafe.

He doesn't remember anything specific only a sharp pain in his head. Carly starts to massage his neck and then suggests that he lie down. She's going to try some relaxation techniques to maybe help the pain and possibly help him remember. Hope walks in to the house. Um.... good thing they were dressed. She soooo shouldn't be just walking in to their house without so much as knocking to announce herself.

Dr Baker tells Nicole that he's leaving town and she knows that he's asking for money. She won't give it to him unless she's sure he's leaving town. She threatens him to keep quiet or she'll have him 'ling underground'.

Bo and Carly both stand up from the couch and Hope explains that she's following up on the case and didn't think he'd be out of the hospital so soon. Carly suggests that Hope stay for the relaxation exercise so that she can ask appropriate questions.

Bo convinces Hope that it's a good idea for her to stay. Carly talks Bo through the meditation and relaxation. She asks him to tell her what he sees, smells and hears. He has a flashback of himself and Hope on the boat. She asks him if he did it. If he was taken back.

Brady sees Dr Baker on the pier.

Carly asks Bo where he is. He tells her that he's on the Fancy Face about to sail around the world with Hope. Carly feels the hit and glances at Hope. She asks Bo how it makes him feel. He says that the pain is gone. Carly bows her head and takes a second to keep control of her emotions and then continues leading Bo through his memories.

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