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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Days: Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chloe knocks on Mel's door looking for Daniel.

He's at the hospital and Carly wants to know why he came to see her last night. He tells her that "It's all going to hell with Chloe."

Rafe is working on Nicole's code when Arianna walks into his office.

Stefano thinks that Kate is obsessing over Maddie's death. She's not though. She's obsessing over Chad's birth certificate. Don't tell me that Kate is Chad's real father? Heehee. :P Chad calls and wants to talk to Kate. Hhmmm? Hehehe. :D

Ari wants to know what Rafe's hiding.

Carly tells Daniel that Chloe's pulling away can't be that she doesn't want to be with him because she's pregnant. He asks her if she knows something. She's all teary eyed. She hates this position that she's in.

Chloe and Philip scene. You've seen it before. No new information here.

Stefano rips up the newspaper with Maddie's obituary. She says that she doesn't understand because he was so nice to Chad at the hospital. Stefano says that was then. Now he could care less and kind of lays into Kate. She comments about not being callous like him. He seriously just scolded her for caring about Maddie and Chad. I do not like that he made her feel bad. >:(

Chad shows up to see Kate. She's curious about why he's there. He says that first he wants to thank you for reaching out to him when Maddie died. She says that she hopes that he's not still blaming himself. When he says that he is, she says, "Honey, don't..." and he says that he thinks he's going to until he can find out more about her past.

Mel shows up at the hospital to check on Bo and goes up to Carly. This is going to be a great scene.
Mel: "Hey."
Carly: "Hi. I thought is was your day off."
Mel: "It is, but I wanted to check and see how Bo was doing."
Carly: "Oh, he's stable. He's resting. He's gonna be okay, thank God."
Mel: "That must have been so scary for you."
Carly: "Yeah."
Mel: "I know how much you love Bo, an...and I know I've said this before, but I just want you to be happy."
Carly: "That means a lot to me."
Mel: ::looks down almost ashamed:: "It shouldn't."
Carly: ::shocked:: "What?"
Mel: "You should take for granted that I want you to be happy. You know, and that I care about you because" ::Mel starts getting choked up and teary:: "'cause you're my Mom." ::Carly tears up too and pulls her lips into her mouth to keep from breaking out in a huge grin and waterfalls of tears simultaneously:: "You know, how could I not care?" Carly glances away she can't make eye contact because she's got so many tears in her eyes just begging to fall. She steps forward and pulls Melanie into a hug. Such a sweet sweet scene! Molly and Crystal did an amazing job here!

Daniel is back home at his apartment, but Chloe comes in a few seconds later. She tells him that she doesn't want to put the wedding off indefinitely. He asks why she wants to put if off at all. She says that she'll tell him.

Ari asks Rafe if they can agree to disagree about E.J.

Nicole has a mini freak out when she sees Brady holding her code book.

Chad asks Kate if what he heard about his mom is true.

Daniel promises Chloe that he'll be patient and wait one more month, but the she has to do one thing for him. She promises to fulfill his request of always telling him what she's thinking. Always tell him the truth. .... Well, so much for that promise.

Ari tells Rafe that she sees E.J. as a human who is complex, not just 'the bad guy'. Rafe's contemplating something and Ari asks what it is.

Kate tells Chad that the way to honor Maddie is to focus on her love for him. Kate is all teary and emotional. Great job from Lauren Koslow here also. Emotionally subtle and moving.

More Brady and Nicole....

Rafe tells Ari that he has work to do and she leaves. He has the same coffee mug in his office that Bo and Carly have at their house.

Daniel shows up at Mel's for their father daughter day. He bought her diamond earrings. She wants to talk and is concerned about him and Chloe. He says that they're fine.

Carly is as Chloe's and she asks if something happened. Chloe says, "More of the same. Lying to Daniel..." Why is she sighing exasperatedly when it's her choice to continue lying?

Kate hopes that she's helped Chad. He's thanking her and leaving when Stefano is coming in. Stefano looks smug, Kate looks caught and Chad just looks tired and over all of this drama.

Carly tells Chloe that she's been able to move the paternity test up to tomorrow at St Mary's across town.

Daniel gets a call to do a surgery across town. He wants Mel to go with him tomorrow to St Mary's. Who didn't see that one coming?

Kate gets Chad out of the house before Stefano can get too agitated. Kate says that he was looking for Will and that since he was there and Will wasn't that he decided to talk to Kate about his mother. Stefano says that he's going to have the staff send Chad away from now on. He doesn't want Kate talking to him. "We must make Chad Woods disappear." I'm not liking this Stefano. He's not all cute and Grandpapa bear like he was before Maddie died. He's very controlling of Kate. I'm not okay with that.

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