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Monday, July 26, 2010

Days: Monday, July 26, 2010

Bo wakes up with a sore throat. Carly told him that he pulled his tube out because he wanted to tell her something but then fell back asleep because of the drugs before he could tell her. He doesn't remember what he was going to say.

Hope is awake. She sees that Carly called her and wonders what she wanted.

Stefano is reading Maddie obituary. Kate comes in and says that she can't believe that Maddie's gone. Stefano says that he's not happy that she's dead, but the he's not sad that her secret died with her. Kate slightly sarcastically remarks that it's safe now.

Will tells Chad that he would understand if Chad blamed him.

Victor and Maggie are at the hospital. Caroline comes in and is NOT happy that Victor didn't call her.

Carly and Bo are talking about him waking up last night. He can't remember what he was going to tell her. Roman comes in. He's mushy brother for a minute then says that he needs to ask Bo questions. Carly teases him about not letting the mushiness last too long.

Victor tells Caroline that it was Roman's decision not to call. She makes a comment about Maggie being there. Maggie says that she just happened to be there when Victor got the call and came along. Maggie thinks that it's interesting that two different women think of her as 'the other woman'. She sends Victor after Caroline.

Roman tells Bo how he was found and that Daniel saved him, and that someone had called 911. He tells Bo how close he came and you can't see her face but you can tell that Carly is having a hard time with it. You can see her arm move up to nervously brush her hair back or run over her brow a couple of times. They finally turn and notice her and she makes a comment about them being Starsky and Hutch and acting like it's just a case and that Bo didn't almost get burned to death. The guys both apologize and Bo calls her over to him. She leans down on his chest so he can hug and comfort her. She's a little teary and sniffley and says, "Stop talking about this like it's just a case, okay?" Hope walks in and sees Bo comforting Carly and hears Carly say, "Like it's no big deal because it is. It is." Bo is rubbing her back saying, "Okay. I know." Roman makes his leave and turns to find Hope in the open door. Neither Bo or Carly notice her. Bo is placing a comforting kiss on Carly's head. It's a very very sweet scene and I love that Carly doesn't hide her feelings from Roman. She's not apologetic for loving Bo. It makes me smile.

Stefano caught Kate's tone of voice and questions her as to whether there is something else about Maddie that he doesn't know. She plays it off as being worried that she may have missed something while combing through the safe deposit box.

Chad tells Will that his mom had an aneurysm and that it was nobody's fault.

Victor apologizes to Caroline who is in tears and gives her a hug.

Lexi and Theo come into the waiting room where Abe is. He says that Hope is in with Bo. Theo says that Aunt Hope has treasure. Abe's ears prick up.

Roman says hello to Hope and Carly stands up and turns, both she and Bo look toward Hope. Hope says that Caroline is out there and doesn't look too happy with Roman. He leaves to got talk to his mom. Hope says that she's on that case so she needs to ask Bo some questions. Carly nods and says not to take too long and leaves the room.

Philip gives Mel her final exam grades. She's aced all her classes and thinks for a second that Philip bought her grades just like he bought their early release to her. She thinks that maybe since she's in the accelerated program that maybe she'll be certified before Chloe's baby comes and she can help deliver her little brother or sister. Philip doesn't look nearly as excited at the idea but can't help but hug a bouncing Melanie.

Justin asks Carly is Hope is still in with him. A nurse brings the results of Bo's tox screen.

Bo tells Hope that the last thing he remembers is being at Victor's. He says that it's weird that he doesn't remember anything after Victor's when he passed out at home. Carly brings in the report and says that there is a reason for that.

Philip gives Mel a bracelet. He's such a jerk trying to buy her forgiveness when he hasn't even told her yet.

Chad and Will on on the pier. Chad is placing flowers on the steps where Maddie fell. Will says that it's not important to remember what she did, but that she got out of the life.

Kate at the pub asking the D.A. if Maddie was involved in any charity because she and Stefano want to make a donation. He says her safe deposit box was empty.

Carly says that there were massive amounts of drugs found in sleeping meds and that they don't know how it got in his system. He has a flash of a coffee mug. Carly catches his expression change and asks him if he just remembered something. Caroline and Victor come in and Hope asks if she can talk to Carly outside. Once out there she asks Carly where she was last night.

Abe tells Lexi that he put Hope on the case. Smooth move Abe.

Hope tells Carly that she's trying to establish a timeline and that she needs to narrow down who might have known that Carly wouldn't be home. Carly tells her that she called and left Bo a message saying she had to work, that rotations are posted on the board at the hospital in plain sight. That Bo didn't mention anyone stopping by when he called. Hope gets a phone call and Justin walks up to her. The call is to tell her that the fire and security alarms were disabled. Justin thinks that since there was also a 911 call that it must have been a joint effort and that someone got cold feet.

Adrienne tells Philip that he owes her for talking her neighbor out of calling the cops when he tailgated a visitor to another apartment while sneaking into Chloe's building. Philip gets a little angry and defensive at the idea that someone would have called the cops. Dude! You were entering an apartment building like an unwanted person. You were NOT buzzed in. Mel asks what he was doing at her dad's apartment.

Chad thinks that his dad has answers and wants to dig more. Kate says that she's the only one that knows who Chad father really is. Stefano comes into the room, "What did you just say?"

Roman comes into Bo's room to tell him and Hope that he's going back to the station. Bo asks Hope if she's okay. She says, "Nothing happened to me." He says, "It almost did." They're quiet. Bo says, "What we're not talking about, are you going to tell Ciara?" She says no, that she doesn't want her to know that she almost lost her daddy, the softly says, "That I almost lost you."

Stefano didn't hear what Kate said, just that she said something. She easily dissuades him.

Theo is digging on the beach and finds a wallet. He takes it to his parents and tells them he found treasure. 'Auntie Hope. Ciara. Treasure."

Bo calls Hope over to him and takes her hand trying to console her. She says that they are family and they get through things. He puts both of his hands on both of hers as Carly walks in and he says, "We always will be."

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