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Friday, July 23, 2010

Days: Friday, July 23, 2010

Avenger is in Bo's room...alone....except for Bo..... :)

Nicole is lamenting her 'hovel' accommodations. She gets a call about a hot story from a person with a disguised voice. She needs to go to the pier to get the info. Rafe is the one on the phone. He's luring her there but he won't be there. I'm guessing he's going to look for stuff in her room.

At the hospital Carly says that she should call Hope. Roman tells her that she and Caroline can wait to get the news since Bo is fine right now. He says to let them sleep.

Avenger kisses Bo, "That my dear, was the kiss of death."

Maggie is having some personal thinking time when she gets a call from Victor. He's knows that it's late but he has some ideas he wants to show her. She tells him to come on over. "I'm looking for a good spreadsheet." Aawww. Maggie needs the distraction from her thoughts.

Rafe is at Nicole's hotel room. He's going to search. :) I hope that whatever he finds doesn't backfire.

Carly is struggling to maintain her composure. She's just so emotional because in her residency during her E.R. rotation she saw victims from a car accident. A gas tank had exploded at the accident site so the patients all had sever burns. She can't stop her mind from thinking about what would have happened to a gasoline doused Bo if Daniel hadn't found him in time. (Crystal is totally rocking this by the way.) She tells herself cry and Daniel pulls her into a hug. Abe turns to Roman, "So this is why you didn't want Hope down here?" Roman says that if Abe had any doubt about how much Carly does care about Bo there's the proof. Abe thinks that Hope has a right to know since Bo is her husband and her house almost burned down. Roman says that it's personal and he won't call Hope in the middle of the night to relay that info.

Avenger's new plan is to pump an air bubble into his I.V. tube. It won't be as slow and painful as she had planned, but it'll do.

Vivian comes downstairs and finds Victor leaving for a meeting. She's not happy and figures out that he's going to Maggie's.

Rafe finds a baby picture of Sydney. He loves her so much. He says that at least if he can't be a part of her life he can keep her away from those Dimeras.

Vivian presents Victor with a business plan for Mickey Horton's scholarship fund so that he doesn't have to work with Maggie anymore. I'm sure that's going to make him happy. Heehee.

Nicole realizes that she was setup and isn't actually meeting someone with a hot story lead. Heehee.

Rafe is still rummaging around the room. In a drawer he finds something that we don't see, but that he thinks might be something helpful.

Victor says that the plan is crap work and that she didn't even do it, that she hired it done. She says that she just wants to make him happy. Happier than "that red headed cow" and that does it. Victor is livid and leaves.

Ah, Rafe has found a small book/journal thing. He opens it to see if there is anything good inside.

Bo is waking up and see Avenger. She hears Carly outside the door and leaves. Bo is calling Hope's name when Carly comes in. She asks him if he wants her to call Hope. He says, "She was..." and starts convulsing. Carly calls for the crash cart.

Rafe comes across a code matrix. Hmm? He says, "What the hell does this mean?" I'm wondering the same thing.

Avenger is back at the mansion and kisses Ciara who is asleep on the couch. She says that she did it all for her. Um, yeah 'Honey I killed your daddy to make your life better.' doesn't really work if he's a good dad there Avenger.

Carly is watching Daniel try to save Bo. He thinks he knows what's wrong.

Vivian is lamenting to Gus. He suggests that Vivian get back to her roots and remind Victor of the person she is. Gus is suggesting mayhem. :)

Victor tells Maggie that he has a pretty good business plan but that he needs a little more input from her.

Rafe takes a picture of the code matrix and is gloating about his smart team being able to crack it when he hears a key in the door.

Maggie admits to Victor that she can't sleep, she's been a little down. She says that maybe they shouldn't be friends. Is Victor getting to her? She looks like she's putting up walls because she can't resist him. Heehee. :)

Nicole comes into the room and knows that someone has been there.

Bo is stable now. Carly says that she can't wait and needs to call Hope.

Avenger is telling a sleeping Ciara that she has to protect her. That Zach died because of him. Her phone rings. Avenger sees that it's Carly and doesn't answer. She thinks that Bo told Carly what happened and that they are coming for her.

Heehee. Nicole thinks that E.J. is the one who lured her to the pier. She's relived to find that her code book is still there. Heehee.

Rafe has sent the code to be cracked and is waiting on the results.

Victor is not pleased with Maggie's suggestion that they maybe not be friends. She says that from now on he needs to talk to her lawyer. He gets a call about Bo and heads to the hospital Maggie's going with him.

Abe and Roman are trying to figure out who might have done this. They rule out the DiMeras.

Avenger lays down for a last sleep.

Bo is waking up and struggling against his tube. Carly tries to keep him from pulling it out, but he gets it out anyway. She's got tears on her cheeks and says, "Stubborn man." She figures out that he's wanting to tell her who did this to him.

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