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Thursday, July 22, 2010

OLTL: Thursday, July 22, 2010 (Inez)

Inez is looking in the newspaper for apartments to rent when Nate walks up. He makes a comment about James' older brother and Inez has a flashback to their run-in at the hospital. She tells him that if they end up in a one bedroom then she'll let him have the room and she'll sleep in the living room. Nate asks again if Ford was hard on her at the hospital. She says, 'it was nothing' and that she took the money to accounting. Nate rags on Ford a little more and Inez gets more uncomfortable. Inez leaves Nate in the park. She reminds him that he has plans with Dani. Seriously, LOOOOOOOOVE Jessica Leccia, but all of Inez's sons look like they could be her boyfriends.

When Inez left Nate it was apparently to go and see James. He wakes up and she apologizes for waking him. She introduces herself as Inez, but lets James know that there isn't any reason for him to know who she is. He figures out that she is the person that Bobby was yelling at earlier. She tells him that her son is the one who stole his money. When James says that Bobby blames Nate for him being in the hospital, Inez jumps in and says that it's not true. She tells James that he can blame every bad thing that's every happened to him on her. Aaawww. Inez needs a hug!

James figures out that Inez is the one who paid his hospital bill. When she tells him that it's the money Nate stole and that she got it back from the 'person who was going to lose their house' he says that maybe she shouldn't have, because a bank will take a house, but what is a hospital going to do 'put the bullet back in?' Inez is immediately in uber 'Mom' mode when James mentions the bullet, she gets a frown on her face. :( Then she says that he shouldn't have to worry about things like people losing their homes. She says that he should be thinking about high school and college and having fun. He says that that makes a great movie, but that it's not him. She apologizes again and he asks her why she does that. She says, "Force of habit." Ya think? He says that if her were Nate he would have taken the money too, but that he doesn't know anyone who would have given it back. She gives him the receipt and tells him that is there is anything left over to make sure that they give it to him. She said she would have given it to Bobby, but... James finishes, "He would have bitten your head off?" She mentions that Bobby seems protective of James, and James says, "When he wants to be." Inez, gets 'Mom' tone again and says, "Not always?" Any kid knows that when the parent raises their pitch just a tad, their eyebrow a smidge and cocks their head a skosh that they are not happy with what they just heard and you better be prepared to back pedal or fix it. Luckily for James he's not the one in trouble here. This particular higher pitched, raised eyebrow, tilted head, Mom question is centered on Bobby's behavior. James says, "Bobby did his best. I wasn't easy around our house." Ah, James caught the Mom tone too. Inez looks guilty again. Not that she shouldn't feel a little guilty, but Jessica is killing me with these sad contemplative looks Inez is giving. James shakes Inez's hand and says thanks. She holds his hand a little longer than normal and he asks if there is anything else. She apologizes again and he says that he stole the money first so she can stop apologizing. She mumbles, "I wish" and leaves but turns to say, "I'm glad you're getting better." before walking out the door. Ford come in and James is at the door trying to chase Inez. James tells Ford that he found out that Inez is the one who paid the bill and that she's Nate's mother. Ford is NOT happy and steps out of the room to catch his breath and process the new information. His mother had another child after she left them. :(

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