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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Days: Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recap of Avenger dousing Bo and lighting a match.

Rafe shows up at the mansion and Sami asks if Tiffany (the secretary) isn't allowed out on school nights. He says that they weren't done talking at she says that yes if she thought there was a chance that she'd walk away from E.J. in a heartbeat. Rafe pulls her in and kisses her.. Aaaaand Sami wakes up from her dream.

E.J. tells Nicole that he didn't think anything would forge a truce between them so they need to keep this to themselves.

Chloe shows up at the hospital and asks Carly if she's positive that Daniel won't find out that she's asking for a paternity test. Carly assures her that it's confidential. Chloe is sulking from her fight at tells Carly that this whole thing is all her fault.

Nicole and E.J. leave before Rafe can hear everything, just that they're working together and keeping a secret.

Someone knocks on the door before Avenger can drop the lit match.

Dr Baker asks Nicole how she found him. She tells him that since everyone thinks he's dead then he can't be too many places. She tells him that they are off the hook for framing Ari.

Rafe shows up at the DiMera mansion.

Chloe tells Carly that Daniel is pushing for them to get married now. And she's pouting because she can't be sure that Carly won't tell him. Carly blames herself, Chloe claims a little responsibility then asks Carly if she's happy. Of course she isn't.

Daniel is the one who knocked on Bo's door. It wasn't all the way closed so he goes in and finds Bo on the floor covered in gasoline. Avenger is hiding in the other room. Daniel tries to get Bo to come to.

Rafe wants to know who who E.J. said he was going to be with. Sami says someone regarding Arianna's case. Rafe tells her that it was Nicole that he saw him with.

Chloe and Carly are having the same conversation.

Dr Baker is trying to usher Nicole out the door. She asks if he's expecting his partner in crime. He says that he doesn't know after tonight. She asks if they had a falling out. "No more fun bashing strangers in the park?" Heehee. :)

Daniel is trying to revive Bo and there are sirens in the background signally the approach of help.

Carly says that her whole take on the situation changed when she found out that Vivian was behind it. Chloe says that it did for her too, but that she still did what she did. Carly is trying to console Chloe and tell her that it's all because of Vivian's hatred of Carly with Maxine comes in and calls Carly to the E.R. for a consult.

Now Sami and Rafe are having the same conversation re: E.J.

Daniel says that it looks like Bo has drugs in his system. Daniel didn't have time to call 911 and asks how they got there. Roman says that some guy called it in. Way to go Dr Baker! :) Roman asks Daniel if he thinks that his brother will survive. Daniel says that it depends on if he got to him in time.

Chloe is meeting with Father Matt. He's not happy about her lying to Daniel. She tells him that she's pregnant and wants to know if he'll continue to keep her confidence.

Avenger is not happy with Dr Baker for tipping off Roman. He explains that he was trying to keep her out of trouble for killing Bo.

Carly comes into the room where Bo is Daniel tells her that he went to her place looking for her and found Bo unconscious and that he's got drugs in his system. She's frantic and Daniel tries to get her to calm down.

Sami questions E.J. about where he's been. He figures out what she's hinting at and says that while he was working on Arianna's case he ran into Nicole.

Rafe is at the pub when Nicole walks in.

Avenger is freaking out because she doesn't have control over the situation. She can't be what Justin wants her to be and she can't let her feelings for Bo go. He takes the blame and lets her rail. He's really concerned for her. Aawwww!!! Uh, oh! She asks him if he thinks that she's too weak.

Daniel tells Carly that there was gasoline all over Bo and the house. He is not doing anything to calm her down. She's trying to help and Daniel and Maxine have to send her out of the room. Daniel grabs her to get her attention and says, :You are not a doctor in this room. You are a loved one." Aww! Great scene from Crystal and Shawn.

Sami and E.J. .... you know how this goes...

Father Matt asks if Daniel knows that Chloe is pregnant. Heehee. She tells him that Carly is going to tell Daniel if she doesn't.

Bo is stable. Carly hugs him in thanks. Avenger is sneaking around the hospital listening in. Carly is crying because she almost lost Bo tonight. Avenger is smiling and goes into the hallway that leads to the side door of Bo's room.

Sami says that when E.J. says 'trust me' that it brings to mind every member of her family telling her not to. She tells E.J. that Marlena wants to sell the townhouse. She tells him that she was hoping that she and the kids could stay with him.

Waiter causes Nicole's wine to spill on her. He takes her to the kitchen to clean it and Rafe grabs something from her purse.

Father Matt tells Chloe that doing things her way has gotten her hurt so far. He's a smart cookie he tells her, "You don't want my advice. You want me to keep quiet, and I will."

Roman tells Carly and Daniel that the smoke alarms and sprinklers were disabled. Carly figures that whoever drugged him wanted to burn him alive. They're contemplating who would want to do that to Bo.

Avenger is in his room taunting him right now.

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