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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Days: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sami brings Rafe mail from the townhouse. He asks her why she stopped by his office and asks her if the mail is an excuse.

Arianna shows up at the DiMera mansion and tells E.J. that he's not working for her anymore.

Brady is on the phone defending and touting Ari's innocence when Nicole shows up at the Kirakis mansion.

Recap of the end of the Avenger/Bo scene from Tuesday. .... "How's your coffee?" He's contemplating instead of drinking and she asks if something is wrong and he says, "You know exactly what's wrong."

Sami tells Rafe that her mom is selling the townhouse so she and the kids are staying with E.J.

Bo and Avenger talk about why she's there, that she wants to talk to him. He finally takes a drink of his coffee.

Sami admits to Rafe that E.J. told her he loves her. She says that she thinks it's only fair that she gives him another chance.

Bo asks 'Hope' why she's staring at him like that. She eventually gets to 'I wish that you'd fought harder. For us.'

E.J. convinces Arianna that he's no longer going out of town and that she's not a distraction or a burden to him. She asks him how he's going to prove that she's innocent.

Bo says that he fought as hard as he could and that he was heartbroken. Avenger doesn't believe him. She says that all she knows is that when Carly came back he stopped being heartbroken. He says that he begged her to stay and that she took his daughter and left him alone in the house. Avenger gets angry and says that he still refuses to take responsibility. He says that he does for hurting her when Ciara was kidnapped and for making her feel like her thoughts and feelings didn't matter. She says, "How soon was it after Carly arrived in Salem was she sleeping in my bed?" Bo say, "Carly did not replace you." Avenger asks him how he'd put it, now Bo is starting to feel the effects of the pills. He asks her if it would change things if he had Carly move out and had her and Ciara move back in. She's moved and hopeful and stops him from taking another drink. He asks her why she did that and she's got tears in her eyes.

Giovanni runs in and the way E.J. interacts with him has Arianna smitten. Ggrrrr!!! >:( She's hired him back as her council.

Brady tells Nicole that he's still conflicted about his feelings. She asks why he kissed her. He says that he's still going to try to do everything he can to bring the real culprit to justice.

'Hope' asks Bo if he would really break up with Carly. He says that he doesn't think that that's what she wants. He says that he's trying to get her to see that Carly isn't the cause of their problems. She's no longer remorseful about the pills. Avenger says, "Carly is innocent in all this." and that Bo is the one at fault. Bo stands but it very dizzy.

Bo tells Avenger that he's dizzy and doesn't understand. She says of course he doesn't. That she's not to blame and Carly isn't to blame, that he is the one. Bo if finally overtaken by the pills and passes out on the couch.

Brady tells Nicole that if she thinks that Ari is guilty then they have a problem. She lets him know that she's thinking of herself and wants a future with Brady. He tells her that he will always be her friend and she says goodbye and goes to leave. He stops her and kisses her cheek. Tells her to take it one step at a time. He's being her sponsor right now. :)

Avenger is talking to herself and taunting a passed out Bo. After vowing to see that he doesn't hurt her anymore Avenger leaves the house.

The secretary brings in a file for Rafe. She's got her eye on him and Sami is not happy.

Nicole and E.J. end up at the docks together. She tells him that she's going to blackmail him until the end of time. He says that he'll stop her. She tells him that she wants Arianna (in prison I'm guessing)

Back in the poker/webcam viewing/multipurpose room Dr Baker has the things that Avenger requires. She has disabled the fire alarm at the house without leaving prints. She tells him that Bo was there and that she drugged him to pass out. Dr Baker asks if he's just passed out. She says that if she wanted him dead already then he would be and that she wants him to burn. Dr Baker says that this wasn't part of the plan and he wants it stopped.

Nicole says that she wants E.J. to prove that Ari is innocent and the sooner the better.

Avenger says that this is the only way that she can truly move on. Dr Baker says that he can't be a part of it. Avenger says that she doesn't need him then she leaves.

Bo is waking up and calling to/looking for Hope.

Rafe asks Sami if she loves E.J. and she can't say 'Yes.'

E.J. says that he'll prove Ari is innocent. Rafe sneaks up and hears them talking.

Avenger pours gasoline all over Bo and the living room floor. She lights a match and moves it toward the floor....

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