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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Days: Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recaps from yesterday. Bo runs into Avenger, Chloe tells Daniel she changed her mind. Lexi tells the Woods that Maddie didn't survive. Kate looks shocked.

D.A. Woods calls Chad a son of a bitch and blames him saying, "You killed her."

Avenger tells Bo she's there to pick up a game for Ciara. As she's leaving she kisses Bo then turns to leave. He calls for her to wait and says that something is wrong. "Where's Hope and what have you done with her?"

Mel is eating chocolate. (It's a Hersey's Bliss product placement/ad spot.) Philip comes in and talk goes to Chloe for a second then comes back around to Mel apologizing for not being honest and promising to never let it happen again. (again)

Chloe says that Father Matt won't marry them because he thinks she's a bad person.

Avenger asks Bo what he means by that. He plays it off as a joke, then admits that she is different. She says that he's right she is and there is a very good reason. ...commercial.... I'm guessing she's naming him as the 'very good reason'.

Chad is trying to defend himself and the D.A. won't listen. Lexi steps in, Woods lays into her, Stefano steps in to defend Lexi. Kate pulls him away and apologizes. D.A. Woods lays into Kate. He is a spiteful slimey man. She resents Chad for think that he had no control over as a child. I'm hoping that Kate and Stefano take in Chad.

Avenger tells Bo that she's working on a case undercover tonight. He says it's not just that, that she carries herself differently and that something weird is going on.

She says that she's just trying to pick up with her life. That maybe the 'little gossip faeries' that Bo is listening to do want her to do that.. He says that they only have her best interest in mind and that he believes them. She says that she's sure he does and then goes angry and lay into him about Carly living there. Then asks if he has a problem with that. He says that his problem is that she's dealing with it in a way that Hope never wood.

Daniel doesn't buy Chloe story. She's upset because she thinks he's calling her a liar. He just wants to know what's going on with Chloe. She picks up the phone and tells Daniel to call Father Matt and tell him that it's okay to say what Chloe told him in confession.

Kate and Stefano leave and Chad tries to talk to his father. D.A. Woods is laying into Chad again when Lexi steps in and tells them that she was on medication for a serious condition and was living on borrowed time. That Chad didn't kill her.

Bo says that if he's done things to make 'Hope' do things that she wouldn't normally do then he's sorry. She says that he made his choices. Bo stops her and says, "This is not about Carly, and I will not apologize for her. I hate what happened just as much as you, but to put this on Carly? That's below us." He says that they may not be together, but that he still loves her. That she's family and they spent a large part of their lives together. He says that he will always care and so will she.

Daniel tells Chloe that he doesn't want her to be upset and since this conversation is upsetting her then he'll wait.

It seems that on top of hypertension which Chad and Dad knew about, Maddie also had a history of aneurysms. Lexi explains that to Chad. D.A. Woods takes it as the fall making it happen and continues to blame Chad. This boy is going to be severely more messed up than he is now.

Bo tells Hope that if there is anything she needs to talk about that he'll be there. Carly calls to let him know that she'll be in emergency surgery all night. He tells Hope that it'll give them a chance to talk. She likes that.

Lexi is talking to Chad helping him understand what happened. She's very gentle and tries to reassure him that nothing he did causes Maddie's death. Stefano walks up and tells Chad that his mother loved him very much. Kate's hoop earrings are HUGE!!! Seriously, they're bigger around than her biceps.

Avenger asks Bo to make coffee. She's talking to herself, she has plans for Bo and it has something to do with her pills. She's still convinced that Bo is being manipulative.

Daniel suggests going to a different priest to get married. Chloe says no because she doesn't want to. He thinks they should get married right away. She says no.

Bo brings in the coffee then gets a message and goes in the other room to call Roman back. Avenger fixes his coffee pouring in the remainder of her pills.

Kate comes up to Chad and tells him again that he didn't kill his mother. She tells him that right now he can't listen to his father. Chad says that he's never really acted like his father and walks away. Kate mumbles to herself, "I wonder why." Hhmmm? So the D.A. is not Chad's father? This is kind of fun. :) I'm sooo going to miss Maddie and Kate interacting though!

Daniel is leaving and Chloe stops him. Daniel explains that he's going crazy because he can't handle all of the back and forth that Chloe is doing with the marriage. He asks her what she's so conflicted about. She says that she can't explain it to him and he leaves.

Bo returns to the living room and Avenger hands him his coffee. He starts to drink it, but then turns to talk to her. He says that he means it when he says that he's worried about her. She asks him how his coffee is.

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