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Monday, July 19, 2010

Days: Monday, July 19, 2010

Stefano and Kate are arguing about Maddie.

Maddie and Chad are arguing about Maddie's past. Recap Maddie falling down the steps.

Philip tells Mel that it's a bad idea to throw a baby shower for Chloe.

Daniel thinks that Clytemnestra is a good name for the baby. Or Ichabod if it's a boy. Chloe says she's worried about Victor and what he'll say when he finds out she's having a baby with his son. "Godson." Daniel corrects her.

Roman stops by at Bo's behest to talk about Hope.

Dr Baker confirms with Avenger that she plans to kill Bo. She says that tonight's the night.

Bo explains that Hope is all over Carly for being too public with Bo, then she's admiring her in the next few hours. Bo mentions Adrienne and Justin's experiences too. Roman tell Bo he needs to back off right now. Roman! Doh!

Avenger says that Dr Baker doesn't get a say and neither does she. She says that it's written in the stars that it's time for Bo to die. Yep, that's definitely creepy.

Mel wants to know why a shower is a bad idea. He says that it's too soon. Philip's a jerk. Just needed to say that. Mel remembers that she left a bowl and spoon of Maggie's on the beach when she was trying to get Brady and Ari to talk to each other. She's heading back to get them now. Nathan and Stephanie are there by the way.

Daniel didn't think anything of Chloe's slip up, but of course she's talking to herself mulling it over.

Awww Dr Baker is telling Avenger that she makes him all fluttery in the tummy. He can't say it, but when she asks him if he's falling for her he denies it at first and then admits it. He's trying to talk her out of her plan because he really is concerned for her safety.

Chad is talking to his mom trying to get her to stay awake while the ambulance is on the way. She's muttering and he hears, "I did it for you. I lied for you."

Philip goes to see Chloe he asks her if there is any news on the paternity test. He's not happy when Chloe tells him that Father Matt knows what happened. Daniel sees Father Matt at the pub and sits to talk to him.

Dr Baker is trying hard to get Avenger to take a different course that is less likely to end her in jail.

Roman thinks that Hope needs to live her life her own way. Bo is frustrated because Roman isn't listening. Hey, Bo? I'm frustrated with Roman too. I'll smack him for you. Bo is still concerned for Hope and won't let her go without trying to help.

Dr Baker's plan involves mugging and detaining Bo and taking all his money and running off. Just Avenger and himself happily ever after. She likes his honesty.

Philip is being a jerk. Nothing new to see here.... Chloe is talking in circles. I repeat myself.....

Father Matt tells Daniel that there is no problem with Chloe's annulment. Ooops.

Um. Maddie JUST came into the hospital and Lexi is calling for an O.R. Why is she gonna cut Maddie open? Maddie didn't look like it was that bad of a fall, and I didn't think that surgery was the preferred first course of action for head injuries.

Mel and Stephanie get into it. Steph accuses Mel of stalking them. Yeah Steph, I'm sure that little sight was high on Mel's must see list.

Father Matt tells Daniel that he needs to ask Chloe to explain the reason that the wedding had to be postponed.

Kate sees Chad in the waiting room and asks him what happened. He tells her that she hit her head. When D.A. Woods gets there Chad runs to his dad and tells him what happened. D.A. Woods (I think I know what D.A. stands for now... >:( and no I don't mean District Attorney )gets angry because they were fighting and doesn't let Chad finish. As much as I hate the character I have to give David Leisure major props for the portrayal.

Mel is still angry from her run-in with Stephanie when she gets home and when Philip gets home she kisses him and tells him that she's lucky to have him.

Daniel tells Chloe that he ran into Father Matt and the father told him that there wasn't a problem with the annulment.

Ciara tells Bo that she hasn't been telling stories that she saw mommy hugging that man. He asks if she's talking about Justin and Ciara say no, that it was a different man. Ciara says that maybe he's the man that took her treasures. She's a smart cookie. He sends her back to bed when Henderson comes back down the stairs. Hope isn't at home. That's because ...

She's at Bo and Carly's house. She's walking around talking herself into a vengeance frenzy.

D.A. Woods is reaming out Chad for causing his mother harm.

Mel and Philip are in bed. She's thinking about the fact that someday they'll be expanding their family.

Daniel wants to talk about what he didn't get from Father Matt. Chloe says that she and Father Matt don't see eye to eye on many things anymore. Now Daniel is upset that Chloe canceled the wedding plans and didn't tell him. Chloe tells him that she just changed her mind and wants a civil ceremony.

Lexi tells Chad and the D.A. that Mrs. Woods didn't survive her injuries. What?!?!Maaaddiiiiieeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to miss her.

Bo is coming home and runs into Avenger on her way out. Yep. It's showdown time! :)

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