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Friday, July 16, 2010

OLTL: Friday, July 16, 2010 (Inez)

Nate and Dani are in the park talking about Ford. Inez turns the corner at Nate's back just as he says, "I did almost get James killed. My mother almost murdered ME when she found out."
Inez: :You're lucky you're still alive." She's like all kinds of old school mom. She's got the threats of bodily harm and death, but at the same instant she's loving and protecting you for all she's worth.
Nate: "Mom, you can not still be mad at me." Seriously? Why can't she. Dude, it's not like you stole a pack of gum. You stole $50,000 and almost got someone killed. That's not the kind of thing one stops being angry about within a couple of weeks.
Inez: "I'm furious. And I'm returning that money."

Nate: "So you're not gonna pay the mortgage?"
Inez: "I'm not gonna use stolen money Nathaniel Q. Salinger." And that is probably the exact same look that he got as a child. Mom is NOT pleased with him.
Nate: "When the 'Q' comes out you know I'm in trouble." Inez grabs his arm and pulls him away from Dani. Seriously, Mom is very upset with him. This isn't the gently pulling him away for more privacy. This is the pulling him away from a dangerous situation kind of grab and yank. When you think about it, it kind of is the same thing. I mean he's not in immediate danger right now, but he is definitely dismissing the situation and not acknowledging it's seriousness along with basically dismissing his mother in front of his girlfriend. He needs a little Mom-talk pay-attention-to-me experience right now.
Inez: ::As she's grabbing him, and through her teeth.:: "You are in trouble." ::Normal louder voice and as she's pulling him away.:: "Lying to your mother about winning the lottery. I can't believe I bought that ridiculous story."
Nate: "So are we gonna lose the house?"
Inez: "There are worse things. Like stealing, and lying. To me!" Oh yeah, she's way angry with him. I'm thinking that it has a lot to do with his father too. Like maybe Inez fears that his behavior is indicative of him turning out like his daddy. I'm sure that's a thought that terrifies her.
Nate: "How many times do I have to say, 'I'm sorry.'?"
Inez: "Did you apologize to that poor boy?"
Nate: "I tried, but his brother wasn't having it."
Inez: "What room is he in?"
Nate: "Mom, are you sure you want to..."
Inez: "WHAT ROOM?" She's at the end of her fuse with Nate on this issue. I really get the feeling that Inez could be someone to be feared. She seems like she's a step away from smacking him upside the head. (Way to go Jessica!)
Nate: "Four oh three."

Inez walks into a waiting area of the hospital and turns right into Ford. She looks stunned. She recognizes him. He recognizes her, and is not happy to see her.

Inez: "Bobby, oh my God." She's reaching out to him and he's avoiding her. "How are you? Are you okay? Because I heard that you were in the hospital and I really wanted to see you..."
Ford: "Why?"
Inez: "I'm your mother." Aawww. Jessica's making her look so sad and hurt that Ford can't fathom why she wouldn't want to see him.
Ford: "You may have given birth to me, but you lost the right to call yourself my mother when you walked out on us."
Inez: "Bobby, plea..."
Ford: "I told you when you came into my office. I don't want to see you. I don't want your phone number. I don't want any part of you."
Inez: She looks so hurt! She needs hugs! "But I moved here to be close to you. You have to give me a chance to..."
Ford: "I have to? I'm a grown man now. I don't need you any more."
Inez: "We both missed out on a lot..."
Ford: "Yeah, but I didn't have a choice in the matter."
Inez: "Neither did I!"
Ford: "So you left us to, to deal with that man all by ourselves? You know what. You're right not to visit me here. And you're not gonna see James either."
Inez: "James? James is here in the hospital? What happened to him?"
Ford: "He got shot.", being the sweetheart that he is
Inez: "Oh my God. He's okay, but he stole fifty grand from Dad." And something clicks in Inez's head. She now knows that it's James from whom Nate stole the money. "And Dad, being the sweetheart that he is, sent one of his thugs to beat it out of him. James would have given it back, but some stupid high school kid found it first and took it." Now Inez stunned and sad and worried for all of her boys. and Jessica gets a for her excellent visible thought process facial expressions.

Inez: "He's my son. If he's hurt..."
Ford: "You're gonna what? Kiss it and make it better? He doesn't even know who you are. He was that little when you left him."
Inez: "I thought he was in Ohio with his father."
Ford: "You are not going to see him. Now get the hell outta here!"

Ford is walking away and Inez calls out, "Bobby!" but he doesn't turn around. She sits down crying and covering her face trying to control herself. A nurse comes up and Inez asks to be taken to the accounting office she's going to pay James's medical bills. The nurse tells her that James is still here and in his room. Inez says that he won't want to see her, and the nurse leads her to the office.

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