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Friday, July 16, 2010

Days: Friday, July 16, 2010

Arianna goes to see E.J.

Chad says that he hopes the Maddie charge high prices, because his mom being a hooker is bad enough, but a cheap one ... Maddie slaps him and is immediately shocked at her actions.

Recap Adrienne and Bo scene her telling him that Justin and Hope were kissing.

Recap of Carly Avenger scene. Carly's not looking for a fight. Avenger says that she isn't looking for a fight she's just being friendly and wants to say hello. Carly says that an hour ago she nearly took her head off. Avenger leans in a whispers that that woman wasn't here. Carly's eyebrow goes straight up! You can see all of the warning bells going off in her head and she leans away from Avenger. Heehee as much as I hate the way they're written Hope right now I love the way Crystal and Kristian play these Carly and Avenger scenes.

Lexi and Kate run into the nurses station they both got calls that Stefano was there. He's refusing help from anyone but Lexi and when they walk into the room he's lying in the bed in his clothes and jacket.

Carly asks what she means by 'it wasn't you'. Avenger says that she when she see Bo especially with Carly that it's like she becomes this other person and she gets so.... Carly helps with "Angry? Possessive?" Avenger agrees. She says, that she didn't mean to hurt her feelings that Carly is innocent. Carly brings up that she said as much in the park and that she said that she blamed Bo for everything. Avenger says that she admires Carly for the way she handled Lawrence and that she looks up to her for her strength.

Chad tells Maddie that Will is the one who overheard Maddie and Kate and relayed the information to him.

Bo tells Adrienne that he thinks that he's the one to blame for the changes in Hope.

Carly asks for clarification, "You think I'm a hero?" Avenger thinks that she's strong and gutsy. Carly is worried about what Avenger may be capable of.

Stefano was sleeping. Lexi and Kate are relieved. Stefano stopped in because he thought he could go without one of his insulin doses, but was wrong, so he stopped by the hospital so his favorite doctor could fix him up.

Avenger tells Carly that they really should talk more, but that she's running late. Carly tries to keep her there by offering to get coffee. Avenger declines and as she leaving tells Carly that she didn't let Lawrence control her she's sure she won't let Bo either. She says that Carly has a bright future ahead of her, that they both do.

Carly runs home and tells Bo that they need to talk. That she ran into Hope and that she thanked her and acted like they were friends again. Bo relays what Adrienne told him. Carly is really concerned about Hope.

Avenger shows up at the poker room with Dr Baker. She's going through the sack of things that he brought and gets angry. Seems he forgot something that she requested and she thinks he's done it on purpose. He seems calm, but she's crazy angry. I fear for Dr Baker's safety.

Lexi goes to get Stefano another prescription. Stefano asks for Kate's phone and notices and questions why her last call was to Maddie.

Chad says that he'll just ask his dad for info about Maddie's past. She stops him and says that what Will said is all true. Wow! :) Was not expecting her to admit that.

Avenger is worried that Avenger is going to get hurt while carrying out her plan.

Maddie tells Chad that his father doesn't know and accidentally slips and says secrets. Chad jumps on that as asks what other secrets. Maddie is flustered and looks like she's about to break.

Carly tells Bo that Hope sounded like she thought Carly would be better off without Bo.

Dr Baker doesn't want Avenger to disappear. He wants to go away with her. She says that her plan trumps their compatibility.

Chad is upset and trying to leave. Maddie tries to stop him following him up the steps at the pier. He turns to shake her off and she falls dow the steps.

Dr Baker asks Avenger her plan. She says that she's going to kill her husband.

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