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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Days: Thursday, July 15, 2010

Recap of the end of the Bo and Carly scene at the hospital. Bo mentions that they've got the house to themselves so how about they have some Mai Tais and pretend they're on an island then the way Crystal delivers the line, "I don't need a Mai Tai...." ::kiss:: "Just you." Absolutely adorable! Bo walks away for a second and Hope goes up to Carly. Hope says that she thinks that she can help Carly.

Justin and Adrienne are arguing over whether Hope is 'messed up'. I soooooo missed them.

Chad runs into Kate, he has questions about Maddie.

E.J. is talking to someone on the phone. He's boring today. Nicole and Sami are bickering again. They're boring today also. :::opening titles:: Giovanni walks into to the room E.J. is in and needs help with a puzzle. E.J. is frustrated and short tempered with him and yells. The little actor is so cute he's trying to look sad and scared and on the verge of tears, but he also looks like he's trying not to laugh at James Scott.

Carly tells Hope that she's busy and starts to walk away. Hope says, "Are you? You seemed to have tie for Bo just now." Hope talks about knowing Bo better than anyone and that some people especially women love that he's impulsive and spontaneous. She says that he's also police commissioner and that his public displays of affection while still married to someone else might be bad for his image. Seriously Carly is very patient right now. She should have clocked Hope the second she started talking about women being drawn to Bo. But she calmly says, "So this is about his image and not jealousy?" Hope lays on the guilt saying that any number of Horton's could have walked around the corner and seen them and that Bo isn't their favorite person right now. So that Carly is potentially hurting him by not thinking about him losing his bond with the Hortons. Bo comes up and says that he and Hope need to have a talk.

E.J. apologizes to Giovanni.

Victor overhears Brady on the phone talking about how he and Arianna agree that they are over.

Bo has pulled Hope into the lounge and starts in on her for yelling at Carly in the middle of the nurses station. She brings up his 'affectionate goodbye' in the same place. She tells him as Police Commissioner it isn't right to be so public. He is sarcastic when he says, "So this is JUST about propriety?" Hope goes a tad bit Avenger with, 'oh I'm just a grasping neurotic woman who can't seem to get on with it.'

Adrienne calls Justin on being snarky because he's feeling the same things. Adrienne brings up the subject of what happened in the bedroom last night. Just further picks a fight and Adrienne walks out.

Chad wants to know what his mother was like. Kate says, "She was funny and she was warm and she was very bright." He wants to know why they aren't friends anymore. He asks if Kate knows how she put herself through college and if she knows what she did for a living. Kate has to leave.

D.A. Woods and Maddie are toasting her nomination. He's asking her if she's ready for the review. Kate calls Maddie to warn her that she has a BIG problem.

Bo asks if Hope thinks that divorce is the only option. She brings up him sleeping with Carly in their bed. They have the same fight they were having when she moved out. She says that she absolves him and she will be as sweet as pie to Carly. She says the conversation is over, but Bo doesn't look like he believes her.

Maddie wants to know what kind of problem Kate thinks she has. Kate explains that she's just had a conversation with Chad who was asking about her past. Mr. Woods saw that something scared Maddie and now he's got the look like he's going to use it to his advantage.

Victor offers to be a sounding board for Brady but he turns him down. Then as he's leaving Victor says, "I hope you find someone who makes you happy." Brady say, "The way Grandma Viv makes you happy?" Victor says, "Bite me." Heeheee loved that! :D Brady thought it was funny too.

Brady enlists Nicole to share her info so they can take down E.J. together.

Carly can tell by Bo's body language that the conversation with Hope didn't go very well. He says that they didn't argue, but that it's like mindgames. Carly is confused by Hope's behavior and Bo says that he doesn't know who she is anymore.

Hope takes her Avenger pill.

Adrienne stops by Bo's to bring a scarf of Carly's. They need to talk about Hope.

Nicole has a flash of telling Brady that E.J. is the one who got Anna to kidnap Sydney. Brady has a controlled level voice of rage and says that E.J. is dead. Nicole snaps out of her daydream while Brady is still on the phone. I don't think she's going to tell him.

Maddie tells Chad they need to be more discreet. Chad figures out the Kate called her. Kate goes to see D.A. Woods and says they need to have a talk.

In this version of Nicole's daydream Brady doesn't believe her, then when she confesses that snuck into the mansion trying to get info on E.J. claiming that she framed Arianna and he figures out that she has a right to be afraid since she actually did frame Arianna.

It's hard for Adrienne to approach the subject of Hope. She tells Bo about Hope and Justin kisses and Hope denying it happened.

Carly is going into the pub and Avenger walks by and says hello to her. Carly is shocked by the friendly tone.

Kate figures out that it wasn't D.A. Woods who talked to Chad since he obviously doesn't know anything. Maddie is being evasive and Shad tells her that he knows the truth, "that you were a whore."

Sami thinks E.J. is cute and I think she needs some kind of domestic abuse/controlling husband/boyfriend therapy.

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