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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Days: Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bo is on the phone at home talking to Carly who is at work. Caaarrrlllyyyyy!!!!!!!! :D He says that he'd like to 'take advantage of her' and she says that she's on her way. Just then Justin knocks on Bo's door. He wants to talk about Hope.

Hope is at the Kirakis mansion and is about to head to the precinct when Adrienne shows up to talk.

Dr Baker getting stuck with exposition again. Talking to everyone and himself. He flips the TV on in time to see Nicole's opening tag for her report.

Just has come to tell Bo that Hope isn't doing as well as Bo thinks that she is and that Justin wants to be the guy to be there for her.

Adrienne tells Hope that something isn't right and that it's Hope.

Nicole is interrupted by E.J. Ari pans the camera over to him.

Bo is annoyed that Justin is telling him that 'Hope needs someone.' Justin thinks that things are changing between them. Bo scoffs and says that Hope has said on more than one occasion that Justin is just a friend.

Adrienne is upset because Hope is refusing to acknowledge that she was hugging Justin and that he had her lipstick all over him. Hope thinks that Adrienne just doesn't want her to be close to him. Hope really can't remember Avenger kissing Justin.

Ooooo Abe just got a prescription from Hope/Avenger's doctor. He is a smart cookie and asks to know everything there is to know about the side effects.

E.J. is telling the camera that Nicole is a pathological liar and lies to the viewing public every night. Nicole breaks in and starts to defend herself and Ari yells cut and turns off the camera.

Justin thinks that Bo is trying to control Hope. They are raising their voices when Carly walks in. She points out that Bo seems to really be bothered by Justin's interest in Hope.

Psych doc is explaining that the side effects in women are different and that they include extreme sleep walking and alternate lives.

Ooooo Hope just told Adrienne that she's seeing things between Hope and Justin that just aren't there. Adrienne is very worried. She believes that Hope has no idea what Adrienne is talking about.

Ari explains that the broadcasters stopped the feed for breaking news. Nicole demands to know what the breaking news was. Ari is beaming and gets a valley girl voice explaining that the Snow Leopard at the zoo just gave birth. Nicole is pissed off! Gaby won the baby leopard betting pool at the pub. Nicole threatens to still spill the beans even if she's not on air.

Carly gets Bo to open up about Justin and why he's uneasy about Hope. Carly says that she gets it. That Bo and Hope are soulmates. That it hurt Hope when Carly and Bo got together so it's only expected that Bo is hurt when Hope finds someone new. He thanks her for being so understanding. She says, "I'm a highly evolved person, and I know it's the best way to hold on to you." He says, "You don't have to worry about that." and pulls her into his lap. "I fell in love with you a long time ago and fate or whatever brought you back in my life and I fell all over again." Smooches! :) Aaawwww!!!!!

Psych doc is concerned a little that Hope is back for a third refill of her pills. She says that she stopped taking them when Alice died because she needed to be alert. Now doc is asking about side effects.

The new segment producer tells Nicole not to break her story because she's already promoed it and she'd run the chance of getting scooped.

Hope says that she's had strange dreams but doesn't think that they're caused by the medication. Goober doc writes her another script. Good one buddy.

Carly and Bo are in bed and he asks if she's still stuck on their earlier conversation. She says that she knows that no matter what he says he's still bother by the idea that Hope may have found something with Justin. He says that he doesn't want her rushing into something. Carly asks if that what he thinks they did? She says that she doesn't regret a thing. She says that she hopes that Bo doesn't feel obligated to Carly because of her state of mind when she got back in town. She says that if them getting back together took her by surprise then it had to have him also. He agrees. She asks him to be honest and tell her if he has any regrets. ... commercial ...

Bo says that he does not have a single regret. He points out that every time Vivian pulled something that Carly offered to get out of his life. He says that maybe they rushed into things but that he would have told her if he thought it was a mistake. She says that she believes that. He says that when Hope took Ciara and walked out the he thought that his life was over but now he doesn't because of Carly. Carly says that the first time they got together that he was in a really bad place and that it didn't end well. He asks if it's because of his reaction to the Justin thing. Carly keeps on her train of thought. "We're past the 'Oh my gosh this is incredible' phase. Okay? So we can either deepen this or we can end it." Wow! (Shallow sidenote: Crystal is killing these scenes! ) "I think Hope is pushing on, but I'm guessing it's because she feels like she doesn't have a choice. ::she takes a deep breath:: If her moving on really bothers you I want you to tell me. I'd rather be hurt than live a lie. Does that make sense?" Bo says that it does make sense, but that he disagrees with her on their being past the 'oh my gosh this is incredible' part. More smooches!!!!! Seriously, Crystal!

Justin runs into Hope at the pub Adrienne runs into them both and Hope keeps heading to the station.

Brady and Ari are still going back and forth about Nicole and E.J. and everything.

E.J. and Sami are in the living room. E.J. is closing all the doors he tells Sami that he was thinking about taking Giovanni and Sydney away for the summer and wants Ali and Sami to join them. She calls E.J. on it being suspicious that he's making plans now, after Nicole says that she's got something on him.

Doc Baker tells Nicole not to poke E.J. because it will just prompt him to dig and uncover her framing of Ari.

Lexi finds Abe's script for sleep meds. Hope walks up during their convo.

Adrienne and Justin are talking about Hope. She's concerned that Hope is bad for Justin because she feels like Hope is leading him on. Adrienne explains that he and Hope have different ideas of what's going on between the two of them.

Hope is still at the hospital and sees when Bo walks Carly to the duty desk. Carly says that he didn't have to do that and he says that she better get used to it because that's the kind of thing that guys do when they're in love. More smooches!!!! Hope is not nearly as excited about Bo and Carly kissing as I am. lol

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