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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Days: Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recap of Chloe and Philip with Daniel walking in saying, "Keep what between the two of you?"

Mel invited Arianna to hang out at the lake and brought a picnic with three set-ups, aaaannnd up walks Brady.

Daniel says that if he didn't know better he'd think they were keeping something from him. Really Daniel? Doh!

Nicole tells E.J. that Sami will listen to and believe her about what E.J. did.

Philip tells Daniel that he found out about Chloe's pregnancy and came over to congratulate her and that she was concerned because they were trying to keep it a secret.

Ari and Brady both tell Mel (in single minded speak by the way) that she doesn't know all of their problems and that they aren't getting back together because she tricked them into being here together. She says they can go if they can look her in the eyes and tell her they don't love each other.

Daniel accepts Philip's feeble explanation and when Philip leaves Chloe tries to make sure that Daniel isn't mad at Mel for letting the news slip. He says that he's not mad at her, but if he knew she was his daughter before she got married that he would have done everything he could to keep it from happening.

Mel gets Ari and Brady to admit they care about each other and to talk. Then she begs out of the picnic which although it had 3 place settings apparently had only enough food for two. She's such a little romantic.

Daniel points out to Chloe that she's always upset after she talks to Philip. He asks her to consider putting a little distance between herself and Philip. She looks stunned.

I think that Sami is being hard enough on Nicole that Nicole might just decide not to tell Sami out of spite.

Philip brought flowers for Melanie. Seriously he exhibits soooooo much 'abuser' behavior. Carly needs to save her daughter. :D

Daniel asks Chloe if she's considered that her being around Philip might make him a little bit uncomfortable. Chloe actually says, "You have no reason to be jealous." Wow.

Brady and Ari are talking, but the second she mentions Nicole you can see him stop listening.

Chloe is making a very good argument against Daniel's jealousy over her friendship with Philip. That is IF she hadn't SLEPT with Philip while she was MARRIED to Daniel. Wow (again).

Philip confesses to Mel that Daniel found out that he knew about the pregnancy.

Ari points out that Brady's walls came up when she mentioned Nicole. He tells her that he can't believe that she's listening to anything E.J. says. Brady says that Ari doesn't get him and Nicole. He says that he has to get up every morning and make a decision to be sober. He says that he can't abandon Nicole because she's weak. She's not strong like Ari. He says that Arianna is innately strong. She says that he doesn't get that she sees him as a strong person too because he makes that choice every day. Ari gets called away to work. Brady asks her before she goes if she wants to finish their conversation later or does she think they're done. She gets teary eyed and says that she thinks they're done.

Mel lets Daniel know that Vivian stopped by today. He wants to call a bodyguard for Mel. She says no.

Chloe tells Daniel that he's the most important thing in the world to her. He says that he loves her too and they hug. Then he tells her that he was already riled up when he got home because he just came from talking to Vivian. Chloe tells Daniel that Vivian is the one who planted the seeds of a Carly/Daniel affair in her head. Daniel ends up apologizing for not believing Chloe back then.

Ari and Gaby and Nicole and E.J. and Sami are all on the docks getting ready for a live broadcast. Oh, and now Brady is there too. I don't know what's going to happen, but can it please move this plotline along? Pretty please?

Mel thinks that maybe now that Maggie's Myasthenia Gravis is in remission that maybe they can look for a house of their own now. Mel tells Philip that she is thinking about them having a child.

Daniel says that he's grateful that Philip was there for Chloe when he himself wasn't. She contemplates telling Daniel now that he understands her state of mind at the time. She of course is speaking in vagaries and I'm sure we're being led like puppies only to be smacked on the nose in a minute for believing in forward story movement.

Nicole brings up to E.J. that the docks are where he tossed Sydney's bloodied clothes into the lake. E.J. is paralyzed with fear. It's kind of fun to see. :D

Mel reassures Philip that she's not talking about right now, but that finding Daniel and being a new big sister has gotten her thinking that families aren't so bad. Can I just say, 'Philip's an ass.' Okay, thanks, I needed that.

Nicole is on camera and announces that she's here to report on what was up until now an unsolved mystery.

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