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Monday, July 12, 2010

Days: Monday, July 12, 2010

Vivian is annoying the doctor who is manning the desk. Heehee. Love that dayplayer! She rocks! :)

Chloe and Carly ... you know the drill. But Yay Crystal! :)

Philip and Mel: He looks kind of nauseated at the news of Chloe's pregnancy. Okay, not 'kind of' he looks like he's going to pass out any minute. Heehee. :)

Sami is on the lake beach and runs into Rafe. Aawww. :)

Chloe tells Carly that she doesn't know whose baby she's carrying.

Mel is very excited about being a big sister.

Hehe. Philip doubts the pregnancy. He's in so much denial. Mel lets him know that it's no hysterical, that Carly did the sonogram.

Carly tells Chloe that if the baby is Daniel's that she won't say anything, but you can hear her voice shaking. She tells Chloe that if Daniel finds out in any other way that not only Chloe, but Carly and Mel will lose Daniel forever.

Vivian is needling Daniel.

Sami tells Rafe that they were there last night for a family gathering. Now Rafe is a little sad and says, "With E.J.?"

Carly wonders if the man Chloe slept with will cause problems. Chloe says no, that it was a one time thing and she's never going to see him again. (Whhaaaaaa?!?)

Mel got called into the hospital and Philip says he'll go check on Chloe.

Rafe found the stuffed penguin Sami was looking for. She tells him how much the kids love the gifts he gave them and that they will never forget him. She gets all teary eyed. Rafe is being sad but strong. Sami needs to at least give him visitation.

Nicole shows E.J. that she recorded the conversation. E.J. thinks it the conversation they're having now. He starts to walk away and Nicole plays it. E.J. freezes and has scared crazy look in his eyes.

Daniel is on duty when Carly comes in. He's asking her about Vivian and Chloe. He's saying the he feels out of the loop sine she's not giving him any info.

Mel is at home, she's not needed at the hospital after all. There is a knock on the door and she opens in and sees Vivian. Love her reaction! Mel kind of stops her forward momentum and pulls her hands back and toward her shoulders in a cringe and says, "Aaah!" Killed me!!! lmao Mel is trying very hard to get rid of Vivian, but she's being too nice. She needs to go ahead and slam the door. Vivian is there to get Mel and Philip to move back into the mansion so that Victor won't have to come to Maggie's to see Philip. She thinks that's will solve her Maggie problem.

Daniel and Carly are at Java. Carly is telling Daniel what's going on without actually telling him anything. Anybody else getting dizzy? And bored?

E.J. destroyed Nicole's digital voice recorder. She can't be dim enough to have not made a copy.

Vivian tells Mel that Carly will ruin her life. That she did it to Lawrence and Bo and will come back to her.

Yeah. Nicole lets E.J. know that she made lots of copies and letters to go with them.

Daniel is leaving and tells Carly 'Thank you for being a good friend." He's not looking at her and she cuts her eyes and has that expression that says, 'Yeah, some friend.' She's talking to herself after he leaves and when Mel puts her hand on Carly's arm she jumps. Mel says that she can see that Carly is not okay.

Philip is being really annoying with Chloe and he gets that slightly psycho borderline abusive controlling look again for a minute. Can Philip not have storylines or scenes with women for a while, until after he gets some anger management classes please? He tells Chloe that he's thinking about telling Mel now that it's possible that a baby came out of their infidelity.

Mel tells Carly that she's sure that she did everything for her patient she could with the information and the time that she had. Even if she's second guessing herself now.

Chloe is talking to Philip: "This has to stay between us. Just the two of us. We don't have a choice." And of course, in walks Daniel.

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