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Friday, July 9, 2010

Days: Friday, July 9, 2010

It's a new day in Salem.

Carly called Chloe to see how she's feeling. Chloe is not happy and tells Carly to stop with the preaching.

Mel and Philip are at the hospital so she can pick up something. Philip is trying to get a hold of Chloe who is not answering his calls. He jumps when Stephanie comes up to him.

Chloe asks if Carly is going to tell Daniel. Carly says that she wants to continue the conversation in person. Chloe says that she can come over now. Kate comes up on the end of Carly's conversation and asks what Chloe has done now. Carly only says that Kate can add Chloe to the list of Vivian haters. Kate says that Vivian got it right for once and that Chloe deserves whatever torture Vivian has for her. She also says that Chloe doesn't deserve to have Carly in her corner. Carly says that age hasn't mellowed her at all. Kate says that is hasn't made Carly any wiser either. Carly says that Daniel wants to be with Chloe. Kate says that Daniel is an idiot and that she can't be the only one who thinks that Daniel deserves better.

At the pub Caroline is snippy with Maggie. Maggie asks Nathan to leave them alone and when he does Maggie asks what's wrong. Caroline says that she told Maggie to stay away from Victor so what is it that she's doing with him? Heehee.

Kate tells Carly that helping Chloe is a big mistake

Daniel comes home and brings Chloe his family's christening gown.

Mel and Philip run into Nathan and Stephanie on the beach.

Daniel is just heading out and opens the door to find Carly just getting ready to knock. She lets him know that she's there to see Chloe.

Caroline is upset that Victor called to request a quiet table and then Maggie walked in. She's not happy with the thought of them having a date. Victor walks in.

Daniel thanks Carly for making an effort with Chloe.

Chloe thinks that Carly is there to destroy her. They have a repeat discussion then Carly brings up finding out that Vivian was behind everything fueled by her hatred of Carly. Chloe says that yes everything was Vivian's fault. Carly points out that some of the choices were Chloe's. Then Carly sees the christening dress and asks Chloe about it.

Maggie says that Caroline and Victor have some things to work out and she leaves them at the pub.

Carly says that she thinks that Daniel will be happy if he can raise his child with Chloe and not have any regrets. Chloe thanks her and gives Carly a hug.

Philip and Mel are getting ready to go work out and he's looking in her gym bag and finds her 'big sister' t-shirt. Ooops. :)

Chloe misunderstood. Carly is only going to keep quiet until she gets a paternity test.

Mel walks in and Philip asks her about the shirt. She says that she's sure Daniel won't mind and tells him that Chloe is pregnant.

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